Viktor & Rolf Bon Bon Review


Being a beauty lover, I've always had a soft spot for fragrances. Back in the day, I remember being so excited when my parents bought me tommy girl one Christmas. Since then, my tastes in fragrance have altered slightly. Perfume is such a personal thing. I love that a scent can evoke memories and feelings.

For a long time, I've heard about Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb - its my sisters favourite scent and its usually  requested for either her birthday/Xmas present. Personally, I'm not a massive fan of flowerbomb truth be told - I find it far too chocolaty and heavy for my taste. Getting to sample the new Viktor & Rolf scent 'BonBon'* I expected more of the same but I'm pleasantly surprised.
Now I happen to love sweet scents - maybe its because I have a massive sweet tooth but upon hearing that caramel is the main note in BonBon, I thought it might smell too sickly sweet. Bon Bon has been described as flowerbombs sweeter sister, aimed at women who celebrate self-indulgence, pleasure and enjoyment. Named after the BonBon sweet, the bottle is a dark pink/purple wrapped candy sweet (I'll admit it, I thought it was a giant bow until I looked it up online).
The caramel note is surrounded by notes of mandarin, orange, peach, jasmine, sandalwood and amber, putting BonBon in the floral/fruity gourmand group. At first spray, BonBon opens with the sweetness of the caramel and fruit notes, drying down to a woody sugary sweet scent. Its quite strong when sprayed at first but it dries down pretty quickly. I'm really surprised by how soft this fragrance is despite the sweetness of it. The fruity notes really help to balance the scent out so its not overpowering. I adore sweet scents so I do really like this fragrance. Its like a more sophisticated alternative to Vera Wang's Princess. I can see why this might be called a sister scent to flowerbomb but I think its far nicer - much softer, less overpowering but with great lasting power. If you're after a new scent this spring, definitely try and have a spritz of this at your local beauty counter!


  1. This sounds beautiful, and I love the bottle - though I have to say I thought it was a bow at first, too!

    Jess xo

  2. what a pretty bottle, definitely caught my eye.

  3. I absolutely love the bottle :)

  4. I love V&R Flowerbomb & this sounds pretty too. I like how girly the packaging is. I can't wait to test it out

  5. I thought the bottle was a bow too!
    This fragrance sounds great can't wait to try a splash.


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