How To Blog When You're Busy

Trying to blog when you have a million other things to do is no easy task. Whether its work, academic studies, loved ones..theres always something that can make it difficult time wise to blog. There's nothing wrong with taking a break now and then - I think it can actually help to refocus and refresh your ideas, obviously unless blogging is your primary source of income and then it might be a little more difficult. However, how often you blog is really up you. Putting pressure on yourself to blog is never good but blogging regularly can be achieved without compromising the quality of your posts.

Being organised and prioritising your workload is the key to blogging regularly. I write lists all the time as it helps me to stay focused. Keeping a notebook or several notebooks and writing down blogging ideas, lists for what you want to blog about, products to review, photos that need to be taken etc is a great way to stay organised. Making these into checklists so you can tick off when completed helps to keep everything flowing.

By blogging schedule, I mean a monthly chart where by you can state what blog post you are going to publish on a certain day. There are lots of free monthly calendars on the net that you can print off to do this. I use one every month but I don't stick to it religiously - sometimes I'll change the day of a post but its a good way to plan out your posts in advance.You can find a free printable monthly calendar here which is perfect for making a blogging post schedule.

I always have a few products that I want to write about and need to test out. The best thing I did was buy a small basket from Morrisons (for about £1.50) to keep these products in. Its just a much easier way of keeping everything organised, rather than having all your products jumbled together. You can get things like plastic storage from pound shops and places like wilkinsons so its not something you need to shell out loads of money for but it helps to keep lists and schedules in sync.

If you have a free day or even just a couple of hours, use that time to take pictures, write blog posts and be productive. I always take my blog photos in bulk and try to write several posts in one go - it doesn't always happen as I'm easily distracted. Scheduling your posts throughout the week allows you to still be an active blogger without eating into your time.

Once you've posted your blog posts, remember to get links to your posts out there on the web. I would highly recommend having a twitter account if you don't already have one as its a good way to help increase your views. You can schedule tweets via various apps, such as hootsuite and if you use bloglovin, you can sync it to your twitter/facebook account so the links to your recent posts are published on your social media accounts.

I hope this was helpful in some way. Don't worry if you really don't have time to blog and don't put pressure on yourself either - its your online space and blogging is meant to be fun!


  1. I definitely need to get back into the routine of blogging, I've been sooooo pants lately :( Defo agree about a blogging schedule, and doing them all in bulk!

    Vicky xx
    Lots of Love, Me.

  2. a really good post and very helpful tips :)

  3. Reading this post has made me feel so much better! After a really hectic week, I had hardly found any time to blog and was starting to feel guilty. This has helped me to realise that it's not the end of the world - this is a hobby, and supposed to be fun, after all! I'm sitting here now with a notepad and pen ready to get some lists made and organise myself properly so that I don't feel under so much time pressure. Thank you!

  4. Great tips! I really need to create a schedule for my blog!

    Ana Leote

  5. This post is so helpful ! I'm having the busiest month ever! And I'll have my internship next month which means less time to blog! I'm going to follow your tips so I can keep doing what I love even with less time! xx

  6. This is such a helpful post. I'm just starting out blogging and this will help me manage my time 100% better!!


  7. This is really good advice for the likes of me! Thanks for the post! :-)

    FOTD | Forgotten Makeup Heroes

  8. Fantastic post! I find it hard to juggle everything at times but completely agree that if you're organised then it's ALOT easier :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  9. Brilliant post! You have posted some really good ideas! Getting myself a box for products! Forever misplacing ones I want to review!

    I love your blog!


  10. Thanks for these tips....I love Morrisons too!! ;)

  11. Being in my final few days of university I have really being staggering to keep up with my blog! I can’t wait to finish and get back into it!

  12. Amazing tips! I'm mid-way through exams and planning/scheduling has been my lifesaver :)
    Elise -

  13. This was really helpful thank you! I didn't know you could schedule tweets. Would have been handy whilst I was on holiday! xx

    Katy |

  14. As I work shifts I always find it hard blogging at the same time each week, but as long as I post up a post once a week I am happy with myself. I would love to post something new everyday but that is just not realistic.


  15. Lovely tips :) I'm obsessed with lists I make loads for all kinds of things from things I want to buy to things I need to remember to do haha xx

  16. Thank you every much, for doing posts like this, because last 3 weeks I'm really busy and I didn't blogging. And it makes me feel bad and sad. I needed this post. Thank you, again. and

  17. than't for the advice!

  18. Amazing tips for a budding beauty blogger like me :) It's hard to find time to write quality posts and take pretty pictures, but the effort is so worth it when you get positive feedback :)


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