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When you've spent ages preparing and writing a blog post, you want to get that post 'out there' for everyone to read. There are many ways in which you can do this, so today I thought I'd run through a few. 
I should add, when I write these type of posts, I'm not claiming to be an expert in any way - I've simply picked up a few tips along my blogging journey and think they might be helpful for those who are just starting to blog or if you're in the early stages of blogging.

I definitely recommend setting up social media accounts if you're going to blog. I've found its the best method for blog promotion. I'd say twitter is the main social media account you should consider as its really easy to share your blog link. Now, you could just tweet the links to your blog posts but I also think its a good idea to use hashtags so that people searching for popular hashtags will see your posts. Popular hashtags for blogging include #bbloggers for beauty blogs, #fbloggers for fashion bloggers and #lbloggers for lifestyle bloggers. 

If you don't have time for tweeting out links, I would suggest using a scheduling app so your tweets will be sent automatically. I personally use hootsuite but theres also buffer, tweetdeck... - its just a case of which one suits you best. You can also sync your bloglovin account to twitter so that when you publish a new post, it will tweet out a link to said post. If you use feedburner, you can also set it up to tweet out a link to your latest posts, though I find it really unpredictable to use as sometimes it can take a day or two for the tweet to show up.

Other social media accounts worth having are instagram - you could upload a picture from your latest post for example, pinterest - again you could pin pictures from your blog posts to your pinterest account and its possible these could be shared with other users if they happen to get repinned. 
When I first started my blog, I did set up a facebook page for it, but as I don't bother with facebook anymore I've left it alone. Facebook is a strange one. I've read several stories of facebook page updates not being viewed to their potential - Dana from wonderforest wrote a great post here on the subject. Saying that its free to create a page and again you can sync bloglovin to facebook so it takes little effort to update posts. It might be worth syncing posts but my personal point of view is that it might not be worth effort creating other status updates. 

Google + is a fairly new type of social media account. I'm still trying to figure it out to be honest but its very easy to share posts on there if you use the blogger platform. If your google plus account is synced to your blogger google account - i.e you use the same username/email and password then when you have written a blog post, an option is in the post section of the blogger dashboard to share your posts on google plus. As I said, I'm still figuring out google plus but it literally takes seconds to share so its worth doing.

One final account I have is on stumbleupon. Stumbleupon is a website that lets you find new sites, photos and videos on a certain topic. You can upload your own blog pages to stumbleupon if you sign up to an account. I've submitted a few of my posts and had a little bit of traffic from there but if a user was to stumble across your post, it potentially could gain you a huge amount of traffic.

A great way to get your posts 'out there' is to connect with other bloggers. A good way to do this is via social media accounts - leaving comments on other accounts and also leaving comments on other bloggers blog posts with a link to your blog. I wrote a post on how to leave a clickable link to your blog in this post.
I would say that if you're going to leave your link on another persons blog then the general feeling in the blogging world is to not leave 'follow for follow' comments e.g follow my blog and I'll follow you back, as most bloggers don't like this. Also leaving a link to a giveaway or such is generally a no no too. A nice way to leave your link is to write a nice comment about the writers post and then leave your clickable blog link underneath or to write something like 'I've just started a blog and would love some feedback if you have time' followed by your blog link - I just think thats a polite way of promoting your blog without being 'spammy'.

I would also consider getting involved in blogger chats on twitter. These usually last an hour and are a nice way of getting to chat to other bloggers and sharing your blog link at the end of the chat. Theres usually a chat on most days. You can find a calender for twitter chats here.

Face book also have several groups for bloggers in your country or region, which allows you to connect with other bloggers in your area. 

There used to be more blog hops when I first started blogging, which really helped to get my blog seen by others. There doesnt seem to be as many these days but there are still one or two. A blog hop is a kind of link up, where by bloggers can share their link but also subscribe to other bloggers to. Generally, there is usually a rule where you have to subscribe to at least two or three blogs on the list before you can share your link. I've found some really great blogs on blog hops so its worth participating in. If you blog about beauty the bbloggers blog often run blog hops so keep an eye out for the next one.

Lots of bloggers offer advertising space on their blogs. I've advertised on a few blogs - some increased my traffic and some didnt. I'd say if you're looking to advertise on another blog is to firstly have a look at how much its going to cost and what you're getting for your money. Many bloggers offer different packages to suit a range of budgets. Also find out the stats of the blog you're wishing to advertise on. Most bloggers who offer advertising have a page on their blog with this information on. Make sure you pay with paypal and never share your bank details with another blogger. 

I didn't intend on this post being so long but I wanted to cover as much as I could. I hope this was helpful.

If you have any ways you'd suggest to share your blog posts then let me know in the comments and I'll update the post with your ideas!


  1. Very handy advice! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This was a really fantastic post! I use Stumbleupon but never considered putting my own posts up. That is such a great idea. I also love the #bbloggers chats, its such a nice way to meet other bloggers and discuss something youre passionate about.

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    Now I can find more blogs so much easier!
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  8. I've been thinking about whether or not to get Twitter, but I've never used it before, and I used to think there was no point to it. It seems that most bloggers do use it a lot though. I'm not sure what to do :/ - michelle

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  14. These are some really helpful tips. Your spot on about the "follow for follow" comments, they're just a complete waste of time and a total nuisance to me.

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    Daxidream x

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