Most Loved in May


Wowee how is it almost June? It doesnt seem that long ago I was talking about Christmas. Its been a great month beauty wise. I've found lots of new products and been using some already in my stash. I've managed to condense this months favourites. Theres a few more additions I wanted to add but I'm going to save them for another post - I have an amazing blush coming up on the blog soon! However, for now these beautiful products are worth a mention!

A little trip to Boots with my mum led me to this. She saw it on a stand and was promptly 'oohing' over it so I offered to buy it her. In my typical mum fashion, she used it twice so I promptly took it back ha. My mum isn't really into beauty products that much so it wasn't a case of not liking it. My own view on it are pretty good. Its a white cream that has a slight beige tint when blended into the skin. It doesn't give any coverage so concealer is still a must on my eyes but it does leave my undereye area feeling really smooth. It also blurs the fine lines under my eyes too - it doesn't really have lasting effects but as a sort of primer before makeup it works really well and makes my concealer look fresher.

I've mentioned this many times in the past but its an incredible product and one I always use if my skin is looking tired or stressed. I've had a few small blemishes this month and slapping this on has really helped to calm my skin down. It feels light on the skin and has a gorgeous honey and vanilla scent. The main seller for me is that it doesn't dry out the skin - my skin always feel hydrated and balanced after use. 

The famous reve de miel balm is also available in stick form. I prefer the stick as it still feels really moisturising but its a lighter formulation and is so much easier to carry around than the pot. 

This was such a beautiful collection and the packaging is divine. I managed to pick up a blush, shadow and lipstick - reviews/swatched here. All three are excellent quality, especially the eyeshadow. Alluring aquatic is the first summer collection since surf baby, that I couldn't wait to get my hands on. 

I'm pretty loyal to my Collection lasting perfection concealer but this month I thought I'd venture out and buy something different. Seventeens stay time concealer is thinner in texture than lasting perfection and has a dewier finish. However, it covers well and never looks cakey. I have the shade extra fair, which is cool toned so it really suits my complexion. I think lasting perfection has better coverage for large blemishes but for small imperfections, stay time concealer is a winner.

What are you favourite products this month?


  1. I have the Nuxe lip balm in the glass pot, I really want the stick version for on-the-go!


  2. I've just purchased the Nuxe Lip Balm in the pot, omg where have I been?! It's amazing! Would love to check out the stick one too! xx

    Kate | raspberrycheeks


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