So You Want Free Products?...

Following on from my post on how to blog when you're broke, I thought I would write a post on how to get free products/samples. Now this isn't a post on PR Samples as I'll save the PR topic for another day but this might be useful if your a beauty lover or blogging on a budget.

Everyone loves a 'freebie' and there are ways to receive free beauty products - some without spending a thing and some with a small spend.  Here are a few ways to get beauty samples.

Websites, such as freebiesitesuk have links to current free beauty samples available on the net. Its such a handy site, as it saves you having to trawl around every website going. Lots of brands offer free beauty samples via their websites - usually you have to sign up to the website to receive them. Freebiesitesuk currently has links to free samples from Nivea, Pantene, Max Factor and several perfume brands. 
Another site I like is latestfreestuff. Again, this has links to free samples and giveaways, as does moneysavingexpertforum, which has boards on free things as well as paying postage or a small amount for products.

Technically not completely free but still a good deal as some magazines do offer amazing free beauty products. I would say definitely check out magazine subscriptions as a lot of magazines offer free products to entice you to sign up. Not all of them are good deals but in the past I've had several freebies with subscriptions to Glamour magazine - 6 issues for £6 and with Instyle. You need to check the small print but I've had no problems unsubscribing once the deal is over. Some current offers include Tatler 3 issues for £6 plus free elemis moisturiser here. and 12 issues of Glamour for £9 plus free goody bag here.

Lots of beauty counters will offer you free sample size versions of their products if you ask for them. Some may require you to have a consultation first. There is always usually a few bottles of perfume testers on perfume counters - obviously you cant take the whole bottle but a few spritzes and you can easily write a review/first impressions on it if you're blogging on a budget.

A slightly controversial blog subject but taking part in giveaways can result in free beauty goodies. I'm lucky to have won one or two things over the years. Not just from beauty bloggers but twitter as well. You can also find competitions on facebook and even instagram. Try looking at your favourite brand pages and hashtags on twitter/instagram to find more giveaways to enter.

This is just a few ideas of how to score a few products for free or for little money. Its also worth looking in stores for 3 for 2 offers and buy one get one free. Also pound shops have some good budget buys too. If you have any other suggestions let me know!


  1. Great post, very handy for when you're broke and still need new products!

  2. These are such useful tips!! Thanks!
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  3. Great post. I didn't know these sites existed.
    L x

  4. Great tips!


  5. Great post will be using some if these when i go on maternity leave.


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