What Do Your Dreams Mean?


One thing in life that I find fascinating are dreams. I have quite vivid and sometimes strange dreams and its always been a subject I've wondered about.
Some of my dreams are regular, whilst others are completely random, from being in different countries, people I've never met before making appearances and being in different eras. I know your dreams can stem from your subconsciousness, things you've watched/heard about or even food you've eaten but I've been looking into dream analysis and seeing if there are meanings behind them. Obviously, I'm not a dream expert but I thought it would be fun to share a few common dream meanings, especially as its not a topic I hear a great deal about.

One of my recurring dreams is my teeth falling out - not particularly nice and there have been times I've woken up and had to check my teeth are still there. One meaning behind this is vanity. Teeth are associated with appearance, for instance white, perfect teeth are seen as attractive. Teeth falling out could signify a lack of confidence, worries about appearance or a fear of getting older. It could also be linked to embarrassment, worrying about how others view you or fears over general health.

Another one of my common dreams is needing to go to the toilet but not being able to - either the toilet is blocked, dirty, flooded or its in open view for everyone to see. My own interpretation is that it stops you weeing in the middle of the night. However other meanings suggest that a blocked/flooded toilet can relate to struggling with your emotions and not opening up.

I've only recently started having dreams where I'm naked or without a certain piece of clothing, such as shoes. Nudity can relate to feeling vulnerable or exposed - maybe in terms of identity, such as insecurities. However, it can also relate to being caught off guard and maybe being under prepared in a certain situation.

This is another fairly common dream. With me, I'm always preparing for the test in my dream or back at school. This can mean a lack of confidence, trying to prepare for situations in real life or signify a time when you were happy or sad, depending on your school experience.

Water in your dreams can be present in different way. I often have dreams relating to drowning or being submerged in water. Water is often linked to emotions. What I dream about is most likely linked to overwhelming emotions, whereas dreaming about calm waters can represent peace of mind and tranquillity.

The meanings behind your dreams can be linked to feelings and situations you're experiencing at the time but dreams can be interpreted in different ways. I'd love to find some meaning behind some of my weirdest dreams as they're seriously bizarre but I do find it really interesting. This was a little different to my usual posts but I'll be back with a beauty post soon.


  1. My Neuroscience degree leads me to think dreams are the result of your brain imposing order and meaning on random neuronal activity :P
    Interesting idea for a post! :)

    Jess xo

  2. I often dream about the sea!


  3. I've had the teeth dream a good few times, but got it way more after I got my braces off as I was paranoid for so long they were going to go back the way they were!

  4. This was a really interesting post- thanks for sharing :) I often have dreams about needing to run somewhere, but my feet being paralysed or too heavy to move- I'm curious to know what that means!


  5. I just wrote a long comment, tried to publish and the internet cut out. Ffs. Here we go again!

    This is such an interesting post - I love dream interpretation. However I don't really think they represent much. I have very realistic dreams and often confuse them with memories. I've had many a strange conversation because of this! Another type of dream I have is where I know I'm dreaming, and want to wake up and try to but can't. The worst was one where I was lying face down and all i could see was red mist and I couldn't get up. I knew I was asleep and I was aware of the position I was sleeping in (similar to the way I was lying down in the dream) and I was aware that my friend was in the bed with me. I was terrified and tried to get my friends attention by shouting and thrashing hoping if dream me did it then real me would too. But naaaahhh I was so trapped it was awful!

    amber love

  6. here in the philippines, they say that if you dream about teeth, water, or snakes, it means money is nearing you. I've dreamt about all three but money never came! Haha.

    themiasalazar | The Suburb Scenes

  7. This was really interesting to read. I have thankfully never had the teeth dream and I am very, very glad because I'd be traumatised! I have had a lot of dreams relating to being late and forgetting something crucial, being late and not being able to find a bus and stuff like that. I've also had a lot of showing up to a place and being in the wrong attire or forgetting shoes type dreams!


  8. Really interesting post...I have this weird reoccurring dream that my mouth is full of chewing gum and I keep trying to pull it my mouth but more reappears making me gag...wonder what that means? So bizarre! x
    Katie x


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