Best Products & Tips For Oily Hair!


Oily hair is the bane of my life. In summer, my roots seem to look worse - dry shampoo is my best friend!
I've tried a lot of shampoos over the years, both low and high end but I currently have a few products that really do help banish the grease.

The Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Theres no doubt that one of the best shampoo's I've used is Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two which I originally reviewed in this post. I first received this as a sample but have since repurchased as I find it really does help my hair to look cleaner for longer. It is more expensive than shampoos you would find on the high street but I would rather pay more for something that works. Trust me, I've tried a lot of high street brands - though have you noticed how there are barely any shampoos catered towards oily hair in comparison to other hair types?
Shampoo two is a deep cleansing shampoo thats probably best used once or twice a week. I made the mistake of using it every wash and it didn't work as well. Despite it being a cleansing shampoo, it doesn't dry out my hair and it has a nice subtle lemon scent too. 

The Detox Shampoo

Despite the lack of shampoo for greasy hair on the high street, I've found a gem in the form of Boots Expert Build Up Removal Shampoo (not online - sort it out Boots!).
This detox shampoo is perfect for removing product build up as well as oil. It makes my hair feel clean, soft and shiny. If I'm being lazy, I'll just use this and a little hair oil to condition as it doesn't dry my hair out. I use this shampoo once a week and it definitely works for keeping the grease at bay for longer. Best of all - its around £3.50 ish.

The Dry Shampoo

I've spoken about this dry shampoo before but the Dove Refresh & Care Dry Shampoo is the best I've used as yet. This has a gorgeous scent and as long as you dont spray it too close, doesn't leave any white residue. As well as keeping roots clean, I also like to use on the ends of my hair to add a bit of texture and volume. Its a tiny bit more expensive than other high street brands but I prefer it to the likes of batiste.

Tips for Caring for Oily Hair

1. Rotate your shampoos - using the same shampoo wash after wash can make your hair look oily as your hair gets used to the shampoo formula. Changing things up can help make your hair look fresh and cleaner.

2. Wash your hairbrushes - like makeup brushes, hairbrushes need to be regularly washed too. It'll help keep your hair cleaner.

3. Don't touch your hair - if I mess with my hair during the day (sometimes I wont even realise I'm doing it) it can make strands look really greasy. Not touching your hair bar styling will keep it oil free for longer.

4. Change your pillowcases - Regularly changing your pillowcases is not only good for your hair but also for keeping your skin clean - especially if you sleep on your side. 

5. Invest in a travel sized dry shampoo - if its a long day, refreshing your locks with a spritz of dry shampoo in the day will absorb any oil creeping through and give it a refresh.

6. Don't overwash your hair - its so tempting especially if you suffer from oily roots but in the long run, washing your hair say every day can actually make it look even oilier. Also don't use too much shampoo when you wash.

7. Step back on the conditioner - Using conditioner on your roots can make it look oily. Save conditioner for just the ends which tend to be the dryer part of the hair.

8. Don't use product on the roots- bar dry shampoo, putting a styling product on the hair or a hair oil on the roots will make it look greasy quickly.Like conditioner, stick to using product on the ends of the hair.


  1. I have oily hair and this post is amazing! So helpful! I'll take your tips and hope my hair gets cleaner for a lot more time :) xx


  2. I really want to try some Paul Mitchell products they seem pretty awesome!

  3. Agreed that the Dove dry shampoo is so much better than Batiste! I've never been able to get Batiste to work for me despite it being such a blogger favourite product.

    Cindy |

  4. I think the best tip from this is to rotate shampoos. I use a special anti-dandruff one, but I've noticed in the last month or so that I'm getting dandruff again, and my hair is getting oily. I think I'll start rotating between dandruff shampoo and regular shampoo, that should help! Super great post, I found it very helpful!

  5. awesome tips! Need to try these!!!

  6. For some god-forsaken policy, Dove does not sell a lot of its hair products here.. and I haven't tried any of these! After your review of it.. it sure sounds like something big that we are missing out!

    TheConscienceFund| Bloglovin'

  7. I had such a pants experience with anti-dan shampoo from the Boots expert range but I might be wiling to give this build up removal one a go!

  8. Keeping the hair moisturized seems to be an important thing in a hair care. People with oily hair must also not rub the hair too forcefully to totally get rid of the moisture in them. A healthy scalp and hair can be obtained with the use of right hair care products.


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