Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser Review


Usually, I'm pretty loyal to foundation but rewind the clock back a fair few years and I had a love affair with tinted moisturiser.

Back then my go to was the Hard Candy Hint of Tint in the shade sugar cookie. It was the only base I used to wear, that was until Hard Candy got discontinued in the UK. Since then, I've mostly been a light to medium coverage foundation girl but recently I've been wanting to dip my toe back in the land of tinted moisturiser and I ended up purchasing the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in the shade terre nueve.


Being an oily girl (that sounds so attractive) I was a little dubious as how this base would hold up, especially in the current heat. Oily skins need to blot with this, theres no doubt about it - it doesn't control oil but its also a rather good base!

So what do I like about it? Well, the consistency is pretty thick for a tinted moisturiser - much more so than other tinted moisturisers I've used in the past. For me, it feels like a cross between a tinted moisturiser and foundation. It provides a small amount of coverage - blemishes and imperfections need concealing but it evens out my complexion surprisingly well. As its a moisturiser, it feels hydrating and leaves a slightly dewy finish. After 2/3 hours I need to blot as I start getting shiny, however I don't feel like it slides off my face either. It holds up most of the day fairly well.

One thing to mention is the spf. Theres an spf of 30 in here, which is great if you're in warm climate but maybe not so good if you're being photographed due to the flashback spf can cause. 
Shade wise, terra nueve is perfect for anyone who is pale with a cool skin tone due to its pink undertones. It doesn't oxidise on me either, which is great - turning into an oompa loompa by dinner time is never a good look!

Overall, the Nars pure radiant tinted moisturiser is perfect for a lightweight, natural and fresh look. Its particularly ideal for anyone wanting to try a tinted moisturiser without having to compromise on coverage. Definitely one of my favourite base products!


  1. I've wanted this for SO long but it's just something I've never got round to buying, I've came really close though! I love tinted moisturisers/BB creams and all that business and I've never heard a bad word about this one :)

  2. I am currently using Nars Sheer Glow and while sometimes I love it other times I find it too drying.
    Random Fact.
    This looks like a perfect product for those who suffer from dry skin... amazing review. will have to try asap!

  3. This sounds perfect for summer.. I can't purchase it however because there's no Nars selling point anywhere near me. Selfridges is probably closest lol! I'll put this on my New York wishlist thank you x

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait drawings)

  4. This sounds great - I do like a tinted moisturiser. At the momen I'm using the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser which is really very good.

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin

  5. I would love to see it on you, and how the different the skin looks with it compared to without :)

  6. That sounds lovely! I've been looking for something that's as light as a tinted moisturiser but with a touch more coverage and this sounds like it might be a winner.


  7. This does sound good for a lightweight alternative, but I just don't think I can tear myself away from a foundation finish!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. I am on a tinted moisturiser hunt nowadays and this sounds just perfect! x

    Shang J. | The Feminine Crusade

  9. I totally love this! Despite the higher price tag, it's remained a staple for me for a while now. It's so flattering, and I get compliments on my skin when I wear it. I get a little oily in the center of my face, but I've had good luck using Rimmel's Stay Matte primer underneath just where I tend to see shine.

  10. I've wanted to try tinted moisturizer because aside from having wickedly oily skin, I tend to have dry skin around my face. (you're right.. sounds sooo attractive.) haha! Though, I've wanted to try this, I can't seem to buy any here that isn't pricey at all.

    themiasalazar | The Suburb Scenes

  11. Would love to try it after reading this!

  12. I've been looking for a BB consistency with a little more coverage, so this sounds perfect! I've heard so many rave reviews on this lately, too.

  13. This is my favourite product especially for the Summer <3

  14. I've been really tempted to try this, although I was worried it was a little too dark for my skintone xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  15. i was taking a look at this at the store and was suprised ot learn that it had spf. more and more i'm looking to incorporate spf into my makeup and skincare produts. its nice to know this sits nicely on the face. i hate the greasy heavy feeling spf can give you.
    A Beautiful Zen

  16. This is my HG moisturizer, glad you like it too. Also, I just found your blog and love all of your blogging tips. Fantastic job!


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