Desert Island Beauty

Have you ever dreamed of yourself stuck on a desert island and wondered what beauty essentials you'd have with you. Actually, I haven't but for the purpose of the post, we'll roll with it. 
Without access to my usual beauty staples, theres definitely one or two things I'd have to have with me. First, I'd have to have a razor or tweezers for obvious reasons. I hate having hairy legs, even in winter I just cant leave them alone - maybe because I'm dark haired (thanks mum and dad!). I might be able to leave my eyebrows at a push but the rest of it, I'd have to take care of. Next, would be a good moisturiser. It goes without saying that if you're stuck in the sun all day, some skin repair is going to be needed. Obviously, I'd have some sun protection (not pictured) but a moisturiser to soothe and smooth would be lovely too. Which leads me nicely on to a lip balm. My favourite Nuxe lipbalm would be a great one to have as its multi-purpose so it can be used on dry feet, hands and elbows. Its ultra nourishing and smells yummy too!

Another beauty product, I'd have with me is a bright nail polish. I feel a bit bare when my nails have no polish on them and bright shades make me happy so the two together is a no brainer. I'm really liking MAC's impassioned nail polish at the moment. Finally, a bit of concealer would never go amiss. I have dark under eye circles and get a few blemishes now and again so a hint of concealing, even on a desert island would still come in handy. I could also mix a bit with some moisturiser for a tinted all over makeup base. 
There were so many products I could have picked for this post - I had to do some serious condensing!

What are your desert island beauty picks?


  1. Oh yeah, Reve De Miel would definitely be on my list, too! Also Avene skincare in general... great for dry, irritated, and sensitive skin.


  2. I think as long as I had face wash and moisturiser I would be fine. Tweezers is definitely a good idea, though!

  3. I would bring that evian moisture spray to relieve my dry skin.

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  4. Great post! I've always thought it would be easy to pick my bare essentials, but here I am, unable to think of a single product except for sunscreen...

  5. Great picks! A good balm would definitely be on my list too! xx

  6. Wow the stay time concealer is great isn't it? And I am currently obsessed with that lipbalm:)



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