Hair Colouring At Home | Pros, Cons & Tips!

I'm no stranger when it comes to hair colourants. Over the years, my hair has been many shades, using both home hair kits and going into a salon. When I was younger, I used to rope my mum into doing a home colour for me but these days I manage to do it myself. 
Now obviously, its a lot cheaper to use a hair dye at home than it is to go to a salon. You also have the choice of using a home colour whenever you want - its not always easy to get a salon appointment on the day/time you want and if you go on a Saturday, more often than not its likely to be crowded. However, colouring your hair by yourself isn't always easy - the colour may not turn out how you expected it to, it may take longer than you think and you may not always have someone available to help you. As I've used a fair few home colourants, I thought I'd share a few tips and a few things I do to make the process easier.

*When choosing a colour, I always pick a slightly lighter shade than I think I need as shades, such as dark brown can tend to look black. For best results its better to stick to a shade similar to your own colour or slight lighter unless you're going for a red or colour, such as blue, pink etc.

*Dont attempt going from dark to blonde unless you know what your doing. Trust me I've been there (my hair turned orange - not even joking!)

*Do a skin patch test and strand test before using.

*Use an old towel/wear old clothes during the process. That way it doesn't matter if you get any hair dye on you.

*Make space in your bathroom beforehand. Stand in front of a large mirror if you can and have a clock or watch nearby.

*Comb your hair before applying and split into sections using clips/pins/hairbands.

*I usually apply in sections starting at the front to back - I do the roots/top section first and the bottom half last.

*Use up all the mixture if you can.

*Dont worry about getting the mixture on your forehead, ears etc. Its easily removed with a little baby lotion and cotton wool afterwards.

*Take your time and dont panic.

Do you have any hair colouring tips?

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  1. Love this! Not enough people are warned to get a lighter dye than they think, I've fallen victim many times! My only other top tip from years of home dying is vaseline around your ears/forehead can stop it damaging your skin and make it easier to wipe away :)
    Hannah | Hannah Bakes Things


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