Loreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly Review

Since I was 15, I've been colouring my hair on and off at home. Sure, I like to go to the salon every so often, especially if I want a lighter hair colour - a bad experience with a home pre lightener once left my hair looking brighter than the sun! However, sometimes you spot something and you want to give it try. 
Loreal Casting Sunkiss Jelly is a new product to the beauty market, designed to give hair a natural sunkissed effect. Unlike other hair lighteners, Casting Sunkiss Jelly is a leave in cream with no ammonia and the main lightening ingredient being hydrogen peroxide. 
There are three shades in the Loreal sunkiss range - 01 for light brown to dark blonde, 02 for dark blonde to light blonde and 03 for light blonde to very light blonde.

Who its recommended for?
Loreal sunkiss jelly is recommended for naturally light brown to blonde hair. My hair is dark brown but lighter at the ends where my ombre has grown out. I haven't had my hair coloured for almost a year so I decided to give this a try anyway. The loreal website states that sunkiss jelly can be used on dark hair but a subtle result is to be expected - its best to do a strand test to see what the end result would be as the final colour may be warm toned.

How it works?
Sunkiss jelly is a thickish jelly/cream that to me smells like a strong aftersun lotion. It can be applied to both wet and dry hair but a more subtle result is likely on wetter hair as water will dilute the lightening agents. 
You can either apply to stands of hair for a highlighted effect, the ends of hair for an ombre effect or all over for a full lightening effect. As sunkiss jelly is a leave in product, there is no need to rinse so after applying - just dry your hair with a hairdryer or if its warm outside, step out into the sun to dry.

How often to apply?
Sunkiss jelly is a gradual lightener so it needs to be applied over a period of time to give a lightening effect and depending how light you want your hair. On the first application, you may not notice a difference. Sunkiss jelly is best applied every two to three days and as needed to give a desired effect. Its suggested that you'll get a lightening effect within three to five uses.

My experience
So despite having dark and coloured hair, I thought I'd give this a go. I picked up no2 which is meant for dark blonde to light blonde - I would have opted for no1 but it was out of stock at the time! I decided to apply to wet hair for a subtle look as I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. You get a pair of gloves in the box, which is a good idea, especially if you have sensitive skin. The gloves are just the standard plastic ones that you get with hair dyes but they're fine for using with this product. The cream was easy to apply and didn't drip or feel messy. I applied to the ends of my hair where its lighter anyway due to my previous ombre. Once I applied to wet hair, I dried my hair with a hairdryer. After the first application, I didn't notice much difference but the smell is quite strong that it lingers on your hair. Its not unpleasant but kinda like a very strong aftersun lotion scent. I've used sunkiss jelly around four times now and I've definitely noticed a subtle lightening effect at the ends of my hair. It is quite warm toned but the ends of my hair were like this before so its something I was expecting and I like having warm tones in my hair anyway. 
I would say, sunkiss jelly will definitely lighten dark/coloured hair but for anyone who doesn't like warm tones, then a strand test is a must before using. On natural brown and blonde hair, I'm sure a blonder effect would be the result. Sunkiss jelly didn't dry my hair out, though I've been trying to really condition my hair just in case. If you're planning to use this all over your hair then you may need more than one tube. I found one tube was enough for the ends of my hair for my desired effect but my hair is incredibly thick, so I would 100% have needed another bottle if I wanted to extra lightening or an all over effect.

Personally, I wouldnt recommend this for anyone with dark hair wanting to go blonde - the end result isn't guaranteed and it may take a lot of product for that result - from experience its so much easier to visit a salon and have it professionally done. However, for £5.99 Loreal Sunkiss Jelly is the ideal solution for anyone wanting a subtle lightening effect with less hair damage. For natural blondes/light brunettes especially, this is well worth trying for a lovely sunkissed effect.


  1. thanks for the review hun <3


  2. I really want to try this but I'm afraid my hair might be too dark for it. A very informative review.


  3. I tried this and I have dark hair. No result at all, I wish they would make one for us brunettes!

  4. thank you for doing the review is it possible to see a before and after picture after a few tries? x

  5. This sounds really interesting! My mum would love this!


  6. Oh I think I'm gonna try this! X

  7. I've seen this around and have been really curious about it, seems like a cream version of the lightening sprays! It's good it doesn't dry your hair out :)

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  8. I used it this summer and I'm a great fan! Although now I miss my dark hair. Do you know if I can color it back to brown without it turning green?


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