8 Tips For New Bloggers

As I always say in these posts, I'm no blogging expert but if someone asked me to give some tips to a new blogger then these would be my top 8.

1. Do what you love 
The one thing I always say but its so true. Write content that you love and believe in - it will make blogging so much easier.

2. Be yourself
Dont be afraid to put yourself out there. Its very easy to want to be the next 'x' but honestly being who you are is what will make you unique and give you that 'something' that will help you and your blog stand out.

3. Be polite
Nobody likes an asshole or a bitchy blogger.

4. Dont get caught up in numbers
I said this in my last post but for new bloggers its very easy to get caught up in views/subscribers etc. It does take time to build a blog and readership. Stay focused on putting out great content and the rest will follow.

5. Network
Join social media - I'd say twitter is a must if you want to get your blog out there, the others maybe not so much. Join in with blogger twitter chats - you can find a list of all upcoming chats here. Its a great way to chat with other bloggers and help to promote your blog.

6. Turn off captcha
If there is one thing that puts off readers from commenting on blog posts its this. Captcha is basically when you have to verify your comment by typing in a number or word in a blank box. Its so difficult to read and to be honest, if it comes up when I'm commenting on a blog, I'll more than likely switch off and avoid commenting in future. You can turn it off by going to your dashboard - settings - posts and comments and setting show word verification to No. If you want to avoid spam you can moderate comments instead.

7. Dont expect 'freebies'
There are thousands of bloggers out there and in general far more bloggers than there are samples. Receiving samples and products to review is a huge perk of blogging and it is very exciting but I would honestly say that if you're only in it for 'freebies' then you wont get very far. 
Very few bloggers receive things at the beginning but if you work hard and build up your blog than the opportunities will come.

8. Dont give up!
There are many times that as a blogger you will become frustrated with your blog. In those moments, I'd say its best to take a break and refresh yourself - think about why you started blogging, maybe try something new, freshen up your design or consider what content you want to produce. If you're still passionate about blogging then keep going!


  1. You've made some great points! I really agree with the captcha point too! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Great tips Zoe thanks!

    Freya Blendell Blogs

  3. this helped and made me feel so much better about being quite new to blogging, thank you!


  4. This post was so helpful! Before reading this I didn't even know what captcha was, so I immediately changed it to 'NO' on my blog.

  5. This is great advice, thank you! I had no idea about captcha and I think the little things like that can make all the difference.

  6. Woah, people DON'T like bitchy bloggers? I clearly need to change my strategy then :\ heheh. Lovely post, It's so true about not getting caught up in the numbers and Captcha sucks!

    amye89 | amysbeautydiary.weebly.com

  7. Such great advice for newbies like myself, thank you!


  8. I love the your posts like this. As a newbie (I started in April) I find all of your hints and trick so helpful, thank you. x

  9. Hi Zoe,
    You've been churning out really good articles about blogging/beginner blogging these days! I love reading your posts so much. Thanks for writing these types of articles. Could you write about getting Twitter followers sometime?

  10. Totally agree with #8. Everyone, especially bloggers, has to pay their dues. If it were easy it wouldn't be worth it. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼

  11. I laughed at the captcha point! So, so true. Thank you for sharing your tips, I love reading posts like these.


  12. Definitely a useful post as I am a new blogger myself! (: Thank youu!

  13. Great tips!! Thanks
    L x

  14. Thanks for posting this! I'm brand new to blogging and actually just uploading my first post tonight so it's great to have some reassurance and tips.


  15. this is wonderful! i left my job in a salon a few months ago i've been planning and trying to learn how to start a blog ever since. i finally started posting this week, but i continue to find support and advice through other bloggers.. especially beauty ones! thanks for this great post :)

  16. Everyone I have spoken to has gone through a 'what the hell am i doing?' moment in blogging where they hate what they aer writing, their design (it happens to me nearly weekly) but I have also found that the best things come out of it.
    i also totally agree with the writing about what you are passionate about - I have caught myself a few times writing what I think people want to read - the articles are always boring as anything and I have promised myself to only write about things that are actually on my mind that week.
    i'm still only new but it was one of the quickest lessons to learn.
    Kelsey x

  17. Thank you for the helpful tips! I find myself getting caught up in the numbers... It's good to know that I should just be patient!


  18. Didn't know about the twitter chats, what a brilliant idea! Thank you so much for mentioning it! Great post! :)

  19. Great post! Especially about the 'freebies'! I see so many new bloggers starting just because of this.. unfortunately!


  20. Some great tips! A good refresher even for the not so new bloggers. Especially number 3, haha!

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  21. These are really great tips. Thank you for taking the time to share them, because goodness, I could definitely use some tips! I started my blog a few months ago and what I can definitely say is that its a continuous learning experience with blogging. There are a few things that might seem obvious but its always good to be reminded of the little things. :)


  22. This made me feel so much better about my blog! Thank you for the tips!

    Amy x

  23. What do you use to edit your photos and add the fonts and circular shape?

    sara xo

    1. I just used ipiccy for this photo :) x

  24. this is really helpful and the complete truth as well. thanks for the tips!

    check my blog out: thebisqueellephant.blogpsot.com // enblocc.tumblr.com

  25. Love the advice. Will definitely be checking out the twitter chats!


  26. This is really great advice! Thank you! Love Madison & Vanessa at Oh M V blog xx

  27. Thanks so much for this!! It's great as a new blogger to see how welcoming and helpful well established bloggers are :) I'll be keeping an eye out for the twitter chats!!!

    Etak x


  28. Great tips - especially the twitter chat one, that's completely new to me and something I'd love to get involved with :)

    A little off topic but I absolutely loved the book 'Here's Looking at You' in your photo, if you've not read her other book 'You Had Me At Hello' I'd definitely recommend it I thought it was a bit better than her other one, it's a nice easy read and perfect for lazy summer days! party violets xx

  29. I deeply agree with the "Be yourself" part. I see so many successful beauty bloggers, and sometimes I will see something that inspires me to write a beauty themed blog entry, though I would not call myself a beauty blogger. Most of the time I would prefer to write down my thoughts or opinions. If I tried to become a beauty blogger, I realise that I would not be showing my full potential as a blogger and would not be as happy with my content.
    Loving your blog,
    Lucy x

  30. Thank you! Those infos really helped me. especially the part with the captcha! I did not know about this! lots of love :)

  31. Thank you so much for the tips:-)


  32. I have yet to start a twitter - glad you suggested it! I think it's next on my to do list!


  33. Great tips!!


  34. Anonymous26.8.14

    Everything you wrote had to do with being hopeful and that someday your blog will flourish, and I just want to say thank you. You're turning all my negatives into positives, keep up the fabulous work :)

  35. Thank you for this! Great post! Amanda xx

  36. Thank you so much for this, great post! Amanda xx Lilyandspiceinteriors.com

  37. These tips are perfect, thanks a lot for sharing them with us <3 They came just in time :)

  38. This is super helpful...even though I've been blogging for almost a year, its good to find tips and advice to keep you going! Thanks for sharing! x

  39. Thank you - great tips! XX

    Sarah | M&B


  40. i'm a new blogger, so thank you so much for this! :)


  41. Thanks for sharing these tips. I am a fairly new lifestyle blogger and I really needed to read this, today. I am more determined than ever, to continue on my blogging journey. You're the best!

  42. Great advice, thank you!

  43. Great tips, thank you :)

  44. Great tips, thank you so much, your blog is amazing.



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