A Month in Beauty | July

July has been the best month yet in terms of beauty. Theres been so many great products and a few that didn't quite hit the spot (more on that later this week). 

Starting with my most surprising beauty find - Philip Kingley Pure Silver Shampoo & Conditioner, I purchased these along with the elasticizer in this mini set at M&S. I love trying little kits like this as they're a great way to try out new things without spending a fortune. I've been looking for a purple shampoo/conditioner to tone down the brassiness in my hair and these two have worked their magic, without making my hair feel oily or dry. I think I'll probably purchase the full size shampoo as I have quite a few conditioners at the moment and the shampoo feels really cleansing whilst toning down the brassiness. I'm still on the fence with the elasticizer but I'm sure one of the mags (maybe glamour?) have it as their freebie this month so I might pick one up before I consider purchasing the full size version.

Another surprise has been the Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina Eleganza fragrance*. I didnt expect to like this as I'm quite fussy when it comes to perfume but I'm pleasantly surprised. Signorina Eleganza celebrates feminine grace and seduction, with notes of grapefruit, pear, almond powder, patchouli and white leather. I'd describe it as a classic, luxurious scent thats perfectly wearable for both daytime and evening. Its not too overpowering but it has staying power. The bottle is also beautiful - I only have a mini version but it still looks very sweet on my nightstand. I would definitely buy the full size version. If you get chance to test this instore then definitely try it out as its a beautiful scent. 

For makeup this month, two of my most worn items have been the YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush #8 pink hedoniste, which I reviewed briefly in this post. I've been mainly wearing this as a blush as its so flattering and has a perfect texture. I've also been loving the MAC Nail Polish in impassioned - a coral red/orange. Its fairly long wearing and opaque in two coats, though its not the most unique shade so its probably has a few dupes out there.

A few skincare items I've really enjoyed using this month have been the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Gel, which has been a lifefacesaver (my new made up word). This gel is just so awesome for clearing up blemishes. I've mentioned it a few times on here recently but if you suffer from blemishes its one to check out. I'd say it works better on smaller blemishes but my sister used it when she was suffering from bad skin after pregnancy and it really helped to make her skin look a lot better. One final impressive product this month has been the Claudia Louch Botanical Firming Toner*. Both the packaging and product feel really luxurious and it does exactly what it says. Ingredient wise, its 94% natural with no parabens or SLS. I've found it to soak in quickly, minimise pores and fine lines, whilst firming and soothing the skin. Its one of the best toners I've used but the only negatives for me are the small volume (40ml) and the opaque bottle, meaning you cant see how much you have left. Despite those downfalls, I do rate this toner and it is superior to other toners I've used. 

A few other things I've raved about this month are the No7 Shade & Define Pencils, Orofluido Hair Elixir Oil,  and the Sleek Arabian Nights Palette *heads up, you can win a sleek arabian nights palette in my giveaway*

What were your favourites in July?


  1. The YSL #8 looks so beautiful!

  2. Great choices!


  3. I'm so glad I've come across your blog, I love it! Completely agree with the MAC Nail Varnish too, so so gorgeous. The Clinique blemish clearing gel is something I need to invest in I think! Thanks for sharing x


  4. I love the elasticizer...really helps me maintain my hair which is rather thick and unmanageable haha!



  5. haah 'lifefacesaver' my new favourite word :D.

    I already have so many Clinique products but now I really want the clearing gel as well !


  6. That Mac nail polish is perfect for summer, for everyone! xxx

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  7. Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina sounds so good, probably I will check it out soon. :)

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  8. Ooh the YSL blush looks gorgeous :)
    xxx Claire

  9. I looove all of the clinique products! You have such a good taste! xo

    Beatriz || Classy and Trendy

  10. Great choices! I like the YSL #8! It is such a nice color! Have a great day! :)

    Style Reader

  11. I've found July to be a bit of a rubbish month in regards to beauty for me :(
    I do love the look of that fragrance, in fact I just published "Summer Scents" where I've shortlisted a bunch of summer perfumes!

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  12. oooh I might try out that Clinique gel :)

  13. The YSL kiss & blush looks so stunning! xx

  14. Great selection! The perfume sounds like everything I love! Will give it a spray at Sephora! I posted my July faves too if you fancy reading the post: http://www.glamoclock.com/2014/07/july-favourites.html
    Xo, Alexandra


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