Beauty Mishaps I've Made

Despite my love for all things beauty, I'm the first to admit that I'm not the best at application. I've definitely got better over the years but theres also been some real disasters. Here are a few notable ones;

Looking like an oompa loompa
I'm sure most of us have dealings with orange foundation at some point or other. It was a passing comment from a school friend saying I always looked ill as I was so pale that led me to discovering my mums foundation, which on me was far too dark. People at school used to ask me if I'd been on holiday but I'm sure they realised when they saw my white neck. Nothing like a good foundation tide mark eh?!!

Brows like tadpoles
Kinda like pringles 'once you pop, you cant stop', eyebrow plucking can be an addiction. I had no idea what I was doing when I started plucking my brows - anything but bushy brows (oh how I never predicted they would become a trend). Every now and again, I still have a little moment when I have to tell myself to put down the tweezers. Luckily mine managed to grow back - thank god for brow products too!

Hello, wonky side fringe
I've learnt cutting your own hair (at least for me) is never a good decision. I can get away with trimming the ends but cutting in a fringe was never going to work. I also have weird hair too so a fringe never sits quite how it should. Yes, I'm the person who will cut a fringe and then spend months growing it back out!

Patchy, Patchy
Being pale and not naturally able to tan, I like to opt for the fake variety. Theres a knack to getting fake tan looking right and I'm not sure I've completely mastered it yet. Back in the day, fake tans weren't quite as good as they are now. Having to wear jeans when its boiling hot outside because your legs are a patchy orange shade just shouldn't happen!

Clown cheeks
Looking at pictures when you have no idea that you looked like Aunt Sally (worzul gummidge anyone?) = massive cringe.

Hair removal + tanning = massive disaster
Oh, how little I knew when I applied hair removal cream to my legs on holiday and went straight out in the sun (I hadn't figured that I don't tan at this point). If I'd read the instructions saying don't sunbathe after use then I wouldn't have ended up with a massive red stripe down each leg. It took months before it faded completely. Total rookie mistake.

A few other mentions to an epic hair colour fail (orange hair brighter than the sun), stuffing my bra with tissue (#smallboobproblems) and block eyeshadow (before the discovery of blending brushes).

I'd love to know your best beauty mishaps!


  1. Great post, think we can all relate to the majority if these, especially the brow scenario. May be random but I am in love with the makeup bag in the photo and need it in my life, where's it from?

    Sophie xx

  2. Amazing post! At some points I totally found myself and I was laughing so hard! :D Your fringe point got me! I had done this like million times :D Fashion Passion by Erika

  3. I know how you feel about the foundation! But I was quite the opposite though, it was to light and the undertone was too pink for me, so embarrassing!

    Sophia //

  4. did NOT know that about the hair removal! well now i know what to avoid

    Stephanie's Look

  5. My brows are not looking good at the mo and that's not even my own fault, it's the beauticians!

  6. Aha some of these made me laugh as they're so relatable and I'm glad I'm not the only one haha! Abi :)

  7. Oompa Loompa face is the worst. I had seen it time & time again & swore to always check my makeup in natural light. :] // ♢ ☼ ☽

  8. Haha I can definitely relate to these especially the eyebrow one! Oh how I used to over pluck them... Still trying to recover from those days and it was years ago!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  9. Ugh, I've done all of these except the fake tan bit! My bangs in middle school were something out of a horror movie. Don't worry... we can ALL relate... for better or worse, I suppose. Did you ever raccoon eye (super eyeliner)? I did!

  10. I've been there too! I still sometimes find myself looking orange when certain foundations oxidize really badly... Great post!

    Ivory Avenue

  11. I hear you with the block eye shadow, over plucking, oh hell the lot of it! Didn't have the wonky fringe though, instead just a massive combover - I thought I was cool!

    Beth, x
    <a href=">BMF</a>

  12. I can hold my hands up and say I've done all of these!

  13. I never actually plucked my own brows but I had a few instances where when I got them waxed they were too thin! I hate thin brows. I like them brushy cause you can go longer without getting them done cause I'm lazy hahaha.

    I have to say picking my foundation shade has not and still isn't my strong suit.

  14. I'm very,very pale but fortunately I have strong yellow undertones, so I don't has as many problems as most pale girls. But early in my makeup life I didn't realise foundation was too dark for me (even in the lightest shade) so I walked around with that typical orange jaw line look!

  15. I used to have the whole oompa loompa thing going on a few years ago. I'm quite a pale person too, and it makes it worse that at the time I was generally just really bad at applying make-up anyway. At least I've learnt my lesson :P

  16. Ahhh, pale people problems! Glad we embrace our pale skin now though, eh? :)

  17. I tried shaving my eyebrows to touch them up when I was like...12. Suffice it to say, very bad idea.

    Also, many years later I made the mistake of over-plucking my brows to try and get them even. I've learned to not touch my brows except for removing a stray hair here or there. I leave it to the professionals. I also learned, through another bad experience, to never allow a "professional" with completely drawn on eyebrows (ie. She shaves them off and just draws them on daily) to wax your eyebrows. Because magically, just a touch-up becomes almost no eyebrows left.

  18. Wonky side/full fringe - story of my teenage years!

    Sophie x


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