Easy ways to refresh your blog design

Sometimes I feel the need to freshen up my blog design, whether its due to just feeling a bit 'meh' in general or because I just like changing things up now and again. Its super easy to change things up without putting too much time and effort into it. Here are a few easy ways to refresh your blog design.

Creating a new header
Its super easy to make a new header. You dont need photoshop either. You can use picmonkey or ipiccy as both have several fonts you can use and picmonkey now lets you use your own fonts meaning you can find free fonts to download and use. You can also add layers in picmonkey too so if you want to add an image to your headers its very easy to do!you can buy pretty clipart from etsy and find free ones via google.

Changing backgrounds
Its easy to change the background of either the main section or sidebar. You can find out how to change the background here and how to change the sidebar background here

Changing colours
You can change text/link colours via your blogger dashboard - template - customise. On some blogger templates you cant change colours via the dashboard so an alternative would be to go into your html template, find the h2 heading or h3 post title tags and add the html for your selected colour under these headings. You can find a great html colour chart here.

Changing fonts
You can change fonts via your blogger dashboard - template - customise. However, if you want to use a font that isnt there, such as a google font you can find my tutorial here which tells you how to add a free google font to blogger. Its really quick and easy to do and a good way to freshen things up.

Adding new social media icons
There are so many free social media icons via google. You can pretty much find anything you're looking for. You could use something simple or go for something with a little colour. You can also add them to your blog posts by adding the coding to the post template box in your posts and comments section of blogger dashboard (under settings). 

I hope this has given you some helpful ideas of how to easily change up your blog design. I'll be making some free headers and icons shortly!

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  1. I'm thinking on changing my blog design for autumn, these tips have been so helpful, thanks for sharing :)


    xx cecil

  2. Thank you for posting this. Just starting out and not sure where to turn!

  3. Such helpful tips!


  4. Didnt know you could buy cute clip art from etsy!!
    Also how do you get the pictures/links to show up at the bottom of all of your posts :(? the ones where they say 'you may also like'
    www.bitofeverythingblog.co.uk // ♥

  5. Awesome tips. Sometimes a small tweak can do great things. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

  6. Great little tips! I've been thinking about changing mine up a bit for a while now so this post was really useful - thanks! Abi :) myw0rldmyview.blogspot.co.uk

  7. love this! I really enjoy changing my blog and giving it a new look occasionally, it makes it more personal too!

    check out my blog: http://katie-rose96.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Great tips! Just found your blog, love it! Just subscribed on bloglovin :)


  9. Loved this, I always get bored of how my blog looks and looking for easy ways to modify it!

    rosabelleblogspot.blogspot.com x

  10. Thanks for the tips. I always feel the need to change my design, because I'm never quite happy with it! It's hard for me to stand out from the crowd yet have a beautiful design because I'm not creative at all. I should play around with picmonkey a bit more!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  11. I like to change bits and pieces of my blog design too every now and then, in fact I only recently found the perfect social media icons (after a long search, but that's perfectionism for you). I love PicMonkey too and seeing how often I use it for all kinds of blog-related stuff I am now considering upgrading as it's not that expensive and offers quite a few additional features which I'd love to use. Another tip would be Pixlr which is also free and fun to play around with.

    P.S.: As I never heard back from you, I just wanted to ask whether you received my e-mail(s) regarding the giveaway?


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