Maximising Your Blog Potential

Whether you blog as a hobby or you're using it to help your career, you may have thought about taking your blog to that next level. No matter where you are in your blogging journey, there a few things to consider when thinking about pushing your blog. *As always when I write these posts, I'm no blogging expert but have learnt a few things along the way*.

1. Consider your content.
Content will always rule over everything else. Think about where your strengths lie. What are most passionate about? What can you do to stand out from the crowd?

2. Establishing your blogging voice.
Finding your blogging voice will help connect you to your readers. Think about what things you like. Be authentic, express yourself, writing consistently will help you to develop your voice. Believe in your content and enjoy what you write.

3. Try new things.
Trying out new things on your blog is a great way to keep it fresh. Perhaps you could try a new type of post - if you're a beauty blogger you could consider incorporating fashion onto your blog. Maybe you could try a new series, showcase your other hobbies or try a food blog post. See what works well for you and develop it. 

4. Networking.
Networking is the one of the best ways for getting your blog out there. Join twitter, instagram, facebook and pinterest. Promote your blog posts and join in with blogger chats. Leave comments on other blogs and share the love too by promoting other bloggers posts and blogs.

5. Seo tips and tricks.
Researching Seo is a great way to improve your blogs search rankings. I've already written 5 quick & easy seo tips as a starting point but theres tonnes of information online to help.

6. Maintain relationships.
If your in a position where your being contacted for review/post purposes, try and build a good rapport. Whether its a PR or digital agency, be polite in your emails, consider what is being offered to you and don't be afraid to say no. Its always best to disclose samples and sponsored content. Though theres a real grey area when it comes to legal requirements in the UK, I find most people appreciate honesty.

7. Put the work in.
As with anything, if you want to see results you need to put the work in. Thats not just in terms of writing content but also planning, editing, researching etc. Blogging eats up your hours. I'm sometimes still working at 1am but as I enjoy it, its completely worthwhile. Try and plan/schedule your time to make it easier. 

8. Take your time.
Rome wasn't built in a day and unless you're very fortunate, building a blog takes time. I try not to focus too much on stats but I can say thats it taken two years to see any real improvement in my blog views. Its so important to work at your own pace and remember that your journey wont be the same as anyone elses. Try not to compare yourself to other - I know thats easier said than done but you have a unique voice and what you do differently from everyone else is what will set you apart and help you stand out.

9. Blogging etiquette.
To put it bluntly, nobody likes an asshole. Be nice to others. Slagging people off on forums will only get you noticed for the wrong reasons. Be courteous and treat others with respect. 

Obviously I'm not saying this is gospel. Blogging has taught me a lot and I still have lots to learn. If you have any tips on how to progress your blog, I would love to know!

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All written content is my own.


  1. Such a helpful post :)

  2. I love posts like these, it's nice to have a round up of helpful tips.

    Colourful Stuff | Beauty, Fashion, Life ♥

  3. This is a really informative post, its great to read tips and tricks by fellow bloggers. I definitely feel like I am beginning to grow into my blog, I am starting to dig my feet into the ground by finding my unique voice and sharing some exciting new content! :) xxx

    Barbie Sparkles | UK Beauty Blog

  4. Some great tips here, thanks :) xx

  5. Thanks for such a nice advices! I follow you for afew days agowhen I discover you and I like your blog and your post veru much. I find this posts very helpul for a bigginer blogger like me. If youhave some time, please take a look on my blog and please write me your opinion about it, even they are good or bad. Blogging routine was the article that make me more good working. My blog is . Thank you so much, Debora.

  6. I love reading these kinds of posts because I'm just starting out. Thanks for sharing what you've learned along the way!


  7. Thank you for the tips, I really want to establish my own voice ^_^
    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  8. These are great tips! I never thought of my SEO...I think I will now! :D

    CAT xo
    What Cat Says | BlogLovin'

  9. Great tips! I definitely am a believer that if you work hard and love what you do, you just have to be patient and your blog will slowly but surely grow. It's always a bit discouraging right when you start when no one reads your blog but it's so exciting when you get some loyal readers :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  10. Great post! I enjoy reading all of your posts but the blogging tips are definitely my favourite. They are always bits that are easy to adopt to make a difference :)

    Madeline Loves

  11. This is some great advice for bloggers! I totally agree with the last one though. People can be quick to judge on things like this.


  12. Great tips :)

  13. I love your tips Miss! It's good to pause and think about what the next step could be once in a while! ;)

  14. Finding your blogging voice is kind of difficult - it definitely needs work and time and effort to figure out how exactly you want to present yourself. I find myself still working on it!
    I also think it's important to maintain relationships with your readers as well!
    Otherwise, great tips - will definitely have to check out those SEO tips.

    kat x
    beauty, style, life || bespectacled

  15. great tips! Thank you kindly :)

  16. I like "tip" nr. 7 the most. I personaly believe in hard work and spending some extra energy when it comes to doing what we want.

  17. I have just came across your blog and it's so helpful! Really good advice/tips :) just created my blog recently so if anyone wants to check it out and give me their opinion that would be amazing ;)

  18. I'm literally going through all your blogging tips atm (new to blogging) and they're so helpful!

  19. Such a great post, lots of helpful tips! Can't agree more with number 3! I blog predominantly about beauty, but really wanted to venture into fashion. I was so nervous when publishing my first outfit post, but the response was so great, everyone was so kind and supportive! It's so nice to change things up a bit sometimes!

    My beauty and lifestyle blog


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