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Blogging on a budget is something thats very achievable. As I said in my previous post a few blogging myths, you don't need a lot of money to blog. Its very tempting to want to go out and purchase the latest beauty products and fashion trends but when you're blogging on a budget, its pretty impossible to do. So, what can you blog about? Here's a few suggestions for blog posts.

* Shop your stash - look at what products you already own and think about how you can use them in posts. I rarely mention a product once - I'll use it for several posts, for example, when it comes to a cleanser I may mention it in a favourites post, skincare 101, best products on the high street, products under £20 etc.

* Ask friends and family - maybe you could swap products with friends or relatives or perhaps they have a product you could sample for review. 

* Think outside the box - do you have products that could be used for baking, DIY or a creative post?

* Do you have any skills you can utilise, for instance an eye makeup tutorial, styling a pair of jeans, how to dress for college etc.

* Can you offer advice? - blogging tips, lifestyle, money saving, job interviews?

* Wishlists - wishlists are great when you're blogging on a budget. Whether its an ebay wishlist, fashion or makeup wishlist.

* Favourite blogs or youtubers - a list of blogs/youtubers you love or posts/videos you've been loving recently.

* Life event/hobbies/days out all make for interesting reads.

* Favourite instagram/pinterest accounts to follow

* Personal - maybe things you want to achieve, do or learn.

Do you have any suggestions for blogging on a budget?

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  1. I've been absolutely loving your blogging tip posts recently, they've helped so much and gave me so many different ideas.
    Thank you!
    Ashley x

  2. Thanks for these tips...some people seem to make a blog post out of thin air AND make it sound interesting to boot!!

  3. Thanks so much for this post, it's been so hopeful! I've only just started blogging and I'm looking for ideas on what to write about. Feel free to check out my blog, I'll be posting soon!

  4. Thanks for sharing those tips, they are very good points to think about. x

  5. I definitely agree you don't need to buy stuff to blog :) I'm on a spending ban this month (which I blogged about haha!) so I'll be doing more lifestyle and cooking posts I think :)

    India /Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  6. AAAAHHHHH you're blog is one of my favourites! It is so accessible for a school girl like me haha :D Your blog always gives me ideas for my own and that makes me very happy :D


  7. This was so informative, my blog is a week old today (yay!) and I'm definitely not rolling in money over here. Thanks so much for sharing. :)


  8. Amazing ideas, these are so helpful!

    Sophia |

  9. Such great ideas! Thank you!

  10. I've loved this series of yours! Great tips! Always useful as I'm starting to run out of ideas lol x

  11. All of your blogging tips are so encouraging and wonderfully helpful. Thanks for taking the time to help your fellow bloggers:) Keep them coming!
    Daisy @

  12. Such wonderful suggestions! Thank you. Sometimes I get stuck in just finding topics to blog about that are different from the rest. This helped jump start my creativity.

    xo, ellese

  13. I love this post. This is so handy for loads of people! X

  14. I agree with you and sometimes bloggers on budget makes the best posts on their blog :)

  15. Great post and I love the new layout! Could you please do a post on how you edit your photos?? x

    Freya Blendell

  16. Always love your tips. Very true on how there's a lot of ways to blog without a lot of money!


  17. This is great for a poor university student! Thanks for the ideas :D

  18. Thank you for these tips!
    I'm also new to this world of blogging, so please support me by visiting my blog and following me, it would mean a world to me if you did. Thanks!

  19. Good tips, I have been blogging for about 5/6 weeks and loving it, but it can be hard thinking that you need to be buying new products all the time! Nice post thanks!!

    Please visit my blog :)

  20. Great post! Love helpful blogs like yours :) x


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