A Guide To Monetising Your Blog

Monetising your blog is becoming more and more common. Whilst I don't think anyone should blog for the sole purpose of making cash, if your putting a lot of time and effort into your blog then making a little bit of money from your blog can cover any costs you put into it, whether its buying a domain, running giveaways or advertising yourself on other blogs. Getting real for a second, your not going to become rich by monetising your blog (well, unless you have an extremely high number of subscribers and views) but it is possible to earn an income from your blog. As I've just started to monetise my blog, I thought I'd share a few ways you can earn a bit of money, whether you're at the stage where your considering blog monetisation or its something your working towards. Over the next few weeks, I'll be talking about each method in more depth but for now here's a quick overview.

1. Affiliate networks
An affliate programme is basically when you earn a percentage of money every time someone clicks through a certain product link/image and makes a purchase. For example, you may earn up to 10% of a sale. When you sign up, you'll have an account where you can keep track of your earnings, click throughs etc. A few affiliate networks include:


Paid on results

Reward style



Its best to have a look at what each one offers in terms of commission to see which one is suited to you. A lot of companies, such as Amazon run their own affiliate programmes so if you're a fan of a certain brand, its worth checking if they offer such a service.

2. Advertising space on your blog
Selling advertising space on your blog to other bloggers or businesses is another easy way to earn a little bit of income. How much you charge and what you offer is obviously up to you - its mainly down to trial and error as I've found. I've just started offering this service via passionfruit, which basically does everything for you including installing adverts and rotating them. However, I think I'll be having a rejig soon.
I'd say numbers do count somewhat when it comes to blog advertising but it really depends on your niche/readership.

3. Sponsored posts
A sponsored post is when you are paid to publish an article on your blog. This may be pre-written content or content you have written yourself. What you charge for a sponsored post is down to you. Brands will have a set budget and guidelines and only you can decide if its something you want to go ahead with. I'll be talking further about this in a future post as it requires a lot more depth.

4. Google adsense
In a nutshell, Google adsense is when you get paid for publishing google ads on your blog. If you're on blogger then google adsense can be set up via your dashboard but you need to apply first (its free to join). How much you earn varies but you need to earn £60 before you can cash out.

5. Blogging networks
Joining a blogging network, such as mode media (formerly glam media), handpicked media or BlogHer is a way of working with certain brands, whether its advertisements, samples, sponsored content, events. With these type of networks, you need to apply. I'm not with any network so I honestly don't know if its worth applying for or what they require, however I do know you need over 10,000 unique UK users per month to join Handpicked media so I'm guessing you may need a high level of views to join the other networks too.

6. Blog sales
Holding a blog sale selling your items is probably the easiest way for anyone to make some money via their blog. Unlike ebay/depop, its free to put your items on your blog to sell and you don't need a certain amount of views/subscribers to hold one. Blog sales are highly popular as its a great way for people to buy makeup/clothes at a much cheaper price. If you're holding a blog sale then check postal costs and shipping regulations. For instance, Royal mail wont ship nail polish abroad and there are rules on sending liquid make up items.

7. Selling from your blog
An alternative method to earn money is to sell from your blog. This may be certain products or services, for example, you may open your own online shop - I currently have an etsy store selling blog templates here *shameless plug* and lots of other bloggers sell fashion items/jewellery/homeware. You could also offer your writing services for freelance projects or write an ebook.

Its also important to think about declaring your blog earnings for tax purposes. I'll be going into much more depth in future posts but these are a few options to consider when thinking about monetising your blog. If there's anything you'd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Lots of good tips! I'm checking out SkimLinks now, I'd never thought of that before. Thank you! x

  2. This is great a really helpful! I think I have to get my blog going a bit more before I get anything like sponsored posts though!


  3. Well I only started out a couple of months ago so monetisation is the last thing on my mind but who knows a few years down the line! Helpful tips as always, though!

    Jade x
    jadethejourno.blogspot.co.uk ♡

  4. Saving this for the future just in case. Thank you so much for putting useful info out there for other bloggers :)


  5. Fabulous post! Really comprehensive and easy to navigate :) I wrote one similar myself (http://sweetheartfashionx.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/how-to-earn-money-blogging.html) but you've raised points I hadn't thought of, which is great xoxo


  6. Looking forward to reading your tax post. I can't even begin to pretend that I understand taxes! :')
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3

  7. Very interesting post!

  8. This is so helpful,thanks for sharing!

  9. Really good post! I'm not anywhere near trying to monetise my blog, but it's something I've never really understood properly, so I can't wait to read the more detailed ones soon!

  10. This is super helpful!
    I'm definitely going to have to try these, especially skimlinks etc!
    <3 Fran - www.frannymac.com

  11. Great tips which i found really helpful:)


  12. Great post! I never made my blog with the intension of earning money as I thought it was a long shot away but you've made some really good points! I might look into them just to see if I can earning the money I've spent in creating my blog :) many thanks! x


  13. Really helpful for newbies ;)
    much love from

  14. Very interesting post - a point worth mentioning is that Skimlinks isn't quite an affiliate network but a way of getting affiliate links into a post easily. It works with affiliate networks and uses its own technology to insert appropriate links into your posts without fuss. There's also Affiliate Window (one of the biggest affiliate networks in the UK) and Trade Doubler.

    Sorry - went on a bit more than I intended to there :)


  15. A really helpful and clear post, thank you so much, appreciate it :) x



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