A Month in Beauty | August 2014

Its been a funny month beauty wise - I haven't used much makeup but I seem to have invested more time in using skincare. Hopefully, there will be lots of new autumn releases to look forward to. 
Even though the weather has cooled down, I've still been using the Vichy Dermablend Powder to blot my skin and keep any oily patches at bay. Let me tell you, this powder is amazing for shiny skin. Despite it being a loose white powder, its not too messy and blends well without leaving any white residue. Its keeps my makeup looking fresh and intact throughout the day. An all round great buy for oily skin.

Next up, I've been trying out some new skin care in the form of the Antonia Burrell Pure Therapy Facial Oil Serum*. This oil has made a real difference in balancing my skin and making it feel less oily. Despite it being an oil, I don't find it too heavy and it sinks in fairly quick too. My skin feels less congested too and just all round brighter. Two other products I've been using this month are the Skinchemists Rapid Facial and Venom Mask*. These products are best for anti-ageing use. I'll be honest, I dont think these two are worth the £115 price tag as they haven't wowed me but I have enjoyed using them both. The rapid facial is a light mask that you rub off once dry. It really does make me skin feel balanced, soft and smooth, as does the venom mask. I'll be sharing more about them both soon but moral of the story is basically they're worth buying if you can get them on offer (I have a feeling they pop up on sites like groupon etc). 

For makeup, theres only one nail polish I've been using, which is MAC's impassioned. I'm pretty obsessed with this polish, despite it not being a particular unique shade. I'd describe it as a coral pink/red - I don't own the lipstick shade but I'd say it looks more red in tone than that. Its basically a classic summer shade with good wear and great formulation.

My most dreamy buy of the month has to be Urban Decays Naked Flushed Palette in Streak. This palette is perfect for pale skin - it has a bronzer, highlighter and blush. The peachy gold highlighter is stunning as is the pink coral matte blush. A real beaute of a palette!

Finally, I've been using the new CID I-Glow Compact Shimmer Powder in Ice Pop* - I've been using this as a blush as it translates to a pale pink shimmery hue. On darker skintones, I can see it working really well as a highlighter. Either way, its add a gorgeous glow, without being disco ball shimmery. In the pan, it reminds me of a MAC MSF but I actually think the formula of this is better - smooth and pigmented. A real surprise!

Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. Great post! Love the look of the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette! Abi :) MyW0rldMyView

  2. The vichy powder is one of my most favourites ever! its so good!


    1. its one of the best powders I've used :)

  3. lovely post and great products :)

    emily xx


  4. I have the Naked Flushed Palette i love it. Lovely post. x
    Emma / Everything Beauty

    1. its gorgeous isnt it :)

  5. No I haven't tried any of these products yet. I like the blush...might need to look into that. I have been wanting to try a serum...I keep hearing lots of great things about them. =) Great post!


  6. That baked powder looks amazing xx


  7. Replies
    1. its well worth the price tag :)

  8. I have that nail polish, I've worn it so much this summer its such a lovely colour x


  9. Desperately want the naked blusher! Lovely blog btw :) xx

  10. That blush looks so pretty!


  11. The Naked Flushed palette looks gorgeous, it's been on my wishlist for ages now!


  12. I love the Naked Flush Palette! It's beautiful!! I would totally get it in a second if I had the cash

  13. Sound like great products will have to try them someday


  14. I love the blusher!

  15. Huge fan of the Naked Flushed Palette - great products, and even better value for money!

    Madame Raptor

  16. The Naked Flushed palette looks stunning!


  17. I used that powder, I haven't be using this kind of powder since I discovered MAC Blot Powder but I loved it! ;)

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty


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