A Photo Editing Process for Busy Girls

Photo editing is an important part of content creation. Unfortunately, I don't have a large amount of free time available to take photos or edit and I would rather spend more time writing and planning. For those of you in a similar position, here's a guide on how to take/edit your photographs.

Taking photos.
To save time, its best to take your photos in bulk. I have a planner so I know what posts I'm writing for the week ahead and then I can take my photographs based on that. I usually take hundreds of photos in one go as you never know how they're going to turn out. Sometimes a photo can look great on your camera screen but be slightly blurry when its been uploaded. I like to play around with backgrounds to so I'll change things up as I go along. Once you start taking photos, its very easy to accumulate hundreds, so its handy to have a large(ish) memory card to store them on. Once they're uploaded, I'll have a quick look through them and select the best ones.

Regular photo editing.
For regular beauty posts, I try to keep editing to a minimum. I take all my photos in natural light - I usually take them in my bedroom, where theres quite a lot of light. The only thing I usually change apart from cropping is the brightness of a photograph and I do this using the curves option on ipiccy.

This is pretty much all I do in ipiccy as I don't like over editing photographs. However for photos, such as collages and for using text over a photo, I use a different method.

Collages and text.
For collages and text, I normally use picmonkey (another free editing site). I use picmonkey as you can now use your own overlays and fonts. To use your an overlay in picmonkey, you upload a photograph as normal and then click onto the overlay section;

I normally use a circle or square and then fade out (on the right hand side selection) to about 40%, so you can still see the original photo through the overlay. I'll then add some text using the text section;

Picmonkey have several free fonts you can choose from but you can also now use the fonts stored on your computer, which means you can download lots of free fonts from the net to use on your pictures. I really like fontquirrel and dafont for free fonts!
For collages, such as wishlists I use the design option on the front page of picmonkey to get a blank canvas. From here, you can then use the overlay option to select your own overlays - photos for your wishlists etc. These usually need resizing and then you can add text.

Photo collages.
You can also make collages via the collage option on the picmonkey homepage - this is great for putting one or more product photo in an image, such as the one of the Clinique blusher above. Collages can also be made on ipiccy and fotor - these have different template options. You can then also add text afterwards via the usual method once you've finished your collage.

Every blogger has different ways of editing their photos and this is just a quick way that works for me. What photo editing sites/programmes do you use?

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  1. Great tips, I do very similar, just with GIMP. It's very similar to photoshop!xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  2. I really love these sort of posts! As a new blogger these are so helpful. I use pixlr when editing photos usually as I find it quite similar to Photoshop, but these two websites you showed seem really simple and easy to use! I'll definitely be giving them a go for my next posts. :)

    Charlie | little-sunday.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Great tips, I just did a load of photo taking today as it was so sunny, got about 10 draft posts now :) x

    Kat from Blushing Rose

  4. This is SO helpful. Thank you so much for this post... I've been wondering how you make your beautiful images!!


  5. I also use picmonkey and I love it ! It's so easy and simple.
    Thanks for the tips ! :)


  6. I usually just adjust the exposure on iPhoto and it works for me, I don't like to overedit them either! Loved this, it's definitely time I have a look at Picmonkey as I used it ages ago! ;) xx

    Gyudy’s Notes Of Beauty

  7. Another wonderfully helpful post. Thank you.


  8. Thanks for this post, it really helped me!:))

  9. I've never used pic monkey before but I might have to check it out!


  10. This was incredibly useful! I find editing boring and tedious, but this has convinced me it's worth putting the effort in!

  11. Great tips!


  12. Some lovely tips hun!! I really need to get to grips with blogging photography I just find it so hard haha :(



  13. thanks for the tip of using picmonkey! I never heard of that site before and I will check it out as it looks really interesting :) xxx

  14. Hello darling! I love reading your blog almost every day. For editing my fotos I use fotor because I can use it on my phono, I use to take photos with my phone also. Thanks for all your wonderful tips. If I stil thinking, I am using fotor after one f your post :-)

  15. Great post, it's so helpful :] x


  16. I find that between iPhoto and PicMonkey I don't need any fancy editing! Just for general editing I up the brightness and maybe retouch if there's anything detracting from the picture.


  17. Great post! I need to start taking photos in bulk, because I always blame horrible lighting and then not have a photo in time for a post due to go up.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  18. I like Composure and iPhoto. I usually crop and resize with iPhoto. Composure is a lot like pic monkey but its a program so you can use it offline, which I like. However it is more limited. I also like the program Seashore for non-photo images. It is like a cross between MS Paint and Corel. Pic Monkey is definitely great though. Great Post!

  19. I'm just the opposite! I spend more time on photos and editing rather than writing. But I'm also not very good at keeping up with a posting schedule. I'm def keeping those two sites in mind for when I need a quick edit :) Personally, if I want to edit something fast I just apply some saved curves on Photoshop.


  20. Thank you for sharing this, Zoe! This is really helpful!

    Shelley x

  21. Thanks for sharing this information. I didn't know what program to use to achieve this look, which I think looks fantastic. Very professional. Must have a play with it!

  22. Thank you so much i am going to try these things!

  23. Great post! I think using these websites is so much simpler than trying to do fancy stuff with Photoshop! Very helpful, thank you! x


  24. Personally i think that pictures are the most important part of blogging! And this was such a great post for editing them beautifully!


  25. Thank you for you helpful tips, I really needed this.

    Kah-Feh Yen

  26. Great tips - I have a very simple image editing process at the moment, mostly all I do is crop them and let Picasa sort out any colour issues.

  27. I was lucky enough to snag Adobe Photoshop with a student discount and my dad's help (he takes photos as a hobby) so I use that to edit my photos. But I'm the same way I usually just change the curves on photos and try to shoot in good lighting.
    I do recommend GIMP as another good photo-editing program - it's a pretty good program and is free!

    beauty, style, life || bespectacled

  28. Great tips...thank you for sharing! I spent most of my weekend practicing my photography skills...I mostly made a huge mess, but did end up with some cool shots that I'm pleased with! I usually use picMonkey to edit, but am considering moving to Apple to use their applications. Will bookmark your post for future reference as I always need inspo when I'm hitting a blogging brick wall! x

  29. Really great post! Love it ♥

    Greets, Carofee

  30. Great Tips, Thank you!


  31. The photography is one of the dim things I want to get better at on my blog so your post has come just at the right time for me :) some fab tips that I'll definitely be trying out xx

  32. A great post,so useful. The problem I have is downloading and attaching on my blog. To get a clear picture it has to be so large and i dont know how to resize it. please do a step by step guide! x

  33. thank you for the tip! have some good overlays on my site... www.VIIedit.com :)

  34. I love these two sites, I use them regularly!

  35. Officially hooked on your site. Going to write my Blogmas then splurge on your blogger posts. =-)


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