Breaking A Spending Ban Haul & This Months Love Me Beauty Box

It feels strange to be blogging again after taking a week off. I also seem to have forgotten how to take photos as these ones are poop (apologies) but sometimes you need to take a step back to start feeling inspired again. I've also given the blog a lil' makeover and I'm really pleased with how it looks so far. I'm going to be updating the templates in my blog design shop soon too!
Recently I mentioned I was on a spending ban. I've been quite strict with myself this month but all that went out of the window yesterday. I went on a day trip to Blackpool and ended up having a look in a few shops and one thing led to another. To be fair, most of these are things I needed so I don't feel too guilty. The first thing I bought was a little coat for my niece. It's part of her first birthday present and was £24 from Next. Next have the cutest baby wear. I'm looking for a knitted hat to go with it - one with little ears would look super sweet. On the coat front, I purchased a pale blue wool coat from New Look - its this one here, which is now sold out online. I managed to find the last one in store and in my size. That's fate right there I tell ya! This is exactly the style and colour of coat that I've been looking for so its just perfect. I would have never shopped in New Look many years ago but these days, I always find something I love every time I go in there.

I also bought this fluffy pink jumper from New Look. I don't usually like wearing pink but as this is a cerise shade it looks really flattering. Its nice to inject some colour into my wardrobe, especially at this time of year when theres a lot of black, browns and greys on the high street. 
The only makeup item I wanted was this sweet set from Benefit. I saw +csibeautyblog tweet about this on Saturday and I knew I had to track it down. Its a palette with five blushes, hoola bronzer and highlighter (I'll have a separate post on it soon). There was 10% beauty at Debenhams, so it worked out around £26.

You cant have a shop on the high street without stopping off in Primark, can you?!! I wasn't feeling anything clothes wise but accessories/sleepwear was a different story. The primark in Blackpool is really well set out and so much nicer than my local stores. They had a lot of stock, I probably wouldn't have found otherwise. First, I purchased these cute pug socks (pack of three) and teddy bear socks (also in a pack of three). I also found this bear makeup bag, which will be handy for popping in my handbag.

I desperately needed some new slippers. I found these panda ones and pug ones (I seem to be going through a pug phase right now), which are really warm and cosy!

I saw these moomin pyjama bottoms on the Primark instagram and found them instore - so adorable!I think these were £8. I also got a jumper to pair them with. 

I thought I'd also mention the new Love Me Beauty box* in this post. I have a massive backlog of posts at the moment so no doubt you may have already seen this new style of box. I'm really liking the re-brand - the silver packaging looks sleek and luxurious. Each month, you get six credits with your subscription. You spend the credits in the online boutique so you can pick exactly which products you want in your box. This month, I chose Percy & Reed Shine & Fragrance Spray, Malin & Goetz Peppermint Shampoo, a full size Anatomicals Joint & Muscle Rub and a full size Oriflame Beauty Balm. I think the value is pretty good but I'm interested to see whats on offer next month and if any other brands will pop up. 

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  1. Your blue coat looks stunning! xx

  2. I love that little bag and those socks are so sweet! Well done for keeping up your spending ban for a fair amount of time though, I couldn't do it haha! Abi :)

  3. Those animal slippers are really cute! Also, I'm glad you're back-- I adore your blog!!

    Simplicity Relished

  4. Your new layout looks lovely! That little pink coat is gorgeous! I would love something like that for my little girl.

  5. Ooh love the new header! That pink coat is so cute!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  6. I love pugs so much so it's needless to say I'm a bit jealous of all the pug things! I'm also super keen on all of the Benefit gift sets, I don't know how I've held off going in store so long.

  7. that pink coat for your niece is so cute. Tutu would love it.
    xx, Jodi

  8. Cute jacket color :D

  9. I'm currently looking for a new coat myself and I must say the one you bought at New Look is just so stylish and beautiful. Great choice! Oh and ... the coat for your niece is utterly adorable!

  10. I really want the benefit sweet set! Hopefully I will get it this weekend, but something is telling me it's sold out! Plus your photos look really good and top quality like always!
    Jodie xo // La Lune Song


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