Do what you love!

If theres one piece of advice I could give to any new blogger it would be 'do what you love'. Theres a lot of blogging advice out there today and if your new to blogging it can be hard to digest all the information available to you. I started sharing tips and tricks posts for bloggers as I struggled to find certain types of information. Sure, I'm no blogging expert and I would never claim to be. I've still got lots to learn but if there's a few words of wisdom I could share with any new blogger it would be these.

Do what you love.
Write about what YOU want to write about. Don't worry about what people think. Be true to yourself. 

Do what works for you.
Despite sharing tips/blogging advice, its important to note that these are not rules. If planning, scheduling and all that jazz doesn't work for you then don't do it. Its perfectly OK to do things how you want to do them. If you have your own routine then you should stick to it. Do whatever works for you and don't feel you need to change it.

Keeping things simple.
As above, its fine to think of your blog as a blog. Theres a lot of information on pro blogging these days and seeing your blog as a brand. You really don't need to start thinking about these things if you don't want to. Personally, I see my blog as a place I can escape to and share my thoughts. I cant ever see myself viewing it as a brand or a business but that's ok as not everyone wants to go down that road. 

Dont get caught up in what everyone else is doing.
Different things work for different people. I like posting on a daily basis as it works for me and my routine. However, I would never say that a blogger should be posting regularly if its not ideal for them. Blogging should be enjoyable - putting pressure on yourself is never a good thing. Focusing on doing your own thing will make things so much easier in the long run. 

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  1. thank you for such a beautiful words :)
    Fashion Passion by Erika

  2. This is some good advice. I don't think people should go into blogging to start a brand/business. Rather, go into it because you are passionate about something, or just want to share your life with others and connect with other bloggers! If your blog *happens* to turn more into a business, neat, but if not, don't stress :)


  3. Really great advice! I think it's too easy to lose the fun of blogging by focussing on it a business or trying to please everyone. xxx

  4. Thanks for making this post! It can get really overwhelming with all the going pro and branding advice, especially for those of us who just view blogging as a really cool hobby. I'm not able to post as much as I'd like, and I often feel bad about it even though I know I shouldn't.

    Cindy |

  5. Great post! I agree—it's easy to get overwhelmed and feel like you're doing blogging wrong! It's good when you can feel encouraged to just do it how you want to! xx


  6. Lovely post! I have been blogging awhile, but only recently really started to get into it... it was kind of a thing for boredom, and now I am really enjoying the whole process of blogging! Great tips :)
    Levi x

  7. "Think of your blog as a blog." I love this. I only started mine recently, and with the tonnes of posts out at the moment with tips, it was so easy to get caught up in thinking I had to be really professional, a HTML whizz and basically running a bedroom business. My blog is supposed to be personal and amateur, and I'm so glad you've reminded me so :)
    Jennifer xx

  8. Really great post Zoe, I have the same way of thinking. When people ask me for advice I always say they need to be true to themselves. As long as you are genuine and happy with what you produce you will be successful.

    Courtney La Belle Sirene

  9. So wise!

  10. Doing what you love is the #1 rule to follow in my eyes, these were all such nice reminders.

  11. Such a good post - at the end of the day if you're not enjoying writing it then who's going to enjoy reading it. I don't have a schedule for my blog, more post what I want when I want :)

  12. Thanks for this! I think I needed it, as I am sort of new in this game, and boy it has changed a lot in few years! Actually I follow you because of your great blogger tips, so thanks for sharing them :)

  13. This was such an inspirational post!

  14. Thanks! I have been struggeling with this lately as I am trying to build my blog but stay true to my reason for blogging in the first place (too keep my family updated on our travel adventures). Just what I needed to hear!

  15. Thanks for the great advice! I have been blogging since 2008/ 2009. Back then, blogging was more like a personal digital diary for me. I also love to write inspirational posts sometimes as a part of my hobbies. I never thought people can actually make a living by blogging nowadays! Anyway, I really love your blog :)

  16. Your Blogging 101 has helped me go from thinking about blogging to having my blog designed and through to my first blog post! I literally took notes, so thanks for the advice. I really enjoy your blog :)


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