Pretty Ebay Homeware Buys!

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When it comes to homeware shopping, the majority of my buys are from Ebay. I do have a browse around stores, such as Home Bargains, Dunelm mill and Matalan but I struggle to find things that I like so Ebay has become my go-to place.
I'm an ebay fan anyway but for the home, there are so many gems. I've heard stories from people who have managed to snap up new bathroom suites for a fiver - sadly I've never found any steals in that league, though I did purchase a brand new water filter jug for £2.50 a few years back. For homeware, I've made a few pretty purchases. I've recently snapped up some cushion covers (1). I love the covers this seller has as they're unlike any I've found on the high street. You can buy the actual cushions cheap from Ikea so I've found its worth paying a little more for the cover. 
I've also been buying a few mugs - I love this little breakfast cup and saucer (2) and this cute little mug (4). Another little cute purchase of mine has been this bunny ring holder (3). I've been looking for one of these for ages so I'm happy I stumbled across this.
I've been planning on buying some lighting for my bedroom but these candle holders (5) are gorgeous and decent value for a set of four!

Have you made any ebay purchases lately?

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  1. Adorable picks! I love the tea cup and saucer!

    Sophia |

  2. This post is amazing and has come at the right time, I'm moving into my flat next month and I'm planning on having a white and mint/pastel green colour in the living room, so these items are perfect for that! I'll definitely be checking out the ebay seller now :) thank you for the recommendations!
    Daniela xo | danielascribbles ♥

  3. Lovely picks!

  4. Gorgeous picks, love those tealight holders :)

    Sophie x

  5. I love the cushion! :)

  6. These are all so pretty! I love those lantern style candle holders, so rustic and shabby chic and they'd be great in the garden as well. I've also never managed to get anything of bathroom suites levels but I get a lot or vintage clothes bargains and recently some lovely floral bedsheets that I featured on my blog this week in a favourites post if you fancy a look :)

  7. The little cups and saucers are so, so cute!

  8. I love shopping on eBay! I usually buy jewelry and phone cases and the wait time is definitely worth the savings. I've never considered doing home decor shopping on eBay but I'm looking into that as we speak! Can't resist cheap goods, haha.

  9. I have the little bunny ring holder :) love it! Xx

    Brooke || Eclectic Clash

  10. I've never thought of buying homeware from eBay! Love these buys.

    Ashley x

  11. I've never bought anything from eBay but what you found is so cute I think I may have a look!

    Great post!!

    - Jess xxx

  12. Loving the lanterns, so CUTE!

  13. Those lanterns are so cute!

    Julia x

  14. Great post! I love the breakfast cup and saucer! I Love your blog :)

  15. Such cute little pieces, especially the bunny ring holder!

  16. Very cute purchases - particularly love the bunny ring holder :)

    Ioanna |

  17. I'm in love with literally everything you've chosen. :) x


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