Surviving A Spending Ban!

Bit of a dramatic title - its sounds like we're trying to survive the apocalypse!However, in all seriousness, for a beauty/shopping lover trying to curb you're spending is hard work!As I've recently made the switch to working from home, I'm really having to take a long hard look at my outgoings and try to make cuts. For now, beauty splurges and buying random crap are officially on the back burner!I've never done a spending ban before. I usually stick to a budget but I have managed to do better than expected. Here's a few things I've found that's really helped:

* Avoid going into shops where you usually spend money
I'm still going shopping as I need to buy essentials, such as food and other necessities. I've managed to avoid places like Boots and Superdrug - places where I'm likely to cave in. If I start browsing makeup stands I will easily break.

* Don't open emails from retailers
I've had so many emails with offers from Look Fantastic, Feel Unique etc. I've deleted every one so far as I know I'll be really tempted if I open them and see an amazing offer. If you're on a spending ban and think you might be tempted by emails, you could always unsubscribe for the time being.

* Avoid money saving websites
I normally stalk moneysavingexpert and HDUK to find all the best online bargains but I've been avoiding them for the past few weeks. I've taken them off my favourites bar for now as I know how tempting spotting an amazing steal can be.

* Allow yourself a treat
OK its cheating but letting yourself have one small treat in the middle of a spending ban just makes it so much easier. 

* Make the most of what you already have
I have a few products that I completely forgot I owned, so using them again has sort of made up for the lack of new things. I also think swapping products/clothes with friends is also a great idea for when you're on ban - its a great way of trying new things for free!

* Start saving towards a product/purchase
I'm currently thinking about buying a new winter coat so any spare pennies are being put to one side. Its actually quite satisfying saving up for something rather than just splashing out on a whim. 

Do you have any tips for a spending ban?

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  1. I have tried and failed many a spending ban! I just can! I’m addicted!

  2. Great post!

  3. Yes! I find if I have a goal then I'm much more inclined to save for longer. Love these tips, I definitely need to start using them xxx

    Verity | Life of Verity

  4. Great post! very inspiring!

  5. This was very helpful, it's so hard for me to save my money. I looove being spendy!

  6. I'm going to need these tips this month, so your timing is perfect! I find that something that also works for me is to keep myself otherwise occupied so that shopping doesn't cross my mind. However it is too easy to cave in with online shopping. Lovely post, and as said perfect timing, so thank you. x


  7. I love this post, some really great ideas to think about. Particularly for me! Xxx

  8. Great tips on how to not spend your money during a spending ban!! I have tried a spending ban so many times and have failed. It is very very difficult but I tend to browse ASOS and Zara around twice a is an addiction I swear haha!

    Rachel xx

  9. I agree with everything, especially the e-mails. When I'm on a spending ban and I see discounts I somehow manage to justify it.

  10. These are great tips Zoe! I definitely need to go on a spending ban myself!


  11. Great tips! Especially removing your bookmarks. Groupon keep emailing me and its torture. I'm currently on a spending ban and it's so hard! I've been rummaging through a box of products seeing what I have and I'm shocked at how many things I've forgot about. The only thing getting me through is the satisfaction of now having a few empties (which means more room for other products).

  12. I'm going to attempt a spending ban soon. I must admit I'm slightly nervous!


  13. I definitely need to do this!

  14. I always put my savings in a completely seperate bank. Like my isa, there have been so many times I wanted to raid it just before payday!
    ❤️ Fran -

    1. same!

  15. After a really bad summer, I've found myself giving into the temptation to shop much more easily in the last few weeks. What I'm trying to do now is stay away from online shopping, and only go looking for things I really need (eg I am in dire need of a pair of black flats... too many brown shoes!). I fancy a new coat, but I don't need it, so I won't be getting it. Unless December comes around and I feel that it's really necessary, but then it'll be nearly Christmas and I can ask for it as a present :)


  16. This could not have come at a better time I'm a month into my spending ban and its killing me! I've had to unsub from lots of retailers. I'm saving for a mortgage so I know it will all be worth it my tip is to move your money into a savings account before you have time to spend it! X

  17. Great tips! I think I need to go on a beauty and skincare ban as I have so many samples to use up!

    Ioanna |

  18. Great post but I don't think anything could stop me from shopping x

  19. Thanks for the tips!

  20. Great tips, I'm actually on a ban right now because I'm saving up to move so I was so excited to see this post. It hurts deleting all these clothes emails though, its like ignoring a friends calls :( haha.

  21. Ggreat tips!

    I had to go on a ban afew months before xmas and it was so hard. I deleted emails from retailer without opening them and avoiding certain shops but I never thought to swap with friends, that's a really good idea! My biggest problem is online websites, I use to not go out the house if I didn't need to in order to avoid spending in shops but then I would get bored at home and go! Haha, its a viscous circle.


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