The Top 5 Products I'm Currently Reaching For...

I rarely talk about the products I reach for unless its in a favourites post, however now summer is on its way out, I've had a lil' change up and there's a few new and old(ish) products currently rocking my world.

As someone who suffers with static hair, I'm constantly on the lookout for serums and creams that will tame my frizz. One of the pluses of blogging is getting introduced to new brands. I wasn't familiar with Leonor Greyl until using this product but I'm pleasantly surprised. This serum detangles and nourishes hair without feeling heavy or sticky. You can use it on both dry and damp hair - I like to use it both ways for extra conditioning. It helps to tame my hair and make it look much sleeker than normal. 

I've mentioned these shadow pencils before but they really are awesome to use if you're in a rush. I love the shade 'cool mink', which is a cool toned taupe. Shadow pencils are really easy to use as you can just swipe them over the lid in one go, blend out a little and your all good. These are £8 each but often on offer!I love that it has a little built in sharpener at the bottom so keeping them pointed for liner isn't a problem.

Ahh I do enjoy a lipgloss every now and then and this one is a real good 'un!It doesn't feel sticky and you only need one swipe of the wand to get smooth, even colour. The smell and taste isn't all that but for a drugstore gloss, these are a great, comfortable lip product.

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to MAC cranberry then this is the one. NYX single shadows are under £5 and rust is pigmented, soft and smooth. I like to wear this layered over a black liner or in the inner corners of my eye to give it a little edge. 

Being a lip balm fanatic, the lanolips banana balm is totally my thing. Unlike other balms, this is a bit more unique in that its a 3 in 1 lipbalm with an iridescent finish. I'm not a massive fan of banana but luckily this only has a slight banana scent to it. It's a lot more nourishing than your standard lipbalm, meaning my lips are much smoother and softer after use. I'm sure I'll be relying on it a lot this autumn and winter.

Have you tried any of these products?

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  1. I really want to try out the No7 shadow pencils - Sounds like it could be a lifesaver on rushed mornings!

    Beauty & The Bird | Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

  2. Do you find that the maybelline elixir lipgloss accentuates dry lips ? I've only tried it once at a friend's but that's the impression I was left with (But I had really dry lips at the time)

    Feathers and Brushes | Swiss | Beauty & Lifestyle

  3. I love the lanolips balms! So perfect for winter as my lips get really chapped and dry :(


  4. Ooh that eyeshadow looks fab! Cherry culture are doing 40% off so may just have to pick that up!!

    GIVEAWAY | The little things in life

  5. Ahh, I love your posts so so much as well as your blog! It's just so CLEAN haha I feel inspired. Also, I've seen that NYX Rust shade before (perhaps it was on your blog) and it's so beautiful! x

  6. Ah I have one of the Maybelline Elixir glosses tucked away somewhere, I really need to get it out of hiding because It sounds lovely!

    Latasha xx |

  7. I didn't know that static hair was something that people had to put up with! That would be irritating! Glad there is a product to rectify the problem! I love the Lanolips Lemonaid lip balm! Mmmm!

  8. I love my no 7 shadow stick! It's a foolproof product and lasts for so long! Xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  9. All of these sound lovely!

  10. All of these products look so nice! I especially love the shade of the NYX shadow.

  11. I love that NYX eyeshadow. It's beautiful isn't it.


  12. I love the eyeshadow!

  13. The elixir lip glosses are looking gorgeous!

  14. Love those products.

  15. Haven't tried any of these, but the NYX eyeshadow looks very interesting, I love shades like these! Might just give it a try :)


  16. I've been meaning to try the Lanolips, love this post <3
    KKKIRANXOXO: Beauty Blog

  17. Wow. Amazing blogpost. Great blog! Really like it! I think I have to try out the dupe for Mac cranberry eyeshadow! Thanks for sharing!


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