Fashion Friday | The Budget Buys

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Welcome to a new feature!I've been wanting to incorporate more fashion and lifestyle based posts on here and thought I'd kick it off with a few of my favourite ebay picks. Each weeks I'll be picking out a few of the best fashion budget buys on the net!Personally I love looking for bargains so fingers crossed I'll find a few sweet deals. 

I love this checked jacket (1). I think I'm going to be buying this as a birthday treat for myself. They do have similar ones in Primark but they didn't have my size - I'm pretty sure they were a similar price too. The black sleeves break up the check print nicely.
This black tote bag (2) is lovely. I've purchased a few handbags from ebay in the past and I've always been really happy with the quality. Even with the delivery price its still really cheap and the seller has a few styles available.
Who doesn't love a cosy jumper at this time of year?This knit (3) looks really snug and is a brilliant price. It would look great paired with these jeggings (4). Finally, my favourite item are these cutout boots (5) - an absolute steal!Yes I think I'll be purchasing these too!

Have you found any bargain buys on ebay?

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8 Amazing DIY Beauty Projects!

Making your own beauty products is a cheap and relatively easy way to try out new beauty products. I've found several great tutorials on the web and today I'm sharing 8 amazing DIY projects - some of these would make nice Christmas gifts too!Let me know if you're going to give them a try.

5 Ways To Promote Your Blog

Many people write fantastic blog posts but have a small readership,simply because they don't know how to get their blog out there. There are various ways of promoting your blog and different things work for different people. However, knowing what you can do to promote your blog and its content can help you decide which method is for you.

1. Blog Directories
I would 100% recommend signing your blog up to Bloglovin as it really is a fantastic platform for allowing readers to subscribe and getting your blog seen. I've found many new blogs on there that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise. Plus, it tends to be the go to platform for subscribing to blogs these days. 
A few other blog directories you can submit your blog to are blogcatalog, blogtopsites and bloggapedia

2. Social Media
Social media is great for promoting your blog and posts. I'd say twitter is the best social media site to sign up to as you can connect with other bloggers, readers and join in with blogger chats. Instagram is another good app if your good at using hashtags to promote your pictures and can build up a decent following. Pinterest seems to be taking off with regards to blog promotion - I personally think its very underrated as if you can create a pin that goes viral, it could potentially bring a lot of traffic and new readers to your site. Although I don't have a Facebook page for my blog, you could always sign up to create a page for your site. However, I don't think Facebook is really all that as its well known that the post reach is very low - Dana at The Wonder Forest wrote a great post on it here so its something to consider before you invest a lot of time on it.

3. Networking/commenting
As I mentioned in the section above, blogger chats on twitter are a good way to network with other bloggers and share blog links with each other. You can find twitter chat times here.
Commenting on other blogs is also a good way to share your link but I would say its good etiquette to leave a comment relating to the blog post and then a link to your blog, rather than just spamming. I would also avoid writing 'follow me and I'll follow you back' as most bloggers really dislike this and having had these comments myself, I just end up deleting them. 
If you've mentioned a blogger or particular brand in one of your blog posts, why not tweet them a link to your post. Some brands will retweet links to their subscribers, which in turn could provide you with more traffic. 

4. Business cards/advertising
For blog events and meetups, a lot of bloggers have their own business cards with a link to their blog, email and social media details. You can get some free from vistaprint here and just pay for delivery but its pretty easy to make your own too. 
Thinking outside the box, you could also leave your business cards in a beauty/hair salon - obviously you'd need to ask the owner first. Also, if you're feeling brave, you could potentially put a card in your local newsagent or supermarket - they usually have a community/advertising board. I don't know if it would work but it could certainly get your blog noticed within your local community.
If advertising online is more your thing, then advertising on other blogs is one way to go. Many blogs offer competitive rates to fellow bloggers and it will certainly bring you a little more exposure.

5. Family/friends
Word of mouth can definitely get your blog recognised. It took me over a year to tell anyone about my blog as I thought they would think it was a waste of time but honestly I couldn't have been more wrong. Telling your friends and family about your blog can really help you to spread the word about it. Tell as many people as you can and if you're applying for job, put it on your CV as writing a blog is an achievement in itself. 

What are your favourite ways to promote your blog and posts?

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Advertise On Sweet Electric This November For Just £4

After having a little trial run with offering blog advertising, I've decided to make to the process much easier and cheaper! 
Sweet Electric is a great way to advertise your blog and receive exposure to over 2000 readers every day. Adverts run from the beginning of the month until the end and costs just £4, which includes;

Blogger Advertising
A linked advert in the sidebar (300 x 150px) 
A mention in the monthly advertisers post with an about section and links to your social media
A #ff on twitter every Friday
I can make an advert for you if needed

Price - £4 for a whole month!

To take up this offer simply email me at 

*This offer is for bloggers only!

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Using Blogging Advice To Better Your Blog

If you're an avid blog reader then you'll probably know that there are plenty of blog tips out there. I've posted many posts on blogging but as a reader I know that it can be difficult to know which advice to take. There are posts on getting started, organisation, content creation etc. Knowing which tips to follow can make a real difference to your blog, so here is an overview on using blog advice to your advantage.

Which parts of your blog do you want to work on?
Knowing which parts of your blog you want to concentrate on or which aspects of blogging you're interested in can help you to use that information effectively. For example, if you're a new blogger then you might not want to focus on monetising your blog at this moment in time. Sure, you can bookmark that information for a later date but working on areas, such as promoting your blog might be more beneficial to you. 

Search for specifics
If you're searching for information on google then knowing exactly what your looking for can help. There are thousand of articles out there so keeping your search as specific as possible will help return search results that are worth looking at.

Avoid information overload
Reading too much information on one subject can be very overwhelming. Try to stick to reading no more than three articles at one time. Make notes on aspects you find interesting/want to implement. 

What works for someone else might not work for you
Whilst I've written blogging advice and tips, its important for me to note that I'm not an expert at blogging and most of the blog posts I've written are my thoughts and suggestions. As a reader, any of the content I read on blogging are things I take with a pinch of salt - there is a lot of valuable information there but they're not necessarily things that will work for me. Different things work for different people and doing what works best for you is always important. 

What do you want to do?
If you know what direction you want your blog to go in, for instance is blogging a hobby or is it something you want to use to boost your career goals then you can use blog resources to help your blog vision. I truly believe that blog advice/tips should complement your overall blog vision, rather than be a 'how to' or tell you how to run your blog. I've seen a lot of tips on how to increase your blog views/how to improve your traffic/how to increase subscribers. Using these tips and following strict advice probably wont work for you if you're not considering the type of content YOU want to create. I read an interesting post recently on how a blogger makes thousands of dollars per month via his blog. Now, whilst it proved an engaging read, I'm not going to copy the type of content he creates as its a completely different niche and I have my own ideas. 

Know your strengths
Knowing what you're good at can prove very rewarding when it comes to using blogging advice. If improving your page views is something you want to work on then taking a look at your google analytics or blogger statistics can help you to discover what your most popular posts are. Finding out your most popular posts can help you plan your content in relation to what people want to read and can also help you to find advice that will work for you in relation to planning your content to boost views, for example using keywords and seo. Similarly, if photography is your strong point then information on advanced photography might be useful to you as its something you could push even more.

You don't need to know everything
There are articles on possible every blog subject you could ever imagine. Don't feel like you need to know or use every piece of information. For instance, If you blog as a hobby then information on pro blogging will probably be of no use to you at all. I sometimes think that new bloggers in particular must be completely overwhelmed by all the blogging advice out there. You really don't need to utilise information on aspects such as seo, photography, monetisation etc if you don't want to. Its great that information is easily accessible and can be considered in professional terms but blogging can also be your means of escaping everyday life and a fun hobby!

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Keeping Motivated With Your Blog

One of the things I've struggled with as a blogger is motivation. Some days it just isn't there at all and I want to do anything but blog on here. Whether you blog as a hobby or as a career, you will probably know that when you're at home and surrounded by many ways to procrastinate, its very easy to become distracted. As a blogger, you're out on your own (well unless you write your blog with others) so everything falls in your lap - you're the writer, editor, photographer, administrator etc. so being motivated will help you get those tasks done efficiently. Theres a few things I've learnt along the way that have helped with being productive and getting things done.

Know when you can blog
If you work or study full time or just have very little free time due to other commitments then finding time to blog can be difficult. To solve this issue, schedule a time in your diary when you can realistically sit down and get to work on your blog. If you know that your going to be exhausted when you arrive home from work/study then it might not be best to do your blogging then. Is there a time when you know you'll be able to focus on your blog and not be distracted? Knowing when you're most likely to be productive will be a big help to getting motivated and its far likely that you'll enjoy it much more.

Be organised
I'm far more motivated and productive when I'm organised. Using a notebook or diary to note down your post ideas, photos you need to take and making a checklist of tasks that need to be done really does help you to stay focused. You don't need a fancy planner or anything like that - I've linked to several free printable blog planners in this post which will help with your blog planning. 

Focus on one thing at once
Trying to tackle too many tasks in one go can lead to blogger meltdown. Taking on one task at a time can mean your far more productive in the long run. 

Use shortcuts
You don't need to make life hard for yourself if you have little free time to spend on your blog. You don't need to spend hours photographing products/looks or editing on photoshop if you don't want to. I wrote a post on photo editing for busy girls using free online photo editing. 
I also like to bookmark certain websites that I know are going to be useful so I dont need to spend ages looking for the information I need. Scheduling your social media is also a good way to save on time. You can link your bloglovin account to your twitter and facebook so your new posts appear automatically on your feeds. 

Do what you love
I always say this but if your creating blog content that you love then your motivation to blog is likely to be much higher. Don't be afraid to post what you want to post regardless of what people might think. That is a tough hurdle to overcome but I think it really shows when a writer is passionate about what they write and it makes much more enjoyable for the reader too.

Don't feel guilty
Don't beat yourself up for not posting new content every day or for taking a break if you need one. Taking some time out to just enjoy life can be refreshing and help you come with new ideas or give you a fresh perspective for your blog. I went through a period of pushing myself too hard and in the end, I felt completely burnt out. Taking a step back made me feel much more positive and I enjoyed returning to my blog after a little break. Blogging should be a fun, creative outlet and its perfectly OK to take a step back to find your motivation and passion again. 

Do you have any tips for staying motivated with blogging?

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8 Pinterest Accounts To Follow...

I've recently become a bit obsessed with pinterest. It's a great place for procrastination but theres also some really useful information on there. It's much more than just pinning pretty pictures as I've discovered some new blogs, helpful tutorials and much more. If you're new to pinterest or love it just as much as I do, here are 8 pinterest accounts to follow.

Primark - maybe an obvious one but if you love the store then this is one to subscribe to.

Byrdie Beauty - if you're a beauty lover then this is one to follow

Craft Candy - all things DIY and crafts

Nouvelle Daily - if you love the blog then you'll definitely want to subscribe to their pins, especially if you're an interior lover.

Miss Makeup Magpie - I'm a big fan of Gemmas blog but shes also a pinning queen. I'm always repinning her pins as theres something for everyone!

Style Me Pretty - a lovely account for wedding inspiration!

Lauren Conrad - I wouldn't describe myself as a massive fan of Laurens but I do love her pinterest account. Her pins are very pretty and girly!

Clementine Daily - A lovely account for everything home and lifestyle

You can also subscribe to my boards here *shameless plug*

Do you have any favourite pinners? Are you on pinterest - I'd to follow you so leave your username if you are!

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#barefacedorbold Palette Challenge With Westfield

This week I'm going to be bringing you a series of makeup looks in collaboration with Westfield BareFacedorBold campaign. Photographing makeup looks isnt my forte so I'll have to just give it my best shot.
I'm starting off the first of three bare faced looks with what is essentially my everyday look and about as barefaced as I get. I generally dont wear that much make on an average day as I work from home.

On an average day I wear the following products

Rimmel match perfection foundation
Seventeen stay time concealer
Vichy dermablend powder
New CID i-glow compact shimmer powder in ice pop*
Kevyn Aucoin celestial highlighter
Beauty UK brow kit (not pictured)
The Body Shop strawberry lip balm
Revlon colorstay liner
Lancome hypnose mascara (love this)
Bobbi Brown shell eyeshadow* (washed over the lid)

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Your Blog is A Blog...

Over the past few months, I've made a few observations on twitter (usually during the blogger chats) and elsewhere about the blogging community. Theres always going to be varying opinions but one or two things always seems to pop up and I thought I'd share my thoughts.

The big/small blogger divide
Personally I don't agree that there is a 'big' blogger community and 'small' blogger community. A blog is a blog. Yes, some are more established than others as some have been blogging or vlogging for several years but those bloggers are still going the same processes as newer bloggers in creating content.

Dont undervalue yourself
Your blog is your space. You can write whatever you want and go in whichever direction you want to go. Don't feel like you need to do certain things or that your blog has no value because you don't have x amount of subscribers or x number of views.

It's OK to push yourself
If you want to work to improve your blog then theres nothing stopping you. I think sometimes being ambitious is viewed as a negative thing when in reality it really isn't. If you have certain blogging goals then you should absolutely stick to them no matter what people think of you. If you want to create a brand for your blog then go for it. Everyone has different views of their blog and you should do what works for you.

It's OK to say no
Despite the above, its perfectly ok to say no to certain opportunities if it doesn't work for you. Some people fear turning down opportunities that come their way but if its not something that is a good fit for you or your blog then its likely to show. Say authentic and be yourself.

Dont compare yourself
This is easier said than done but every blogger is at different stages of their blogging journey so comparing yourself to other blogs in kinda pointless. Focus on your own content and don't see yourself as being in competition to others.

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5 Ways To Store Your Beauty Products!

Following on from my post on 5 ways to store your makeup brushes, I thought I would look at beauty storage in general. There are several great ways to store your beauty products but these are a few options that I like.

Ikea have some practical and affordable storage solutions. I use the Ikea Helmer, for storing the majority of my beauty products as its only £25 and it has a lot of space. It's also on wheels which makes it easy to move around. I sometimes push it to the window and use it for taking photographs on. I use the antonius inserts for separating my makeup into sections. They're meant to fit but I had to trim the sides down slightly.

A practical solution for bathroom storage is a plastic basket. I purchased this one from Morrisons but I've also seen the in Home bargains and Tesco. I find plastic storage might not be the prettiest option but its sturdy, wipe clean and inexpensive to purchase.

Personally, I think wooden storage is super cute for storing beauty items. I bought this little tray from ebay - this one is similar. It's handy for smaller products, such as perfume and lipbalm. I also really like wooden storage crates for storing larger items, such as bubble bath and shampoo.

For perfume, I love candle dishes or trays. This one is the Ikea skurar small candle dish. They also sell them in much larger sizes than this. 

Acrylic storage is highly popular. This is one I used to use but I don't have the space for anymore (this is an old photo, hence the crappier picture quality). I purchased this one from Amazon here. They also have the lipstick holders here and also on Ebay (super cheap!). The muji acrylic drawers are really practical too - this drawer unit is a cheaper dupe!

How do you store your beauty products?

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A Haircare Overhaul

Haircare is one area that I seem to be forever investing time and money in. Hair products are a complete minefield for me as my hair seems to be classed as several types. Generally my roots are oily, the ends are dry, its slightly wavy/frizzy and coloured - a real mix. Sadly, theres no perfect product that covers everything or maybe I just haven't found one yet but I seem to be still searching for my HG haircare.
I have been trying out a few new products recently so heres a few speedy reviews on whats been gracing my bathroom shelf.

I spotted this newbie for half price in Boots and unlike the majority of high street shampoos, you get a whopping 700ml (though there is a smaller 200ml bottle too). Theres a few versions of this shampoo but I purchased the everyday cleansing variety. I've used this a few times and I have to say that this isn't one for oily hair. It washes the hair well and leaves it looking clean at first but after a day, it starts to look oily again. I can usually get away with washing my hair every other day with other shampoos but I think this would work better on other hair types. It did make hair feel soft though.

I'm already on my second bottle of this shampoo as its been a real surprise. I'm not a massive fan of loreal hair products but this shampoo makes my hair look clean and shiny. Its as good as pricier shampoos I've used so I'm sure I'll keep using this.

I've tried a few hair oils but this one may just have the edge over the others. Organic worlds Brazilian oil is infused with keratin to smooth, repair and add shine. Its slightly watery but it feels weightless, meaning you can use it on damp or dry hair. I usually add a small amount before styling as it really makes my hair feel like silk. It helps to tame my static hair and doesn't feel oily either.

I mentioned this product a while back but its one I'm still enjoying using. This milky serum defrizzes, detangles and smooths without making the hair look greasy. I like to use this on dry hair before brushing as it helps to untangle any knots. It has a really lovely jasmine scent too.

Even though I've used this in the past, I decided to re-purchase it after spying it on offer on Amazon. I'll be honest and say that I don't think the John Frieda range is all that great. Don't get me wrong, its not terrible but I find it slightly over hyped for what it is. This serum is OK but I find it weighs my hair down slightly and can make my roots look oilier. It might work better on dry hair but its not one I will be raving about.

Have you tried any of these products?

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5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Blog Today...

Regardless of where you are in your blogging journey - you may be a new blogger or have a few years of blogging experience under your belt, there may be times when you want to push or 'up' your blogging game. Improving your blog doesn't have to be a complicated task. Sometimes making a few small changes can make a massive difference and today I'm showing you 5 easy ways you can make some little changes right now.

1. Blog design
Changing your blog design is a lot easier than it seems. You don't need to be an html/design expert - I have several tutorials here that may help you and google is a world of information. You don't need to change your whole design either, just making one or two small changes can keep your blog fresh. Whether its changing your page font, header (its super easy to make a new header in an online photo editor) or colours.

2. Contact details
Having your email details and social media links marked clearly on your blog ensures that readers/companies can get in touch with you and subscribe to your social media easily. Theres been so many times I've stumbled across a blog and there has been no subscribe button. I would also recommend adding social media links to each blog post as again it makes it that bit easier for readers to click on and subscribe to your channels.

3. Join social media
Following on from the above point, I would recommend joining twitter and other social media in order to help publicise your blog posts and interact with other bloggers. Pinterest also seems to be a great way of getting your content 'out there'. You can add a pinterest widget (like I have on the right hand side) via your pinterest settings.

4. Make your photographs stand out.
Images can play a massive part in making your content shine. I truly believe you dont need to be a photography expert or have a top of the range camera to improve your blog photographs. Consider making your photographs larger as smaller ones can be slightly off putting - you can do this easily by visiting my tutorial here.

5. Link to your previous posts
Linking to previous posts is a great way to boost your views and encourage new readers to read your earlier content. You can do this by linking to previous posts in your blog post content (similar to what I've done in point 4 by linking to a html tutorial) or you can add a widget to your blog. For example, I use linkwithin to link to similar content at the end of each blog post. Nrelate and Engageya also have similar widgets.

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7 Awesome Beauty Tutorials On The Web!

Despite being a huge beauty lover, I'm no expert at application. Luckily for me, there are loads of amazing beauty tutorials on the net. Today I'm sharing 7 awesome tutorials (click on the bold text to see it in action).

navy smokey eye 

 creating fuller lips

fake supermodel cheekbones

how to apply eyeliner

DIY floral nails

retro waves

1 minute smokey eye

Do you have any favourite tutorials?

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Giveaway | Win A Custom Phone/Laptop Case With Caseapp!

Today, I have another lovely giveaway to share with you. The generous people at Caseapp have offered one reader the opportunity to create their own custom phone or laptop case.
Caseapp are a website that allow you to upload your own images or use their designs to make your own case. You can create a case for iphone/samsung/htc/nokia/macbook and laptop. 

To enter all you need to do is enter your details into the rafflecopter form below.

Good Luck!

*winner will be chosen at random and emailed a code for the caseapp website to get their own case made for free*

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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A little more personal | Mental Illness

Usually on here I generally just chit chat about beauty stuff but today I wanted to write about an issue close to my heart. Ive gone over this post so many times in my head so hopefully I can formulate a few words that make sense.

Today is world mental health day and despite appearances and the positiveness I try to bring to this little online space, I suffer with a mental health condition. Its taken me a long time to finally accept that but now I'm in a place where I can comfortably talk about my experience and how I'm dealing with it.

I've suffered from depression for a long time. In my early teenage years, I struggled a lot with low self esteem, shyness and anxiety. I would withdraw from situations and spent a lot of time 'hiding away' in my bedroom rather than going out with my friends. When I left school, I started to come out of my shell a little more but I struggled with low confidence and just before I took my A levels, I started having panic attacks - I still don't know how I managed to get through my exams, never mind actually passing them. At this point, I was prescribed anxiety medication from my doctor and I started to feel a little better. After a year or two I started to feel unwell again and eventually had to leave my job. I guess this was sort of a turning point as my overall mental health seemed to go downhill from here. I felt really down, empty, teary - I'm not sure I can fully describe how it feels to suffer from a mental illness other than its something you have no control over.  I finally plucked up the courage to go to my doctor and was diagnosed with depression. In some ways I felt relieved to have a diagnosis as I just wanted to feel better. 
I was given a mild dosage of anti-depressants and after a few weeks, I felt a little more upbeat. I carried on with the medication but a year later, my moods became overwhelming and I would sit in my bedroom sobbing in the dark. The thoughts in my head were spiralling and after a trip to the doctors, my dosage of anti-depressant was gradually increased.

Since then, I've been slowly feeling better apart from a few panic attacks (which is another story but for me depression and anxiety go hand in hand). Suffering from a mental illness is a daily battle. I sometimes feel that I'm having to fight a war going on in my head and at times its hard to shake off the feeling of being a hollow shell of yourself. Some things are still completely overwhelming to me, heck some days even washing my hair is too much but I've learnt that its OK to feel that way. I've felt ashamed and angry at myself for being unwell. I've lost most of my twenties to battling a mental issue but depression is not a choice.
I'm lucky to have a very supportive and loving family but I've had to push through and try to help myself too. I've made a few lifestyle changes and have other methods of coping with both depression and anxiety (theres a future blog post in there somewhere).

My main reason for writing this post is due to the stigma surrounding mental illness. 1 in 4 adults suffers from a mental health condition yet there is a real lack of support from the NHS. Suffering from a mental illness does not make you any less of a person, it isn't something to be ashamed of and its OK to talk about it.

I want you to know that you're not alone. Things do get better - even if it doesn't seem like it will right now, I promise you it will. If you're struggling please talk to someone - my inbox is always open and mind is always a great place to look if you're in need of support.
So there it is, me putting myself out there to bevy of strangers on the internet and you know what, it feels kinda liberating because there is nothing wrong with mental illness or talking about it. 

“You say you're 'depressed' - all i see is resilience. You are allowed to feel messed up and inside out. It doesn't mean you're defective - it just means you're human.” 
― David MitchellCloud Atlas

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Giveaway | Win a Pair of Raybans Worth Up To £120 with The Sunglasses Shop

I've been a bit slack on blogging lately but what better way to get back in the swing of things than with a giveaway! The lovely people over at The Sunglasses Shop have offered one lucky reader the chance to win a pair of Rayban sunglasses worth up to £120. I personally love Raybans as they're a classic fashion accessory and give a lil bit movie star glam when paired with a red lipstick. 
This giveaway is open worldwide - all you need to do is pop you details into the rafflecopter form below and make sure you follow the necessary requirements as I will be checking every entry. 

Good Luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Dupes I Love!

Who doesn't love a good dupe?! Saving money is always a good thing so finding a cheaper version of a product you love is perfect for saving a bit of cash. 

Not all of the dupes I've found are exactly the same but they're a close match, which is good enough for me. One of my favourite dupes is a product that seems to go under the radar in the beauty world. Bare Minerals Concealer in well rested is a yellow toned concealer that can be used under the eyes to brighten or on areas with redness to tone it down. Like the rest of the original Bare Minerals range, this is a loose powder in a 'click and lock' tub - basically you twist the plastic lid inside to release a small amount of powder, which reduces spillages. Unlike the majority of powder concealers, this powder also has a fair amount of silver shimmer in it. It's best used in small amounts as its pretty pigmented and applied with a small blending or concealer brush. A great dupe I've found is the E.L.F Mineral Eye Brightener. Even though its classed as an eye brightener, you can still use this on redness and as an eyeshadow base. Like the bareminerals concealer, the E.L.F eye brightener is a loose powder is a standard plastic compact. The formula of the powder is a little thinner than bare minerals but it still contains a small amount of silver shimmer so its best used sparingly. I like to mix both products with moisturiser and use under the eye. The E.L.F eye brightener is a smaller size but its much cheaper than the bare minerals version. 

Another good dupe I like is for MAC satin taupe eyeshadow - swatched here. MAC shadow pans are £10 each which isn't super cheap. A cheaper option is Maybellines iced fudge eyeshadow. Both shades are a taupe brown, though maybellines is slightly darker. The big difference between these two is quality - MAC's version is superior in texture as the Maybelline one is quite powdery but pigmentation wise both shadows are good. For nails, a great dupe for MAC's impassioned nail polish is China Glaze make some noise. Both are a coral red with pink undertones. The china glaze shade looks darker in the bottle but on the nails they're a close match. I really rate both formula's as they're fairly long wearing and have a good consistency. China glaze polishes are around £4 online so much cheaper than MAC. 

Seeing as were on a MAC theme, I'll mention MAC's lipstick in shy girl. A dupe I've found is NYX pumpkin pie lipstick - you can see a dupe post and comparison on both lipsticks here. The NYX lipstick is more pink toned than shy girl but considering MAC lipsticks are now £15.50, NYX lipsticks are a far cheaper option. The formula of NYX lippies aren't as long wearing but they're comfortable to wear and don't dry out the lips, which is a huge plus!

Do you have any favourite dupes?

MAC Heirloom Mix Holiday Collection 2014

images and info from

I've been struggling to keep up with all the new MAC collections lately. One collection I'm always interested in seeing is the holiday collection. This year, the Heirloom Mix collection has limited edition black packaging with silver micro glitter. As well as individual products, theres the usual sets too. 

You can view more images here

Gift collection includes;
face palettes - 3 eyeshadows/powder/cream colour base/two lipsticks

eye kits - eyeshadow palettes

lip bags - lipstick/lipglass/lip pencil/bag

brush kit - mineralize/studio/extra dimensional blush

Individual Collection - images and info from

more images here


No Faux Pas - Hot Pink (matte) 
Sparks of Romance: true red (matte frost)
Salon Rouge: clean berry red (matte) 
Rebel: plum pink (satin)
Tribalist: deep purple berry (cream amplified)

Cremesheen Glass:

Romantic Overture - clear base with sparkles
Seeking Adoration - plumy pink
 Ceremonial - hot pink with sparkles
Social Seasons - violet with blue sparkles
 Courting Chic - deep berry red with gold sparkles 


Gentrified: brown and bronze pearl
Dark Majesty: black and black pearl 

Eye Kohl:

Prunella: dark prune
 Tarnish: dark dark green 

Kohl Power:


Mineralize Blush:

Modest Blush - light baby salmon pink
Sweet Sentiment - rosy pink

Pressed Pigment Mini:

Regal Affair - white base w / fine opal pearl
 Nostalgic (Frost) - soft light salmon beige
Noble Descent (Frost) - pearly smokey mauve
Noblesse Oblige (Frost) - frosty wood
 Prim and Proper (Frost) - black gray w / silver sparkles
 Modern Majesty / Frost) - dark brown base with green pearls
Enchantment (Frost) - violet w / blue violet sparkles
Victorian Plum (Frost) - plum w / violet pearls 


Amethyst - bright clean purple reflects
Antique Gold - goldish khaki sparkles


 Just Nail Jewels (Amplified) - light pink with silvery rainbow pearl
 Queen's Honour (Cream) - bright red
Richly Endowed - clean red berry 

Released October 2014 US | November/December 2014 Europe

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