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Welcome to a new feature!I've been wanting to incorporate more fashion and lifestyle based posts on here and thought I'd kick it off with a few of my favourite ebay picks. Each weeks I'll be picking out a few of the best fashion budget buys on the net!Personally I love looking for bargains so fingers crossed I'll find a few sweet deals. 

I love this checked jacket (1). I think I'm going to be buying this as a birthday treat for myself. They do have similar ones in Primark but they didn't have my size - I'm pretty sure they were a similar price too. The black sleeves break up the check print nicely.
This black tote bag (2) is lovely. I've purchased a few handbags from ebay in the past and I've always been really happy with the quality. Even with the delivery price its still really cheap and the seller has a few styles available.
Who doesn't love a cosy jumper at this time of year?This knit (3) looks really snug and is a brilliant price. It would look great paired with these jeggings (4). Finally, my favourite item are these cutout boots (5) - an absolute steal!Yes I think I'll be purchasing these too!

Have you found any bargain buys on ebay?

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  1. The white jumper is magnificent. Looks so cozy & you can't beat the price. :] // ☼ ☯

  2. Can't believe how cheap that jumper is I love it!! Abi :)

  3. Ooh that bag is beautiful!

  4. I love that jumper and can't believe how cheap it is. I bought those shoes the other week and I love them haha, I also got some school girl style shoes from ebay for £12.95 they are super cute. I love ebay haha xox

  5. That jumper looks so warm. Great price!

  6. this is a seriously enabling post, i find it so hard to resist a bargain!

  7. The boots are amazing!

  8. I would most def wear these!! Totally my style :)

  9. I love the jumper and the boots! Those are definitely going on my list!!

    Kirsty | KirstyLovesx

  10. that jumper looks like a cozy dream!

    The Twenty Sumtin Sumtin


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