MAC Heirloom Mix Holiday Collection 2014

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I've been struggling to keep up with all the new MAC collections lately. One collection I'm always interested in seeing is the holiday collection. This year, the Heirloom Mix collection has limited edition black packaging with silver micro glitter. As well as individual products, theres the usual sets too. 

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Gift collection includes;
face palettes - 3 eyeshadows/powder/cream colour base/two lipsticks

eye kits - eyeshadow palettes

lip bags - lipstick/lipglass/lip pencil/bag

brush kit - mineralize/studio/extra dimensional blush

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No Faux Pas - Hot Pink (matte) 
Sparks of Romance: true red (matte frost)
Salon Rouge: clean berry red (matte) 
Rebel: plum pink (satin)
Tribalist: deep purple berry (cream amplified)

Cremesheen Glass:

Romantic Overture - clear base with sparkles
Seeking Adoration - plumy pink
 Ceremonial - hot pink with sparkles
Social Seasons - violet with blue sparkles
 Courting Chic - deep berry red with gold sparkles 


Gentrified: brown and bronze pearl
Dark Majesty: black and black pearl 

Eye Kohl:

Prunella: dark prune
 Tarnish: dark dark green 

Kohl Power:


Mineralize Blush:

Modest Blush - light baby salmon pink
Sweet Sentiment - rosy pink

Pressed Pigment Mini:

Regal Affair - white base w / fine opal pearl
 Nostalgic (Frost) - soft light salmon beige
Noble Descent (Frost) - pearly smokey mauve
Noblesse Oblige (Frost) - frosty wood
 Prim and Proper (Frost) - black gray w / silver sparkles
 Modern Majesty / Frost) - dark brown base with green pearls
Enchantment (Frost) - violet w / blue violet sparkles
Victorian Plum (Frost) - plum w / violet pearls 


Amethyst - bright clean purple reflects
Antique Gold - goldish khaki sparkles


 Just Nail Jewels (Amplified) - light pink with silvery rainbow pearl
 Queen's Honour (Cream) - bright red
Richly Endowed - clean red berry 

Released October 2014 US | November/December 2014 Europe

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  1. I am so pleased to see that they are bringing Tribalist back! I'll definitely be trying to pick that up! I missed it the first time round in their Africa collection!

  2. This collection looks seriously stunning - especially the lip shades :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  3. Deary me! This collection is to die for! So many nice autumn/winter shades! Definitely going to check it out once it's out in the UK!

  4. Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! I'm in love <3

    Mia xx

  5. The packaging is so gorgeous. Definitely going to have to browse and pick some things for my Christmas list!

    -Meggy x

  6. The palettes are so, so stunning. I really enjoy when MAC do an overhaul of their packaging rather than keeping the old and putting a decal-type thing on them.

  7. awesome make up!

  8. I always struggle with MAC collections, they seem to release a lot! I do like the look of those brushes though!

  9. Finally a Mac collection that interests me. Everything is gorgeous! Can't wait for it to be released here in the UK. x | Instagram

  10. Love these, they look so good!

  11. Can't wait to check out the collection for myself!

  12. Oh I love the look of the packaging and love the look of a few of those lipstick shades. I might have to keep an eye out for this one being released and try and grab one x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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