8 Tips for New Bloggers #2

Following on from my tips for new bloggers here, I thought I'd follow it up with a little bit more advice for those who are relatively new to blogging. 

1. Take blog advice with a pinch of salt
Without completely contradicting myself, when I write tips and advice style posts I always aim to write them as suggestions and not how to's. Its completely OK to read blog tips and tricks posts and not agree with them. If you have your own way of doing things then you should completely carry on doing just that. Tips are tips, they're not set in stone and you should definitely do what works for you.With that in mind, take the below with a pinch of salt.

2. Bloglovin
Bloglovin is a fantastic platform for allowing readers to subscribe to your blog. Now google friend connect is pretty much redundant these days, bloglovin is probably the most popular way to follow your favourite blogs. I've found so many new blogs on there and useful posts too.

3. Being organised will help you to keep up with your blog
I find it much easier to stay on top of my blog when I've organised my photos and blog posts. Just something like keeping a notebook for ideas, a weekly planner and a checklist will help you to organise your time much better.

4. Change is OK
You don't have to stick with the same ideas/blog themes/content if it's not making you happy. You may start as a beauty blog and later decide you want to focus on fashion. Don't feel boxed in when it comes to blogging - you can write whatever you want. Remember its your blog!

5. Photo editing
I highly doubt many bloggers upload their photos straight from their camera to their blog. A little bit of editing can make your photographs look so much nicer. I wrote about an easy editing process here.

6. It's OK to turn down opportunities
Its perfectly fine to turn down opportunities that come your way if its not for you. It's very tempting to say yes to everything and theres been a few times I've regretted saying yes to things when I should have given it some thought beforehand. If your hearts not in then don't be afraid to say no.

7. Its OK if certain posts don't work
When you're finding your feet with blogging you'll no doubt try a few different types of posts. I still like to try different things and sometimes it goes down like a lead balloon. Sometimes things don't work - it happens and you move on. Don't be afraid to try different things even if you have a fail now and again. As the saying goes, you don't always know until you've tried.

8. It takes time to grow
Most blogs take time to grow. It can be frustrating if your stats aren't growing as quickly as you'd hope but I'd say try to focus on producing good content that will grab a readers attention rather than on the numbers. It can take months or even years before a blog starts to build up in terms of readership so don't worry if your blog isn't quite there yet. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day and hard work pays off!

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  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing <3


  2. i hope it will help me :) the hardest part is waiting for somebody who will read my posts:)

  3. Lovely tips I agree with them all they're so good and useful thankyou! Abi :)

  4. Great advice, I agree Bloglovin is pretty awesome to keep track and find other Blogs. xox


  5. Thanks for the advice. Love your blog. www.withinjayslife.blogspot.ca

  6. I love this post! I'm not sure if I'm a new blogger - I've been blogging for nearly a year now - but these tips are still very relevant to me!
    Daniela xo | danielascribbles ♥

  7. Great tips, although I personally don't like Bloglovin, I definitely prefer GFC but everyone's different x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  8. Great advice as usual!

  9. I completely agree with your first point. Everyone's blogging experience is going to be different! Certain things that work for some people may not work for everyone so it's always good to keep that in mind. I love reading blog tips posts but I don't always agree with everything! Lovely post! Your posts about blogging are always my favourite x


  10. The first point couldn't be any more truer, there is SO much advice floating around its easy to take it all seriously & to heart.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  11. This is a great read!!! Thank you for the tips xx


  12. Awesome tips!




  13. Anonymous23.11.14

    Hey, I've just stumbled across your blog and hit the 'follow' button within 2 minutes! I especially love the 'Blogging 101' series. I can't wait to keep reading !x


  14. Great tips, I myself am finding it difficult to get started, but I am trying really hard and constantly improving :)

  15. Brilliant tips again - completely agree about change being OK, your blog is your place to express yourself - it's your home on the internet - write what you want to write about :)

  16. Really wish I'd had this advice when I first started blogging :) patience and being true to what you love to write about is definitely the key!!

    Kat x

  17. This was a really helpful post. I wish I found something like this when I was starting out.
    Xoxo Nathalie

  18. Excellent excellent tips my friend! I love the advice you share on all your blogging posts!!

    Simplicity Relished

  19. Thanks for the much needed tips😽


  20. Have been reading your blog for ages and yesterday I decided to start my own blog because I was so inspired by yours! It would mean a lot if you followed me :) x

  21. These are great tips! I freaking looove posts like this, always so helpful to see everyone's different takes on blogging.

  22. This is so helpful considering my frustration and doubt.
    You are always helpful! Thank you!

  23. Hi Zoe,
    These are really good tips! You're such a helpful blogger to us newbies ^.^

  24. Great tips! Relatively new at blogging and this is great advice, thank you :)


  25. Thanks for the advice! http://amandaralphie.com

  26. I always enjoy reading how to's and tips/tricks post because you'll always gain some knowledge after you read that particular postt. It's also fun to know that different bloggers have different ways to be successful :)


  27. Thanks for this espically the last one - have to keep that in mind!

  28. I'm so glad I stumbled on this as a new blog! Such good advice xx


  29. Thanks for the tips! I'm just starting out my blog, http://coloradoblonde.blogspot.com/ and needed some of these helpful tips! For anyone else just starting out, we can follow and promote each other!

  30. great tips and really helpful post thank you!! xx


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