Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Blusher Review


As Boots seems to be my second home, its no surprise that I've made a few discoveries in the past few weeks. Soap & Glory isn't a brand I've purchased many cosmetics from. In fact I've only used their eye primer but I have a feeling thats about to change...

Most Loved in May


Wowee how is it almost June? It doesnt seem that long ago I was talking about Christmas. Its been a great month beauty wise. I've found lots of new products and been using some already in my stash. I've managed to condense this months favourites. Theres a few more additions I wanted to add but I'm going to save them for another post - I have an amazing blush coming up on the blog soon! However, for now these beautiful products are worth a mention!

So You Want Free Products?...

Following on from my post on how to blog when you're broke, I thought I would write a post on how to get free products/samples. Now this isn't a post on PR Samples as I'll save the PR topic for another day but this might be useful if your a beauty lover or blogging on a budget.

What Do Your Dreams Mean?


One thing in life that I find fascinating are dreams. I have quite vivid and sometimes strange dreams and its always been a subject I've wondered about.

MAC Moody Blooms Collection 2014


Coming up soon for MAC is the moody blooms collection. I love these promo images, they're so beautiful.

Balance Me Super Toning Body Cream & Wash Review


Now its coming up to summer, I am one of those people who starts to think that maybe I should start eating a bit healthier and get into shape. 

Great Beauty Products Under £10!


Following on from my 5 under £5 post, I thought I'd share my favourite products from the high street priced between £5 - £10.

Current Obsessions...


I have a tonne of current favourites. I really need an endless pot of cash as I could just buy so much right now but I've managed to restrain myself.

Love Me Beauty Box | May 2014


This post is so late, seeing as we are almost in June. Nevertheless, its still available to purchase so I'll do a quick roundup of my thoughts on this months box.

Reverse Hair Washing | Tried & Tested!


When it comes to haircare products, I either love them or hate them. Recently I've picked up a few new products from Boots/Superdrug and I decided to try something different.

Improving Your Blog Photography!


When I started blogging, one of the first things I struggled with was photography. I knew pretty much nothing about taking photos and its still something I'm trying to get to grips with.

5 Great Beauty Products Under £5 | Makeup, Nails and Hair


I'm a big fan of high street beauty products. Sure, I love my high end treats but I probably spend more time looking at products in Boots and Superdrug than anywhere else. Last year, I wrote a post called five beauty products under £5 (you can view that here) but I wanted to do an update to that post and make it a little more in depth.

Hot Cloth Cleansers | Are They Worth It?


Since starting a blog, I've become aware of a range of brands and products I probably wouldn't have paid second glance to otherwise. 

How To Promote Your Blog Posts


When you've spent ages preparing and writing a blog post, you want to get that post 'out there' for everyone to read. There are many ways in which you can do this, so today I thought I'd run through a few. 

A Little Radiance Please...


Glowing skin is something I rarely achieve without a bit of help. Using a good highlighter really perks up my skin and adds that little something extra to my makeup.

How To Blog When You're Busy

Trying to blog when you have a million other things to do is no easy task. Whether its work, academic studies, loved ones..theres always something that can make it difficult time wise to blog. There's nothing wrong with taking a break now and then - I think it can actually help to refocus and refresh your ideas, obviously unless blogging is your primary source of income and then it might be a little more difficult. However, how often you blog is really up you. Putting pressure on yourself to blog is never good but blogging regularly can be achieved without compromising the quality of your posts.

MAC Kelly & Sharon Osbourne Collection 2014


This collection was a bit of a surprise when it got announced. When I think of makeup, I dont really think of the Osbournes but then again different is good.

5 Must Read Blogs!


Being a blogger, I also read a lot of blogs. Not just beauty but also fashion and lifestyle too. Today, I thought I'd give a nod to five beauty and lifestyle blogs that I've been loving recently. 

Amazing Moisturisers Under £20...


Despite struggling with oiliness on my face, my skin can get really dehydrated. Now its coming up to summer, I want to put extra moisture into my skin and make it look as smooth as possible.

Nivea Sensitive 3in1 Micellar Cleansing Water Review

Nivea _Micellar_Cleansing_Water

Micellar waters have become hugely popular in the beauty world over the past few years. Luckily, a few high street brands have jumped on the wagon and brought out their own versions so we don't need to splash out on a bottle of bioderma.

Summer Prep with George at Asda!


Now its coming up to summer, I'm adding more items to my wardrobe. I don't like splashing out on things like bikinis, t-shirts and shorts as lets face it, we barely get any warm weather in the UK. However, there are so many affordable choices on the high street and in supermarkets that theres no need to worry about being fashionable on a budget.

Lifestyle Favourites


I rarely post anything other than beauty on here but today I'm stepping outside the beauty box to share some of my favourite none beauty products of the last few weeks.

Out Of My Comfort Zone...


In the beauty world, theres bound to be something that you would normally never pay attention to. Reading a lot of beauty blogs opens my eyes to all kinds of trends and products that I wouldn't usually consider but change is good and sometimes you just need a little push to try new things.

The Hit List...


Hello again!I hope your all enjoying the weather and the weekend. I intend to make the most of the bank holiday. I've been a bit slack on posting this week but sometimes you need to take a step back to feel motivated again. That and I've also been working hard on a new project and enjoying the products I bought from MAC's aquatic collection (you can see that post here).

A Tesco Beauty Bargain Haul...


Supermarket shopping usually means I have to take a little detour to the beauty aisle. A late night shopping trip to Tesco this week led me to spotting a few bargains, which I promptly snapped up.