Introducing FrannyMac...

I've had a few wonderful blogs advertising on here over the past few months. As Fran has been sponsoring my blog for a while, I thought it would be nice to get to know her a little better so I asked her a few blogging related questions!Make sure you check out here blog here.

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1. How long have you been blogging?

 I've been blogging for about 5 years, but the platform and style has very much changed over that time. Originally, I used Tumblr and mostly just posted snaps and short quips about my day.. Oh and reblogged photos of cute animals! I only properly started writing when I discovered Blogger though, as generally walls of text didn't go down so well elsewhere! 

2. What do you like most about the blogging community and blogging?

The people! Although some people say there's a catty element to the community, I've never encountered it. In fact ever single person I've spoke to has been lovely. It's also great to read reviews from other like minded people, oh and to know I'm not alone in my makeup addiction...

3. Do you see yourself blogging in five years?

Yes, but maybe not in entirely the same style. I mean, in my late twenties I'll probably some slightly different interests, even though makeup has and will always be one of them! 

4. What are your favourite beauty brands or products?

Oh my days, I have far too many. I genuinely find a new product I love every week. Mac is my go to for anything base and foundation wise and I adore their lipsticks too. I love Makeup Revolution for eye makeup, mostly because I can experiment with so many quality shades without bankrupting myself. 

5. What tips or advice would you give to a new blogger or someone thinking of starting a blog?

Don't feel guilty about your blog. If you're a day late posting something you planned, don't beat yourself up. It's meant to be fun. Other than that is, if you see a post you like comment on it! Not only will you make the person who wrote it smile, they'll also most likely have a nosey at your blog too! 

Thanks so much for answering my questions Fran!

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How to Use Pinterest To Boost Your Blog

Though Pinterest is a great way to procrastinate, its also great for helping to promote your blog and posts. I'm bar far a Pinterest expert but I do use it for my blog and I'm starting to see a bit of traffic from there. This post is a brief guide with links to other information that's really helpful in getting the most out of it. 

What is Pinterest?
If you dont know what Pinterest is, its basically a platform where you can pin images you like to boards. If you sign up to pinterest, I think its a good idea to have a button/social media icon or widget (like I have further down the page) so your subscribers can easily follow you on there. I also think its useful to have a business account - you can sign up hereIts pretty much the same as a standard account but you get to see your analytics so you can view which of your pins are popular which in turn can help you to boost your pinterest subscribers. 

How do I pin images from my blog?
I use a pinterest widget for chrome toolbar which allows you to easily pin images from websites onto your boards (you can find that here). You can also add a pin it button to your images so your blog readers can easily pin your blog photos to their boards - this post explains how to add a pin it button to your images. You can also add a share button underneath your posts like I currently have so its even easier for readers to pin your posts/images - you'll find how to do that here.

How do I gain subscribers on Pinterest?
I think the best way to gain followers on Pinterest is by making sure that you have a widget or follow button on your blog, regularly pin images from other pinners onto your boards and follow other pinners or their boards. As I said at the start of this post, I'm no expert on Pinterest and I dont have thousands of subscribers on there so I've started reading advice from others on how to make the most of my pinterest account. This post offers some good insight into growing your pinterest profile as does this infographic.

What are rich pins?
Rich pins include extra information about the image source. If you want to enable rich pins for blogger (note to self - you need to do this!) then this is a brilliant post by

What else do I need to know?
Some great resources to read are:

Do you have a Pinterest account - leave your link below if so!
Do you have any Pinterest tips to share?

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5 Ways To Up Your Blogging Game

If 2015 is the year that you're planning to try and push to improve your blogging game then I have a few ways to share in which you can do that. These are obviously my suggestions and as always, you should only do what works for you and your blog.

1. Improve your blog design/redesign your blog
Redesigning your blog can help to keep your blog fresh. It's worth baring in mind how you can improve your current layout. For instance; 
Do you have links to your social media accounts - I've found so many blogs that don't display any way to follow them on other platforms. 
Do you have a picture of yourself on your blog? - not always necessary but its nice for the reader to see the writer behind the blog.
Is your design uncluttered and are the fonts easy to read?
Have you linked to previous posts?
Are categories easy to find?

2. Photography
I've said before that photography isn't my strong point - I've linked to some resources in this post that are all helpful. I personally don't think splashing out on an expensive camera or lighting is suddenly going to improve your blog photography but taking little steps, such as getting to know your camera and using cheap lighting options may help. You can pick up lamps and daylight bulbs fairly cheaply from DIY stores or Ebay and I have a few background ideas in this post. If photo editing is something you want to know more about then my post on a photo editing process for busy girls may be of interest.

3. Promotion
Promoting your blog and posts is massively important if you want to improve your stats. Once you've written a great post, getting it out there via social media will help to boost views and subscribers.  I've written a post here on how to promote your posts via social media and networking.

4. Monetisation
Making money from your blog is now a fairly common thing. If you're considering using your blog to make money then my guide to monetising your blog and using google adsense to earn money  may be useful. I also think its useful to consider how other bloggers make money - I love this post from By Regina. Whilst you're not going to be earning those kinds of figures from your blog straight away, its definitely food for thought and shows that with a lot of hard work, results can happen!

5. Consider SEO
If you use Wordpress then you may find it easier to take SEO into consideration as there a few plugins you can use (I recommend Yoast). If you use Blogger then its a little less straightforward. I could write a whole essay on SEO as there is a lot to consider but to keep things simple I have a post on 5 SEO tips for bloggers. 

Do you have any tips for upping your blogging game?

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Topshop Cream blush | Head Over Heels & Morning Dew

Meet my new obsession - Topshop Cream Blushers. I've always enjoyed using cream formulas but I've always felt that there's a real lack of them on the high street. These Topshop blushes have been around for a while. As my local Topshop shut down years ago, I've only just got around to visiting my nearest store (well, finding a store that stocks makeup). The good news is that Topshop beauty is now available on Feel Unique so their products are much easier to get hold of. The two blush shades I have are morning dew and head over heels.

Morning dew is a bright pink that translates to a lighter shade once applied on the skin. The formula of these is a light cream that transforms to a powder once blended in. I don't find the texture is particularly dewy so if that kind of finish is your thing then these may be a skip for you. However, for oily skin types this formula is perfect as the blush doesn't slide off the skin.

Head over heels is a coral toned peach/pink. Again the formula is exactly the same. Its really easy to blend and doesn't have an oily finish or texture. The only negative I can find about these blushes is that they fade by the end of the day. If I've worn this during the day and plan on going out in the evening then I'd have to reapply. Then again as I'm very pale, I only apply a small amount to begin with. If you're a darker skin tone, you could easily build up the colour of these which may prevent fading.

Swatches - head over heels on the left and morning dew on the right. 

For £7, these blushes are a good buy!The packaging is very cute too though I've heard it can get quite grubby. I'd definitely like to try more Topshop beauty.

Have you ever tried Topshop makeup?

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MAC Cinderella Collection 2015 Colour Story


To coincide with the live action film, MAC's newest collection is Cinderella with baby blue special packaging and yellow gold. I've managed to track down some images above (I'll update when I find official images) but there are also several floating around on Instagram too. The official colour story is below. What do you think? I think it looks better than than last years Maleficent collection - the lipsticks in particular look divine!


Secret Lover (Lustre)
Royal Ball (Lustre)


 Happily Ever After - Pink with blue pearl
Glass Slipper - Pink with pink pearl

Beauty Powder

Mystery Princess - Pink biege with silver shimmer 

Iridescent Powder 

Coupe D'Chic - Light golden peach with shimmer


Little Black Bow - Grey with silver pearl


Reflects Pearl - Fine white glitter

* 6 X Eyeshadow Palette

Studio EyeGloss 

• Pearl Varnish
• Lightly Tauped


 Pretty It Up - Mid tone olive with pearlized pigments
Evil Stepmother - Black with plum pearl

Studio Fix Lash, Mascara


168 Brush
217 Brush

Release date: Feb/March

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10 Amazing Links for Improving Your Blog Photography

If there is one aspect of blogging that is my mountain to climb, its photography. Photography isn't something that comes naturally to me. I'm really keen to work hard to improve it but its a definitely a challenge. If you're like me and you want to up your photography game then I've found the following resources that are incredibly helpful.

All about prime lenses and focal lengths - A beautiful mess
A great post if you use a DSLR or camera with different lenses

How to make product collages for you blog - A beautiful mess
Great if you want to make a wishlist for a blog post

Photoshop Tips & Tricks - How to nest for less
A really helpful post for editing your photos

Simple background hacks - Mama miss
A great post for background ideas

Exploring still life photography - Simple as that
A really good post with helpful tips

4 tips for DSLR beginners - Shrimp salad circus
A really helpful post if you're new to a DSLR camera

Top 5 blog photography tips - Design, eat repeat
A lovely post with links to other resources and ebooks

How to get a white background for your photos - Hello nature
So helpful if you want a clear, white background for your photos

DIY photo light box - Flex and twine
A brilliant post for making your own lightbox

5 tips for photographing beauty products - Hair spray and high heels
Really interesting post for all beauty bloggers

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If you're thinking about freelancing/working from home...

Last year I decided to take a leap into freelance work. At the time it felt like jumping straight into the deep end. It was a world completely unknown to me but somehow I managed to make it work for myself and its now something I do from home. As I felt there was a lack of information out there or sometimes too much information that it completely overwhelmed me, I decided to start a new site.

Diary of a freelancer is all about how you can earn money online, freelancing and paid intern opportunities, CV advice, tax, saving money and a few tips here and there. I've already written a few posts to get the ball rolling. It's also hosted on wordpress so I'm hoping to learn a few things as I know a lot of people use wordpress for their blogs. 

I'm hoping to update Diary of a freelancer several times a week. It's still very much work in progress at the moment but if you're wondering about how you can earn a bit of extra money or thinking about going into freelance work then it may be useful. Today, I've covered a few places you can find free online courses which may be helpful for blogging purposes too!
I'll still be posting my blogging tips and beauty things over here every day!

I'd love to know if theres anything you'd like to see on working from home or freelancing?

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Real Techniques Sculpting Brush & Concealer Brush Review

A few days ago, I mentioned the new additions to the Real Techniques lineup. If you're a fan of the original range then I think you'll be interested in getting your hands on these additions. The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush* is an angled brush ideal for contouring.

Like the rest of the face brush range, the sculpting brush is sturdy, dense and super soft. I've also given this a wash and it doesn't shed - I find Real Techniques are pretty well made. This brush is great for contouring as it makes your product really easy to blend out. As the brush head is fairly short, it makes it much easier to control your brush.
I also think this brush would be great for blusher too. I personally find the RT blush brush too large for applying blush so this is a much better option. I love this brush and whether you're a Real Techniques fan or not, its definitely a brilliant brush to own. It's priced £9.99

The Real Techniques Concealer brush* is an angled brush used for concealing and highlighting.

Real techniques brushes have a flat bottom so they can be stood up but this just wont stand up at all. It's no biggie but I thought I'd mention it. The brush is dense and soft - its not as soft as some other concealer brushes I've used but I like that the angled shape can easily work concealer into the area around the nose and under the eye. Its also good for highlighting under the brows to define the brow area. This retails for £7.99. 
You can purchase both these from The Beauty Chamber - I've purchased Sigma brushes from there before and they arrived super quick. I'd recommend both these, especially the sculpting brush which I have a feeling is going to be really popular!

Do you like Real Techniques brushes?

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The Staples In My Makeup Bag

I love looking in peoples makeup bags. Maybe because I'm quite nosey?! so today, I'm sharing the staples in my own bag a.k.a the trusty beauty items I can always rely on. 
I was recently gifted this beautiful floral cosmetics bag by Marc Jacobs. Unlike my previous makeup bags, this one is made from thick material. Theres a pink floral print (its also available in yellow too) on the outside with a Marc Jacobs tag on the front. Inside, the lining is black and white with the Marc Jacobs name printed all over. I wont lie, this is the nicest cosmetics bag I've owned. It looks really lovely on my dressing table (in reality its a chest of drawers) and the size is big enough to store all my foundations, concealers and other beauty bumpf. 

I have an Ikea helmer to store the majority of my beauty products so I just keep my most used items in my make up bag as its much easier to reach them. Products, such as blushes, highlighters and shadows, I rotate on a regular basis but these are the ones currently in my makeup bag.

My favourite foundation is Revlon Colorstay - its great for oily or combination skin and I've lost count of how many bottles I've purchased over the years. I think I may try a No7 foundation next but I always end up coming back to Revlon. For concealer, I mainly use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer for blemishes and imperfections and the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer for the under eye area. I have to use powder as my skin can get really oily. I'm using the Vichy Dermablend powder at the moment and its pretty good for helping to control oil. For brows, I love the Beauty UK Brow Kit* as its really easy to use. 
Blush wise, I like the YSL Baby Doll Kiss & Blush and the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in streak which has a blush, highlighter and bronzer. If I want a quick and easy eye look, I'll use either MAC's Paint Pot in vintage selection or a No7 Shade & Define Shadow Pencil. To define and lengthen my lashes, I love the Lancome Hypnose Mascara - its become my HG mascara as its so good. 
Have you tried any of these products?

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10 Awesome Resources For Improving Your Blog Design

The start of a new year sees a lot of bloggers wanting to make changes to their blog. There are several ways to improve your blog design. You could hire a blog designer to create blog design for you (I sell a few basic templates on Etsy shameless plug!), however if you're on a tight budget then Google is your best friend. To save you searching through endless articles, I've collated a few resources that are extremely helpful. You can also view my own html tips pages by clicking here

How to add a line behind post title, date or text in blogger - XOMisse
I managed to do this on my sidebar and I think it just adds a little something!

12 creative ways you can improve your blog design - Stacey Corrin  
Really helpful if you use wordpress

Graphic design 101 - The Wetherills Say I Do
Advice on fonts, programmes and other design aspects

17 Picmonkey tutorials, tips & projects - Rain on a Tin Roof 
Some great tips for using Picmonkey (a free editing program for headers and blogs ads etc)

How to add a signature to your blog posts - I Can Build A Blog
Great for making your blog a little more personal

12 must have design tips - The Sits Girls
links to some good resources including printouts

5 awesome places to learn to code online - A Little Opulent
links to some great websites for learning online coding

10 hacks for non techy bloggers - Life, set sail
Great post with some useful html tips

11 free hand drawn fonts - AngieSandy
Really pretty fonts to use on blog headers

Free blog branding kit - Kate Stevens
Just click on the image to download this free pretty kit with social media icons, elements and pattern

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New Beauty On The High Street/Drugstore...

After a Sunday splurge in Boots, I posted this picture to my instagram account yesterday. As most of these beauty goodies are fairly new releases, I've decided to give a mini rundown of them on here as payday is coming up and you might fancy treating yourself.

I'm actually on a spending ban of sorts at the moment but I had some vouchers from Christmas to use so I headed to Boots to see if I could find anything interesting on the stands. I've seen a few good reviews of the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit so hunting that down was my first port of call. This kit comes in fair and medium - as I'm as pale as a milk bottle, I opted for the pale kit. Inside the compact is light and tan/brown coloured powders that you apply to the face to contour. I haven't used this kit as yet but on first impressions the darker shade looks pretty dark for pale skin. However, this kit has great reviews online so hopefully it'll look better once applied.

Also at the Seventeen stand, I spotted the new Cheek & Lip Stain Gel Tints - I picked up perky pink but I also spotted a coral shade too. I have a soft spot for Seventeen blushes as I wore their cream blush in butterscotch (long discontinued) constantly in my teens. This is a gel stain that can be used on both on cheeks and lips. Again I haven't given this a go yet but its got a sponge applicator which I quite like the look of and the packaging is pretty cute - its currently 2 for £8 or 2 for £6 on selected products within the 17 range. On a stand of its own were the Seventeen Colour Carousel Nail Polishes. These are £1.99 each and there's a massive range of shades. I purchased 'light blue' which is more of a cornflower blue. I'm looking forward to trying this out. If its decent, I'm sure I'll pick up more shades as £1.99 is a bargain!

I had a brief look at the other makeup stands and the only other product to catch my eye was the Loreal Superliner Smokissime in black - this is a pointed sponge tipped liner that creates a smokey/grungy look. I don't own anything like this so I'm not sure how I'll get on with it but the sponge feels soft and the colour is pigmented. I haven't used a loreal liner before so we'll see.
I originally only stepped out of the house yesterday to get dry shampoo - the Herbal Essences dry shampoo can is absolutely rubbish and stopped working after one use, however I thought I'd give the normal shampoo version a try - The Clearly Naked range is formulated without parabens or silicones, which is meant to be better for your hair. I don't really rate Herbal Essences Shampoo as they usually leave my hair looking like an oil slick but this was on offer at £1.99 so I'll give it a go. For dry shampoo, I opted for the Aussie Miracle Mega Instant Dry Shampoo in travel size. This seems to have a few mixed reviews online. I've tried loads of dry shampoos and have yet to find an incredible one so I don't have massive expectations.

Finally, I purchased the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask for bleached or coloured hair. I gave this a try last night and I'm fairly impressed. You use this before shampoo and leave on for 20-30 minutes. It left my hair looking shinier and feeling softer, however its not as good as the Macadamia Hair Mask. The Bleach London mask is only £6 so its pretty good for a budget buy - I need to use it a few more times before I make up my mind on it.

Have you made any purchases recently?

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5 Awesome Budget Base/Face Brushes

When it comes down to purchasing makeup brushes, I don't like to spend too much money. I've found some great brushes and I thought I'd share some of my favourite face and base tools.
My ultimate favourite foundation brush is the buffing brush from Real Techniques Core Collection - I've got two of these sets as I adore this brush so much. It makes applying foundation so easy and it leaves a smooth, flawless complexion. I also love the Real Techniques Stippling Brush but I prefer to use it for highlighter as the bristles are soft but not as dense as the buffing brush meaning you can achieve a very light sweep over the skin. 

E.L.F's studio collection has some great, affordable brushes - I like the complexion brush as it feels really soft and doesn't shed. I also like their stippling brush too. The studio range is much better than their cheaper line so if you're thinking of making a purchase definitely look at the studio brushes.
I've mentioned EcoTools brushes before - they're lovely brushes for the price. My favourite is the Deluxe Fan Brush* - great for applying bronzer, powder or highlighter. Their brushes are super soft, dense, sturdy and don't shed. Basically everything you would want in a brush. 
Not many people probably go to Ebay to purchase their makeup brushes but theres a few I'd definitely recommend. I've been really surprised by the quality of all the brushes I've purchased from there. In particular I love this unbranded 4 piece concealer/eye brush set - you can find them on ebay here for just £1.71 for 4 brushes say what?!!. These are super soft and I like to use them for concealing and blending. They took a while to arrive but apart from that, they've been an amazing purchase!

Do you have any favourite face or base brushes?

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108 Blog Post Ideas | For When Writers Block Strikes

Creating ideas for your blog can be a challenge if you're suffering from writers block. To give you some inspiration, here are 108 blog post ideas to help kick start your creative juices. These can serve as pointers, blog titles or even as an idea for a blog series and are suitable to use for most blogs. You can switch them up and add your own spin. I hope they're helpful. 

Blog Post Ideas

product review
brand focus
what's in my makeup bag
what's in my bag
outfit of the day
beauty product dupes
recipe post
great budget beauty buys
products worth the splurge
most used products
favourite makeup brushes
facts about me
what I did during the weekend
my favourite books
book review
my favourite blog posts from the past month - sharing the blogger love
5 places I'd like to travel to
a roundup of new & upcoming beauty products
letter to my teenage self or letter to my future self
DIY project
makeup tutorial
skincare routine
everyday makeup
room tour
favourite songs
Why I started blogging
blogging inspiration
my blogging routine
my hopes and aspirations
blog photo setup
my favourite hair styles
what's on my phone
five things that make me happy
5 quotes I love
a haul post
favourite places to visit in my city
5 healthy eating ideas
empty products
things I want to achieve this year
shop my stash
nail art
my favourite nail polishes
my desk/makeup desk staples
my fitness routine
my favourite beauty brands
my favourite clothing brands
what I've been up to lately
how to accessorise an outfit
my favourite instagram accounts
10 favourite pins on pinterest
tips to save money
a holiday post
celebrity fashion/beauty inspiration
home details - favourite home accessories
how to organise your beauty products
how to organise your wardrobe
date night ideas
my favourite apps
5 TV shows I love to watch
sale buys worth purchasing
a photography post
ways to beat blemishes
In my friends makeup bag
guest blog post
things I wish I knew when I started blogging
things I've learnt from uni/college
5 minute makeup
brow routine
contouring post
how to style a pair of jeans
how to style a black dress
a day in my life
cute t-shirt ideas
overhyped beauty products
building a makeup collection
three of my favourite purchases
a tag post
my wardrobe staples
things I'm looking forward to in Summer
blog sale
5 easy ways to style your hair
favourite MAC products
how to apply winged liner
tips to organise your blog
the best scented makeup products
my shoe wardrobe
how to use a planner
how to apply fake tan
5 minute manicure
everyday fragrances
films to see this month
beauty gadgets worth purchasing
how much is my face worth?
healthy snack ideas
project life scrapbook
how to cope with a hangover
easy beauty tips & tricks
my favourite photographs
exam revision tips
favourite music festivals
5 reasons to love yourself - a confidence post
what I remember from the 90's - my childhood
what I learned in my teens
how to workout at home
refreshing your room on a budget
5 breakfast ideas
gift ideas for your loved ones

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Beauty Storage Ideas

I've written a few beauty storage posts in the past but I thought it was time for an update. I'm always searching for new ideas and after scouring the web, I've found a few good options. All these are great for either storing lotions, skincare, bodycare or cosmetics and brushes. I love all these, especially the copper tumbler. 

Do you have any ideas for beauty storage?

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8 Amazing Free Resources For New Bloggers

These days theres a lot of blogging advice and resources on the web. If you're relatively new to blogging its a complete minefield. As I've said before, I think any blogger should take advice/tips/etc with a pinch of salt as its YOUR blog and essentially you have to do whatever you want to do. However, if you're looking for help with something in particular then blogging advice is a great place to start and theres some excellent resources out there. To narrow it down a little, I'm sharing a few articles/resources that I think are extremely helpful for new bloggers. 

Things to bear in mind when it comes to blogging | From Roses - great tips and advice for all bloggers

Blogging competitions: the one thing that brings me to the boil | London Beauty Queen - brilliant post on why blogging competitions really arent all that. 

How to set up a custom domain in blogger | The Wonder Forest - really helpful if you want your own domain name

8 things nobody told me about blogging | The Wonder Forest - love this post (can you tell I love Dana's blog?!)

How to launch a blog on a budget | By Regina - really informative post with printouts

How to start a blog : creating quality content | Elle & Co - a post to make you really think about the content you're creating

20 photography tips & tricks | A Beautiful Mess - awesome advice for all kinds of photography

Blogging & social media - a guide for beginners | Postcards From Rachel - some great pointers for newbies to blogging

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Makeup Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water

It's hard to believe that Makeup Revolution are still a new brand. I cant think of another brand that fires out new releases as quickly as they have. They have some genuinely great products in their lineup and have added a string to their bow in offering skincare. I've been using the Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleansing Water* to remove my makeup at the end of a long day. 

After initially not being sure on how I would get on with this, I have to say I'm pretty impressed with how it performs and here's why: its gentle, soothing, removes makeup well and is alcohol free. The cleansing water is formulated with vitamins A and E as well as being fragrance free. It doesn't have a particular scent to it, which I prefer as products that are overly scented are sometimes too overpowering. The packaging is a standard white plastic bottle with a flip lid. Its pretty much standard but the water doesn't come gushing out like some liquids do - the taller, narrow bottle makes it more convenient. 

So how does it compare to micellar waters? I'd say micellar waters feel thicker on the skin than the Makeup Revolution Cleansing Water. Obviously the formula is different but the pro cleanse makeup removing cleansing water feels very light and doesn't leave any residue behind. My skin always feels soft and smooth after using. I follow this up with my regular cleanser though you could easily use this is place of your normal cleanser. I know some people with sensitive skin might have concerns about using skincare from a budget brand but honestly this water is so light and gentle to use. It's a real all round surprise package!

The Makeup Revolution Pro Cleanse Makeup Removing Cleanser is priced £5 and you can find it online at Makeup Revolution and in Superdrug.

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