Books To Help Raise Your Blogging Game

Since blogging has exploded, there has been a boom in blogging advice and information to help you improve your blog. With lots of information spread out over the web, I think books are a good source of reading concise hints and tips all in one place. I have a few blogging related books on my to purchase list. 

The Busy Girls Guide To Digital Photography is a book I'll be ordering soon. My photography is just pants and I really want to improve my skills this year. This book has some great reviews and it sounds useful for beginners (I still have no idea how to use my camera!).

Blog Inc is a book I've already read but I wanted to mention it as I think its a really good guide for those starting out in the blogging world. Some of the information is aimed at US bloggers but there's still some useful tips covering getting started, growing a blog and management tips. 
Blogging for Creatives  is essentially another guide for beginners whether you're a creative business or an individual. There's advice and case studies from other bloggers covering blog promotion and PR.

Blog Wonderful is a book by Dana from The Wonder Forest. I love Dana's blog and her blog designs. She also has a site called I Can Build A Blog too. I definitely recommend taking a look as its so helpful. Content Rules is a guide for creating blogs, ebooks and videos. I think this would be useful for those considering monetising their blog or taking it to the next level. It covers a range of topics to help grow your content and improve your game. 

Have you every purchased a blog book? Which are your favourites?

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  1. I have Blog Inc and I agree that it is a good book for blogging beginners. The others on your list look great too. I may have to check out that photography book since I'm still getting the hang of photography for my blog. It take me ages and quite a few pictures before I take one I'm happy with.
    Amy | Dervish Darling

  2. These sound awesome :) I've not bought a blogging books as yet, I might treat myself to a couple from this list! Thanks for sharing x

  3. blog wonderful looks really interesting, her blog is so beautiful and her designs are gorgeous!! xx

  4. I've never really thought to buy a blogging book when information online is so prevalent. However, it's a great idea to support bloggers you love & if you want to delver deeper into a certain topic.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  5. Oooh I love Dana of The Wonder Forest, too! Her book must be really interesting. Her tips from her blog helps me a lot. :)

    Life With Antlers

  6. Great books, thank you! I had Blog Inc on my list already. Seems I have to buy it then, right?! ;) x


  7. Thanks for this. I may have to add a couple onto my wish list. :-)

  8. This was really helpful! Definitely want that photography book, I'm not happy with my photographs as well!

    Kat |

  9. these sound great, have never heard of any of them but glad I have now xx
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  10. Do you have any advice about buying your own domain? I did look through your 'blogging 101' lavel but couldn't seem to find anything.

    1. I'll try and write a post soon - If you're using blogger, I think you might be able to buy one through the blogger platform.


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