Facial Oils For Oily Skin

One thing I've learnt about oily skin since starting blogging is not to be scared of using a facial oil. I read about the oil cleansing method a few years ago so I knew that using an oil could help to balance the skin. However, its only recently that I've really incorporated oils into my routine.

At this time of year my skin is still oily but very dehydrated. Any kind of nourishment is definitely needed so I've been upping my use of oils. A great pre-cleansing oil is the Una Brennan Superfacialist Neroli Firming Lift & Hydrate Facial Oil (cant find this online so not sure if its still available). I use this before cleansing and its a lovely, rich oil that helps to remove makeup and impurities. I usually do a double cleanse if I've been wearing a lot of makeup as it really helps to keep my skin feeling fresh and clean. This oil rinses off with a cloth really easy so you dont need to worry about any residue but obviously if you're following up with a cleansing balm, it'll give you a bit of extra cleansing power. 

A recent addition I've been using is the Organic Surge Replenishing Facial Oil*. I've been mixing this oil with the Organic Surge Overnight Moisturiser for extra hydration and it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth. The replenishing facial oil contains argan, yarrow and safflower oils to increase hydration, elasticity and reduce inflammation. This is a good oil for sensitive skin too as it feels really gentle and soothing. Another oil I've been using to up the moisture levels in my skin is the Nourish Argan Skin Rescue* - a 90% organic oil to protect against the signs of ageing, reduce scarring and soothe. My skin was particularly stressed over Xmas from illness and this oil really worked to help restore my skin. It doesn't feel too heavy, though it needs a few minutes to absorb. My skin feel balanced, calm and soothed after use so its a really good product for oily skins that need a boost. 

Finally, I wanted to mention the Antonia Burrell Pure Therapy Facial Oil Serum*. Now this stuff isn't cheap by any means but a little goes a long way and it really is a great serum for oily or blemished skins types. Serums penetrate the skin deeper than a regular moisturiser so they're really beneficial to use. The pure therapy facial oil works on ageing, acne, hormonal or reactive skin types to calm, clear and balance for healthy, glowing skin. I've used this a lot and its one of my favourite serums as it really helps to clear up my skin if I have a few blemishes as well as keeping my skin smooth and soft. 

All these have worked well on my oily skin. I also like the Trilogy Rosehip Oil too though its a little thicker in texture than any of these. Do you have a favourite oil?

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  1. I have oily and sensitive skin myself, but have recently been addicted to facial oils. So glad to see the picks you have, I need to try Organic Surge you mentioned, it sounds lovely. Thank you so much for the great info. Loved the post.

  2. I don't have really oily skin but I find skin oils do work a treat! lovely picks xx
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  3. I love using facial oils for cleansing. I've been trying to tell my family for years that this actually works very well, even for oily skin, and they always brush me off like I've no clue what I'm talking about! Oh well- they're the ones missing out!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  4. I have very oily skin, but I've never tried using an oil. I'm definitely going to start looking for some to try out. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I love the Organic Surge oil, it's hydrating but it doesn't feel too heavy like some oils can <3 xo

  6. Must try these asap! They sound awesome!

  7. I love this one from Acure organics, worth a try:
    Have a nice day. x

  8. For my combination/prone to blemishes skin I use grapeseed oil and coconut oil they are the best.


  9. great review, I think the Una Brennan Superfacialist would also be great for me bcs my skin is also oily but in winter it still gets dehydrated

  10. I used to love using the boots botanicals facial oil but it ran out and I never got round to repurchasing it.
    Some great oils here~ May try to experiment with these rather than getting the expensive ones by Clarins which I have been looking into getting.

    Thanks for posting. Have a lovely day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    X x X x X

  11. Really interesting read. I have incredibly oily skin and get so nervous just thinking about putting more oil on my face. After reading this I may rethink and give it a go


  12. I always feel sceptical about putting on my face. Lovely post, I have been eyeing up The Body Shop Vitamin E serum in oil lately also x


  13. I just need to do a huge Una Brennan order from Boots - all of the line sounds so great :) I used to be scared of face oil but it's really not a problem, I just wash it off properly xx

    Magpie Jasmine

  14. I use to be quite skeptical about oils on the face years ago too! I've been loving the Argan Oil from Melvita at the moment. Always a great start to be able to use it on face, body and hair too! xxx


  15. I'm yet to introduce an oil to my routine but these sound pretty amazing! xx

    Mary Bloomy

  16. Wow thanks so much for sharing! I have oily but pretty dehydrated skin too! This time of year is just a pain for it. I think the Nourish Argan Skin Rescue oil sounds most like what I might need at the moment, as I've some scarring and marks from annoying under-the-surface spots which I get so often around this time of year! :) Wendy xx
    Scottish Wendy | Wendy's World


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