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Hair removal isn't something that's widely talked about in the beauty blogging world even though its completely natural. I guess its one of those topics that people don't like to talk about too much, however whether its legs, brows or face its something that most of us like to do to look our best.
As someone with dark hair and naturally pale skin, I find that the hair on my face can be quite noticeable. I tend to just pluck my brows as its easier to keep on top of them but with the rest of my face (such as above my top lip - I'm making myself sound very attractive now) I use a creme bleach every 2 weeks or so. 

I normally shave my legs and arms as the hair is really noticeable and makes me feel really self conscious. Shaving is the quickest and easiest method for me. I have used wax strips and an epilator but these are so painful and also cause a lot of ingrown hairs. I've always wanted laser hair removal as its a way to remove hair on most parts of the body without the need for constantly having to shave or pluck all the time. Being dark haired, I feel like I have to shave my legs almost every day otherwise its pretty noticeable. Buying things like razors and bleach does add up in the long run whereas even though laser hair removal is expensive, it works out as being cost effective and seems pretty quick to do. 

As I said, having dark hair can make you feel very self conscious. I don't like wearing dresses without tights and prefer wearing long sleeved tops unless I've got a tan. Being fuzz free would make my life so much easier so laser removal is definitely something I want to do in the near future. 

I'd love to know if anyone has had laser hair removal and if you found it pain free and effective? Let me know your thoughts!

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little disclaimer- I decided to accept this post as it honestly is something I've been considering for a while!

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  1. I haven't tried laser hair removal- yet. I definitely want to in the future though. Shaving just takes so much time and energy. I heard certain areas hurt more than others, which makes sense.

  2. I've also got really dark hair and would love to try laser hair remove one day. It becomes such a hassle feeling like you have to shave your legs everyday. I've now moved to Australia and wearing trousers and tights is such a no-no because of the climate so find myself spending so much time keeping on top of shaving!

    Lizzy from Nomad Notebook

  3. I would love to try laser hair removal too. I wax my lady area once a month at my local beauticians and pretty much shave everything else. But I’m pretty lazy tbh!

  4. I'm the same, pale skin and dark brown hair that's really visible. I feel self conscious in the summer months too. I think I'd consider laser treatment in the future, it seems like a really good option. (:
    Great post, it's good to see things like hair removal being talked about (: x

  5. Hey, I have had laser hair removal and think it is a load of crap! I've had about 5 sessions and there is no change whatsoever. I had it on my arms and legs like you would want and honestly it hasn't changed.
    It might be different for other people but it hasn't worked on me
    Just thought i'd give you some food for thought as it is very expensive
    Kim xx

  6. I can feel very self conscious too, specially during summer, because I have dark hair so I need to shave almost everyday if I want to wear dresses and skirts which sucks. And yes, I thought about getting laser hair removal, it would make my life a lot easier!! :)

  7. I'd love to try out laser hair removal too! Great post, it's definitely a topic that bloggers don't often talk about x

  8. I feel exactly the same, I thought an epilator would solve all my problems but I just can't use it for my legs! I get so many ingrown hairs and it makes my legs so red for days on end! :( I'd love to have laser hair removal hopefully I can save up for it one day!
    Becki |

  9. I really want to get some laser hair removal done just too scared. lol xox

  10. I would love laser hair removal too. My hair isn't extremely dark, but shaving is just annoying. I agree, I've tried other products but shaving really just does work the best even though its time consuming.

  11. I really want laser hair removal too, I think most women do! haha There are a few deals on Groupon at the moment that I have been eyeing up, there are some really good discounts!

    I use Jolen pictured in your post too, I find the facial wax strips don't pick anything up and leave loads of wax behind so bleaching works best for me :) x

  12. Shaving is such a pain, I hate it. Underarms are fine because they don't take long but legs are a nightmare. I often miss a part and have a strip of hair that I don't notice until the next day...not sure how I manage to do it.

    I have definitely considered laser hair removal and will be getting it in the future.

    Malinda | The Crystal Tiara

  13. I know I shouldn't, but I do get so self aware of hair. I would love to try laser hair removal, I'm just too scared!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  14. I want to do the laser hair removal because some of these services gets rid of unwanted hair permanently, depending on the frequency of doing it.

    Life With Antlers

  15. I'm a baby when it comes to pain, so laser definitely isn't for me. I find hair removal utterly boring, but it's just one of those things I persevere through as I love the results.

  16. See, I don't like shaving very much because I think it's a hassle, but I also really am not bothered by hair, and if someone else has a problem with me having hairy arms or legs or something, that's their problem! If I had the money I might do the laser hair thing on my underarms because that's one thing I shave often and I'm always nicking myself!

  17. I've also always wanted to try laser hair removal, I'm dark haired too and keeping fuzz free takes a lot of time and money!

  18. Martha4.2.15

    My aunt has had it and she is so happy she did it! She is always an advocate for others to get it! She said it's not very painful at all, just a little sting and it goes away. She is now so worry free!

  19. A friend of mine had laser hair removal and thought it was great though I don't know whether there has been any re-growth years on. They say it works best on dark hair against light skin, but I am olive skinned and I have very dark - very stubborn hair! I would love to have it on the binkini area but the cost is way too high! As for the dreaded top-lip - I hate this! I use wax strips but I keep pulling the skin off with them!!!


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