5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Blog Views

I've always been kind of wary of posts on how to increase your blog views, so I may sound somewhat of a hypocrite writing this. Many articles I've read on the subject all say the same thing - write great content, write sticky content, write viral content etc. 

I don't focus as much on blog views as I used to when but I think for anyone who wants to grow their blog then views do play a part. Obviously its a nice feeling when you love writing your blog and people are reading. When you first start out, its a struggle to increase your views and it does take time to build a blog.

As with all these blogging posts I write, take my tips with a pinch of salt - I'm no expert nor will these tips get you millions of hits. These are a few practical and easy ways you can slowly improve your blog views - I've used these and I definitely noticed a difference when I implemented them.

1. Link posts on social media - seriously, social media is great for getting your blog out there. I personally love twitter as you can add popular hashtags to your blog links, join in with blog chats and schedule tweets. A lot of bloggers also use Facebook and Instagram to promote their blog posts too. I wouldn't recommend Facebook as you may gain a lot of subscribers but your posts are only seen by a small fraction of them unless you pay for ads.  I think if you have an eye for photography then instagram is definitely worth considering. 

2. Use pinterest - Pinterest is great for boosting your blog views. That said, it does take time. I'd recommend signing up, pinning your images to boards as well as other images too. I wrote a post here on using pinterest for blogging purposes

3. Backlink to previous content in your blog posts - backlinking to older posts can help reduce your blogs bounce rate (i.e. readers stay on your blog for longer) and increase the no of blog clicks you receive. I try and link back to similar posts, so for instance in this blog article I've linked back to another post on blogging that I've produced. 

4. Use engageya/other posts you might like - try using a tool like engageya or having a blog design that includes an 'other posts you might like' widget at the end of every blog post. As a reader, I've often clicked on other posts used in these widgets and I end up reading the blogs content for longer. It's a great way to link to your previous posts and ensure they still get traffic. 

5. Give your content a new edge - Okay, so I am going to mention content but hopefully this is a valid point. If you're writing about something that has already been written about many times before then its beneficial to give your post a different slant. For example, if I see a review of a certain product on my bloglovin feed and I've already read/seen posts on the product millions of times before than the chances are that I'm not going to click on and read that post.
If say, you're writing about a makeup palette thats already been reviewed a lot then how can you make that post different to the ones already out there? How can you grab the readers attention? How are you going to ensure that readers click on your post? A good idea would be to perhaps include the product in a round up post, a makeup tutorial, a favourites post, dupes....basically something that makes more people want to read. I find this quite difficult myself as its hard to know what readers will respond to but trying different things, having a look at your stats, what people are searching for and how much interaction you get on a post are all good pointers to set you off in the right direction.

Do you have suggestions on how you can boost your blog views?

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  1. Great tips, i love joining in our twitter blog chats x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  2. This was such a great post. I am defiantly going to try out a few of these tips. you always have such amazing tips on how to better your blog.
    Becca xx

  3. I would agree to all the above but add one more and that would be exceptional photos and make sure they're labeled, my post gets hits from people searching for specific makeup photos and swatches.

  4. I love Pinterest, def going to use it more! Thanks for sharing! xx


  5. Thanks for this post, it was so helpful. I will definitely look into these points :-)


  6. Thank you so much! I'm trying all of these right now in order to help me but i honestly love your blog and your pictures and your theme! literally everything!


  7. Pinterest is so underrated for getting views, I swear by it!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. These are some great tips, I started blogging way back in 2012 and it wasn't until last year (in October) when I started to use Twitter to share my posts, it's a great way to get yourself 'out there' :) x


  9. Great post! I enjoyed reading your tips! So helpful <3


  10. Social Media has definitely helped alot, at first I was hesitant to make accounts on twitter and re-activate my facebook but it really helped with pageviews!

  11. Hi Hun, this post is fantastic thank you. I recently started my own blog (only yesterday) so tips like this are great. Please have a read over my first post and let me know your thoughts xx


  12. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  13. Stunning tips! Must learn to use Twitter better to promote my posts!

  14. Sweet- these are good tips. I love linking back to old posts.
    Jabeen x

  15. Great post Zoe! I will be trying out EngageYa this week! Being new to blogging it looks like a really good platform to grow my audience - thanks!


  16. Thanks for this post! I appreciate these tips because getting traffic to a new blog can be hard at times!

  17. Great advice! I've installed the engageya widget on my blog! Thank you for sharing! x


  18. good tips! thanks for sharing :)

  19. This is a great post. There were a few bits I didn't know so hopefully that will be helpful for the future. Thank you.

    T x // www.noelbeauty411.com

  20. Thanks ever so much for introducing me to EngageYa! I've just added it to our blog.
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  21. These 5 ways so crazy helpful, I do utilize social media to my benefit but I think I'm lacking in number 5! Thanks so much for this <3

    xo Priyanka

  22. I like this quick roundup of ways to increase your blog views! I don't focus on numbers but sometimes it's nice to see the rewards of your blogging efforts :) I need to be better at back linking. It's true, I often click the "more posts like this" button at the end of a blog. Why didn't I think of this before?? Great post! xo


  23. This was super helpful thank you! I'm a new blogger so this has given me some ideas, so cheers! xoxo

  24. I just can not understand pintrest xox


  25. Back linking is really helpful and posting frequently/constantly also works well.


  26. Great tips! I think social media is a very good way to boost views! I've also installed engageya now so thank you! xx



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