Quick and Easy Healthy Eating Lunch Ideas

One of my goals this year is to eat healthier. At the moment, its not going too well but I'm determined to make a better effort over the next few weeks. I've found a few ideas for quick and easy lunches. Even though I'm normally at home, I need to start preparing my lunches in order to eat better. Here are some of my favourite inspirational posts for better eating!

healthy lunch ideas

I love the ideas in this blog post. I'm going to buy a plastic tub with sections and create healthy lunches like this.

Homemade tomato soup

Sometimes, you just want a hot lunch and soup does the job!This looks so yummy!

Tomato and ricotta wholewheat salad

Another delicious lunch! You could eat this warm or cold. 

Some really quick and easy ideas

Gluten free instant noodle cups

I'm partial to a pot noodle and I guess this could be called the healthy version. It looks so good, I'll definitely be giving this a go!

Do you have any easy healthy lunch ideas?

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  1. Omg the noodles look so good good alternative to the good old calorific pot noodle! Bookmarked 21 clean lunches, definitely going to give some a go!

    Clothing Conscious // Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  2. What a great, inspirational post! I'm also constantly trying to incorporate healthy ingredients in my diet, so I'll be sure to check some of the links out!


  3. I love doing a pasta salad with olive oil, tuna and lots of herbs for taste! This post is great though, because I'm getting a bit bored of pasta and sandwiches! I think I'll try the instant noodles next!

    Dusty Foxes Beauty

  4. oooo this is a goooood post, definitely going to try a few of these
    Betty x
    The Betty Stamp

  5. The soup looks amazing! Sometimes you do need a hot lunch, especially at work! x


  6. i'm glad it's not just me that finds sectioning things off REALLY pleasing haha... I like making a crustless/pastry-less quiche with eggs, cottage cheese and whatever fillings I fancy!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

  7. I also want to eat healthier this year!


  8. I am always so lazy about lunches! I always end up with some bland and pretty much unenjoyable like tuna and crackers, or egg and salad!
    I need start meal prepping on the weekend, I love the pot noodles idea as you could make a few pots to cover you!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kelsey x

  9. I try so hard to eat healthier, but I need to make a bigger effort. I found this post by A Beautiful Mess that was super duper inspiring! Your post has made me ponder what I can actually do to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

    - Manna :D

  10. I'm on a health kick right now too that I'm hoping will become my lifestyle. It's hard to stay on track but we can do this! I love this post! Thanks for sharing these lunch ideas.

    xx, Coreyiel | The Luxe Minimalist

  11. Great roundup! I love that first lunch box!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  12. That first picture looks amazing and so filling! x

  13. These all look so good! I've started using the app SkinnyMom and it helps a lot!


  14. This is super useful. I'm working full-time and need to prepare (at least in my head) what healthy lunch options I have. Thanks for sharing! :) x


  15. that section thing is genius - I need to get me one of those!


  16. This all looks so delicious!


  17. The Tomato and Ricotta Salad looks so nice, I tend to go for food what doesn't take long to cook for lunch so it's not really healthy but I will defiantly be trying that out x


  18. Those noodles look so tempting- health in a broth!

  19. Anonymous3.3.15

    I cook about 6 chicken breasts at the beginning of the week and eat them in a variety of ways for lunch every day...usually over a salad or in a whole wheat sandwich or just plain! Good source of protein that keeps me full. Also hard boiled eggs-baked at beginning of the week are a good snack to grab when hungry! =)

  20. Those clean lunches are so great!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  21. Love! Pretty easy for those times when you have little time to make food. Also, these would work great for dinners too! Thanks for the recipes.

  22. Yum! Everything looks delicious. I will have to try that pasta for sure.


  23. I am suffering with morning sickness at the mo and even these pictures made me feel hungry I hope you realise that is an accomplishment for me haha the soup and pasta look amazing xx


  24. Jamie3.3.15

    This looks like an awesome idea Zoe!

    Now I just need a cool looking metal container and not one of them horrible plastic ones!

  25. I love this post, there are some really good ideas in there. I am really trying to eat healthier at the moment, so this is ideal!


    Love Lucy x

  26. I really love the healthy lunch ideas.I have been trying to find a lunchbox like that for a while!
    Great post!:)

  27. So inspirational! I definitely want to eat healthier...



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