7 Bloggers Who Have Shared Their Blog Earnings

Following on from my post on realistic ways to earn money from blogging, here are 7 bloggers who have shared their blog earnings. Personally, I find these posts really interesting and helpful as it gives you a realistic idea of how you can earn money via your blog. It also demonstrates that hard work really does pay off. Obviously, you and I are unlikely to consider monestising our blogs in exactly the same way as these bloggers but its definitely something to think about. 

Making sense of cents

A monthly statement as well as a year in review.

By Regina

Regina's blog is one of my favourites for everything blogging related. This income report is really easy to understand - I like that she goes into specifics about what aspects she has implemented to help with her income. 

A look at how money is earned from a food blog - this post shows traffic numbers and sources too, which is really interesting!

Retired by 40

A blog income report that is easy to understand with stats. I like that Gretchen has included her goals too!

Fitness fashionista

A monthly report with stats - I'd never heard of some of these sources to make income and if you're based in the US, I'd definitely consider some of these options.

Pulling curls

This is a great report if you're starting to monetise your blog. Hilary also includes some aspects that increased her income in a 3 month period.

Market your creativity

If you're thinking of creating a business via your blog then this one might be for you.

What I've learned from reading blog income reports

The majority of bloggers earn their income via many streams - most from adsense, blog networks, youtube, private ads, sponsored content etc.
A lot of bloggers also sell ebooks, blog coaching, online classes, own etsy businesses as a way of upping their revenue. As these blogs show, you dont need to be gaining millions of hits to make money from your blog. I think a lot comes down to trial and error, finding what works for you as well as gaining a loyal readership. Aspects, such as Pinterest, email and finding ways to grab a readers attention also seem to play pretty big parts too.

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  13. A very interesting read - especially for a newbie blogger! I see this as a hobby, but it is amazing what you can achieve through hard work, dedication and a flare for blogging.

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