Tips For Dealing With Anxiety

I haven't made any secret about the fact that I suffer with anxiety. I know a lot of bloggers say that but I think sharing the details allows us to help each other and its reassuring to learn that you're not alone. I am learning to manage my anxiety these days and I thought I'd share a few things that I do to try and cope. A few things that have helped me are

* Going for walks
I've mentioned this before but going for short walks really helped me when my anxiety was at its worst. Getting out and about in the fresh air really helps to clear your mind and refresh yourself. I'd recommend getting a friend or relative to go with you if you're feeling especially anxious. Just going for a short five or ten minute walk every day really works in the long run. You might not feel better at first but stick with it and you'll feel a difference after a few weeks!

By distractions, I'm referring to things such as reading, listening to music and blogging. Anything that can help to take your mind off feeling nervous and suffering the effects that anxiety can bring - nausea, tiredness, headaches etc. Writing this blog has really helped me to cope as its something I can put all my energy into. If I start feeling a bit wobbly, I try to focus my mind on blogging and thinking about upcoming posts - I usually find it helps somewhat. Any kind of hobby or interest that you can spend your free time focused on instead of those anxious feelings really makes a difference.

*Self help books
These are by no means a miracle worker but some books I've found that have helped are 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' by Susan Jeffers and The confidence gap by Russ Harris. I'll have a post soon on the confidence gap as it really helped to change my way of thinking about certain things but both books are a good starting point for anyone struggling with anxiety and/or low confidence. 

When it comes to medication then obviously you need to consult a doctor as they will be able to advise you properly. I personally take both anxiety and anti-depressants daily which have made a difference. I'd also consider supplements too. I've just started taking a vitamin B supplement (B vitamins help with the nervous system) daily - I purchased mine from Feel Unique. There's also supplements, such as bimuno prebiotics* that give an immune system boost by increasing healthy bacteria in your body. A study has shown that a certain pre-biotic can aid factors relating to anxiety - you can find out more here.

*Improving your diet
I'm sure most people generally find that they feel much better when they eat healthier. My anxiety is normally heightened when I'm feeling ill, so I'm trying to boost my health by eating better and drinking more water. Food, such as wholegrains, berries, almonds and dark chocolate are meant to help reduce anxiety. I've personally found that avoiding certain things, such as alcohol and cutting down on caffeine has made a difference too. 

*Products sent c/o Bimuno - all opinions/content is my own!

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  1. I find that distractions are the best option for me, listening to music, reading blogs, playing ukulele, anything that will keep my mind off whatever I'm anxious about! I must try and take more B vitamins though!

  2. I found these tips really helpful - I totally agree with you about avoiding alcohol; it's one of my worst anxiety triggers. Also, if you are anxious and having a panic attack, it can be helpful to concentrate intensely on something in your immediate vicinity, even just the lines on your palm, to stop panicky thoughts and while you're calming down. Probiotics sound like they might be helpful as well :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  3. These are amazing Tips. People never realise how even simple things can set anxiety off and things like this should be shared- as simple things can help deal with them too. Thank you for this :)

    Amanda ||

  4. This is a really informative post. I to suffer from anxiety and i think a lot of people do.
    Becca xx

  5. Great post! I usually find distractions and walks help me out the best! If I'm feeling particularly anxious I'll throw on a podcast and just concentrate on every single word until I relax! xx


  6. Great post hun! I find that distractions or walks tend to help me the most! If I'm feeling particularly anxious, I throw on a podcast and just pay attention to every single word they're saying until I calm down. xx


  7. I find focussing on my breathing really helps. My last panic attack was on the plane from NY to Amsterdam in October last year. I'm a REALLY nervous flyer and I literally thought I was going to die. I tried focussing on my breathing and it's hard but that's the only thing that I find, truly helps me. I normally go to the gym if I'm feeling anxious or I listen to my favorite tunes.

  8. That Susan Jeffers book is one of my all-time faves. Lovely post. Thanks for sharing x

  9. Through the use of the internet and blogging, I've really discovered how much of a thing anxiety really is, and so many more people have it than you would realise. Because obviously people with anxiety are more open to share on the internet than in real life.
    Great tips!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  10. Nice little post <3 My anxiety has been bad recently but I was lucky enough to be able to get away for a couple of days to clear my head which I wrote a little post about.

    Sophie |

  11. Great post Zoe! I know with my anxiety I try and ground myself by just saying things like 'This situation I am in right now won't kill me, so theres no need to feel this anxious' and even just things like looking up at the blue sky and watching the clouds really calms you down and gets you focusing on something else,

    Hope you're well,
    Gina x

  12. Thank you so much for such a great post! So many great tips on how to deal with anxiety that I find really helpful, I feel that when you first have a panic attack you feel like you are in a trap and that it won't stop but trying to distract myself works best for me, Its better to take your mind of things! This is also something I love about blogging and reading blogs, I have been writing my blog for a short amount of time and I have learnt that it completely takes my mind of any anxiety!

    Ellie |

  13. I suffer with anxiety too, definitely going to try out some of the tips here. Thankyou for doing a post like this x

    Lucy |

  14. This is so refreshing to read! Thanks for the tips, by sharing our own experiences we can help others. I have only just discovered your blog and I can't stop reading it :)



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