Strawberry & Cranberry Smoothie with Kenwood Smoothie 2 Go Maker

I'm forever trying to get healthy. Usually I begin a healthy eating plan and fall at the first hurdle so I've decided to try some baby steps instead. I'm not the greatest cook but even I can put together a few ingredients to make a smoothie, especially with a good blender. Whipping together a few smoothies is so easy with the Kenwood Smoothie 2 Go Maker*. Unlike other blenders I've used, I find the smoothie maker is easy to clean, takes seconds to blend the ingredients together and transforms into a travel mug so you can take your smoothie with you on the go! It also has an ice crushing function too! I'd highly recommend it for anyone new to making smoothies as its easy to use and affordable.

My favourite smoothie to make at the moment is a delicious strawberry and cranberry smoothie. This is one you'll enjoy if you have a sweet tooth like me!

A handful of strawberries
Half a small banana
250ml of cranberry juice

Simply place the ingredients into the mixing jug on your smoothie maker and blend. Pour into a glass and serve. If you're being extra healthy, you could add a few flax seeds or even a little coconut. 

Are you a smoothie fan?

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