The Best Mid-High End Lipstick Formulations

Despite owning a lot of lipsticks, I don't really have many mid to higher end options. However, those that I do have, I tend to wear a lot. The most luxurious packaging award in my collection has to go to the YSL rouge volupte shine lipstick in pink in confidence - you can see a swatch here. I find this lipstick is really hydrating and lightweight. It leaves a glossy shine and is just really easy to wear. If you're looking to splash out on a lipstick, I would definitely recommend trying one from this range.

For a matte formulation, I adore the Clinique long last soft matte lipstick in mandarin - swatched here. This lipstick is basically everything a matte lipstick should be - creamy, pigmented and comfortable to wear. I don't see this lipstick mentioned much but honestly its a great matte formulation and is fairly long wearing too.

For mid range, I really like the Urban Decay revolution lipstick in naked - swatched here. I rate this formula over MAC lipsticks. If you've read this blog for a while, you may have seen me mention that I'm not a massive fan of MAC lipsticks. I love the shade range but I find their formula's to be drying on my lips. The Urban Decay revolution lipsticks are creamy, comfortable and feel luxurious on the lips. Naked is a great nude pink shade and highly wearable. Again, these aren't a lipstick I see mentioned that much anymore, which is a shame as they really are a great lipstick.

I know a lot of people are either a gloss or lipstick girl but I love both. My favourite glosses are the Laura Mercier lip glaces. These are amazing and well worth the price tag. They feel really glossy, hydrating and add a hint of colour. Another gloss that I like are the Clarins instant light natural lip perfectors. I don't really rate Clarins makeup but these are by far the best product I've tried from them. I do think they're slightly overpriced for what they are but they feel comforting, moisturising and add a slight hint of colour. 
A gloss that's surprisingly good is the Lancome lip lover lip gloss. These are a hybrid of a gloss and balm with the colour of a lipstick all in one. I got a mini one in a set at Christmas and I was pretty blown away by how good it is. It's highly pigmented, glossy and moisturising, doing exactly what it says on the tin. Highly recommended. 

Have you tried any of these lip products?

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Amara Amara Rose Quartz Drop Earrings from Jewel Street

Jewel Street is an online marketplace for branded jewellery. You'll find pieces ranging from around £10 up to high end and over 250 independent designers. I recently had the opportunity to try a piece of jewellery and I opted for the gorgeous Amara Amara rose quartz circular drop earrings - you can find them in aqua here.

These earrings are set in 18ct gold vermeil and are perfect for adding a little glamour to an evening outfit. I don't wear a lot of jewellery apart from earrings, so I like to have something that can add a bit of elegance. These drop earrings feel lightweight, which is ideal for someone like me who just cant wear heavy earrings. They arrived in a presentation box, so if you're thinking of gifting someone a piece of jewellery then the Amara Amara collection is perfect. 

What I like about Jewel Street is that they support small designers by taking a smaller percentage of revenue than other retailers. There's also a 30 day money back guarantee on every purchase, so the buyer is covered too. With jewellery designers from all over the globe, theres definitely something for everyone - if you love rose gold, then check out the offerings as there are genuinely some really nice pieces. 

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An Interview with The Bare Faced Chic

As its spring, I've given the blog a little makeover - I think it needed a refresh and I'm pleased with how its turned out. Today, I have an interview with the lovely Michelle from the blog The Bare Faced Chic. Michelle advertised with me last month and I wanted to get to know her a bit better. If you'd like to advertise then check out my page here with all the details. 

Hi Michelle, what made you decide to start a blog?

Being blessed throughout the majority of my life with the ‘Peter Pan’ gene, I've never hesitated to share my age with anyone who showed the slightest bit of interest. My revelation was usually followed by – but you can’t be or, you look much younger! Which, of course, I loved.Then, at the age of 42, I met my other half and we embarked on an amazing, romantic, fun and fizz filled journey from courtship to wedded bliss – also know as eating junk, not exercising, drinking too much and generally riding that heady roller coaster towards ill-health, obesity and all the glorious complications that these two little beauties bestow. Suddenly the compliments dried up. I not only looked my age, but boy did I feel it – and then some! Piling two and a half stone onto my rather small frame not only gave me a chin that Jabba the Hut would have been proud of, but every joint in my body ached, my skin was in a terrible state and my hair was limp and lifeless. 

With my 50th birthday hurtling towards me faster than Usain Bolt I decided to take the bull by the horns, get off my more than generous  backside and try to hit that milestone looking and feeling my best. I wanted to feel good in my own skin again: hence The Barefaced Chic. I also wanted a platform to share my kick-ass attitude to ageing. A lot of women seem to think they will become invisible when they hit 50 and are struggling with the ageing process. If The Barefaced Chic can sweep away a tiny piece of their self-doubt and help them enjoy their lives, no matter how many candles are on their cakes, then I'll be one happy bunny!

What do you love most about the blogging community?

I love the support system that exists within the blogging industry; I felt at home as soon as I'd hit the publish button on my first blog three years ago. There is a definite sense of community - you only have to shout for help via any of the social networks and somebody will come to your rescue. As bloggers, as we learn we tend to pass on our knowledge pretty freely - which is really refreshing in this 'what's in it for me' world we live in.

What are your favourite brands?

I tend to chop and change a lot when it comes to makeup, there's everything in my makeup bag from Chanel to Poundland's Gallery. I do tend to splash out when it comes to foundation, and I mix and match according to my skin condition and the 'look' I'm going for. I am far more choosy when it comes to skincare however. Liz Earle tends to be a staple; you just can't beat their Hot Cloth Cleanser. I'm also working on developing my own products - so watch this space :)

What tips would you give to someone thinking of starting a blog

Hmmmm, I could go on and on here as I have tips coming out of my ears, but I think my top three would be: 
Think really long and hard about why you want to start a blog. Is it purely for personal satisfaction? Are you hoping to make a career out of blogging? Is it simply a tool to aid your existing business? Your answer will determine which blogging platform you use and how much money and time you are willing/able to inject into your blog.
If you're struggling to decide on a genre for your blog, try this exercise - sit down with a pad and pen and write VERY rough, brief outlines for 50 blog posts. Yep, that's not a typo, 50! Sounds a lot? 
Think of it this way; that's less than one blog post a week for a year. Keep the pad open and keep coming back to it through the course of a week. If after this time you're staring at a blank pad, or you can't think of more than 10, maybe it's time to have a rethink.
Try not to get bogged down with all the 'bells and whistles' that come with some blogging platforms. Sure you want your blog to look good and function correctly, but the most important thing is the content. Get your content out there!

Tell us a little more about yourself.

You mean there's more to life than blogging?! I tend to keep myself busy - if variety is the spice of life then mine's a Vindaloo. I love good food and fizz (in moderation, of course), I'm learning to fly and recently flew a Jet Provost, I'm partial to a bit of boating (the motorboat type not the clever stuff with sails), I read a lot, laugh a lot and cram as much life into my days as humanly possible. In my 'real' life I own two companies and am a certified business consultant. Jeez, I'm exhausted just listing what I do. I may now have to go and lie down in a dark room.

Thanks for your answers Michelle - you can find The Bare Faced Chic here.

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Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipsticks & Swatches

Iconic Pro lipsticks are a new launch from Makeup Revolution. There are 20 shades in total and I have five of them to show you. These lipsticks are housed in a black bullet with rose gold detailing for a contemporary feel. I only received these yesterday but I've worn one of the shades this afternoon, so I have an idea of the texture and wear. 

Iconic Pro Lipsticks* have a creamy texture and good pigmentation. I wore the shade absolutely flawless today and it lasted around 3 hours, which I find is pretty average for a lipstick. I wore a little lip balm underneath as I always do as my lips tend to be on the dehydrated side but I didn't find the lipstick itself was particularly drying or clung to dryness. 

game of mystery - peachy nude, very good pigmentation

absolutely flawless - nude beige, really flattering on pale skin

make it in the city - bold pink, slightly on the sheer side so needed a few swipes for swatching

not in love - coral red, good pigmentation

propoganda - dark berry red, slightly on the sheer side

These are a steal at £2.50 each!If you prefer a matte finish, there are matte versions of game of mystery and propoganda. You can find all shades here.

Will you be trying these?

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On the Sidebar April 2015

It's time to share the love with April's blog advertisers and this last month, I've had the pleasure of two amazing bloggers sponsoring Sweet Electric. Here's a little more about the lovely ladies behind the blog - I hope you'll check them out!

If you'd like to advertise on the sidebar, take a look at all the information here. You can book via Passionfruit or via emailing me and each ad can be placed whenever you're ready!

The Barefaced Chic is a quirky, imaginative lifestyle blog that offers a 
slightly wacky sanctuary in a sea of sensibility. Its mission is to 
bring you a frequent dose of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health, sound 
advice and laughs. And, in this sometimes cookie cutter world, the aim 
of The Barefaced Chic is to be the chocolate, raspberry crème brûlée!

With a no nonsense approach, within the features on the blog, mature 
women are encouraged to celebrate themselves, love their quirks and feel 
happy in their own skin: hence The Barefaced Chic.

Hi there. My names Fran and as the name probably gives away, I blog at Originally a country mouse, I took the plunge and moved to West London. You'll normally find me with either my camera, a cup of tea or a good book in hand. I write about the things I love most, namely makeup, clothes and going on adventures. I love to meet other bloggers, so come say hi!

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